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Why College Liberals Should Love Ronald Reagan

On liberal college campuses, Ronald Reagan is seen as someone who bullied women, the poor, minorities, and the LGBT community. Reagan, however, was no cold-hearted oppressor. His policies actually benefited marginalized groups, but this fact is often overshadowed by stubborn attempts to dress him up as an iconic white cis hetero male oppressor. I will debunk four of the biggest myths here. Continue reading

UPDATE: In Unprecedented Move, CMC Faculty Permits Seniors Who Violated Student Code to Graduate

Claremont McKenna College (CMC) told the Independent in a statement that its faculty voted in May to allow CMC seniors who violated the student code during a protest in early April aimed at preventing Heather Mac Donald from speaking at the college to partake in commencement exercises despite their conduct. According to an internal letter obtained by the Independent, this move is an unprecedented, break from the college’s standard approach to disciplinary cases. Continue reading

College: Student Mentors With Drug Problems, Mental Illness Can Keep Their Jobs

In a meeting with administrators at Pomona College in April, student “sponsors” called upon the college to end its alleged practice of removing sponsors — second-year students who mentor and support incoming freshmen — from their posts on the basis of mental health problems or substance abuse. Asked for comment, the college’s residential life administrators explained that they do not fire sponsors on this basis. Continue reading

Pomona Student Senate Backs Student Activists on Campus

Update: The ASPC clarified its earlier statement, disclaiming support for the firing of incoming Pomona professor Alice Goffman, the removal of Scripps College dean Charlotte Johnson, and for demands for disciplinary action against conservative students on campus.

In the interests of representing ASPC’s clarification, the title of this article has been updated.

In an email statement released on Friday, the Associated Students of Pomona College (ASPC), Pomona College’s student senate, affirmed its support of student activists across the Claremont Colleges, who are variously seeking to shut down free speech, punish conservative journalists on campus, and terminate a Pomona College professor and a Scripps College administrator. Continue reading