Open Letter: Firing Controversial LGBTQ Director Is An “Act of Violence”

In an open letter, hundreds of “Outraged Student Affairs Professionals” have issued demands for the resignation of a Pomona College dean and for “a carefully thought out plan for addressing White fragility and White supremacy” following the college’s decision to terminate its new LGBTQ resource center director after his tweets expressing negative sentiments toward “white […]

After Tweet Controversy, Dean Launches Search for New QRC Director

Only a day after the College Fix uncovered tweets from the newly-appointed director of the Claremont Colleges’ LGBTQ center announcing his wariness “of white gays and well meaning white women” and accusing police officers of “servic[ing] and protect[ing] white supremacy,” a dean at Pomona College announced that the college plans to launch a search for a new director.

Scripps students: “Death to AmeriKKKA,” “F*** white people” is “valued speech”

This week, after Scripps College administrators demanded that the phrases “F*** Zionism”, “F*** white people”, “Death to AmeriKKKa” and others be removed from the chalkboard walls of its student-run Motley Coffeehouse, the café’s student management team is outraged that these messages, which it regards as “valued speech,” are being silenced. The Motley, which previously made […]

Editorial: The Importance of Free Expression

Free speech on campus has become a growing issue in the US and internationally as traditionally freer countries place more and more restrictions on speech. As students and journalists at the Claremont Colleges, we have seen the negative repercussions of this trend firsthand—in our classrooms, jobs, places of worship, and even in our coffee shops. It’s […]