Scripps students: “Death to AmeriKKKA,” “F*** white people” is “valued speech”

This week, after Scripps College administrators demanded that the phrases “F*** Zionism”, “F*** white people”, “Death to AmeriKKKa” and others be removed from the chalkboard walls of its student-run Motley Coffeehouse, the café’s student management team is outraged that these messages, which it regards as “valued speech,” are being silenced. The Motley, which previously made […]

Editorial: The Importance of Free Expression

Free speech on campus has become a growing issue in the US and internationally as traditionally freer countries place more and more restrictions on speech. As students and journalists at the Claremont Colleges, we have seen the negative repercussions of this trend firsthand—in our classrooms, jobs, places of worship, and even in our coffee shops. It’s […]

Hispanic Pitzer Student Criticized for Denying the Word ‘Trump’ is Hate Speech

Over the weekend, several places on Pitzer College’s campus were spray painted with pro-Trump messages. Last Sunday, Brian Carlisle—the Vice President for Student Affairs at Pitzer College—responded to the vandalism and set off a firestorm of student responses. Carlisle condemned the “hate filled message”—referring to the phrase “Make America,” presumably the first half of Republican […]

#TheChalkening Hits Pitzer College

Yesterday, a student wrote the phrase “Make America” (presumably the beginning of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again”) in faint letters on a mural at Pitzer College. Additionally, the word “Trump” was spray painted on Pitzer’s clock tower. In a widely shared Facebook post, one student government representative described the statement as a […]

Shoshana Arunasalam

Shoshana is a senior at Scripps College majoring in biology. When she’s not writing, she enjoys basketball, swimming, teaching, and making people laugh. Her favorite quote is, “Speak softly and carry a big stick” ~Teddy Roosevelt.

ASPC Defends Defunding

Yesterday, the Pomona College community received a statement from the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC) regarding its decision to revoke funding from Mudd Goes Madd last weekend. The email states, “Last year, students on Harvey Mudd’s campus started planning an event also titled ‘Mudd Goes Madd.’ A number of students from the mental health […]

Michael Caldwell

[avatar user=”mcaldwell” size=”medium” align=”center” /] Michael Caldwell is a Staff Writer at the Claremont Independent and a sophomore double-majoring in Economics and English-Creative Writing at Pitzer College. When he isn’t at baseball practice or hitting the books, he can be found riding his scooter. He disdains high fructose corn syrup.