CMC Funds Racially Exclusive Program to Fight Racism

On January 25, Vince Greer – the Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) – distributed the following message to the students, faculty and staff of the college:

“Dear CMC community, The Cultural Influences on Mental Health Center at CMC is offering a FREE 8-week compassionate meditation program for ethnic minority students to learn how to heal from racism- and race-related incidents. Students must identify as an ethnic minority, must have experienced race-related stress, and must have attended one of the Claremont Colleges for at least one semester. If you meet these requirements and are in need of such services, you are eligible to sign up!” [emphasis original.]

Dean Greer’s email continues to state that while Professor Wei-Chin Hwang will head the  healing program, it will be “co-led by two students.” Hwang is a tenured, full-time professor of psychology at Claremont McKenna College with expertise in “Cultural Competency” and “Race & Social Problems.” Greer’s email to the community closes by making clear that the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Claremont McKenna has approved the program.

Many students have expressed concerns about the racial exclusivity of the program. Shawn McFall, (CMC ’18), the President of the Claremont College Republicans, told the Independent, “I find it disturbing that school funding is supporting a cause which excludes the majority of CMC students. Too many school programming centers which claim to represent and foster diversity have become mere tools for exclusion.”

Alex Ohlendorf (CMC ’18) told the Independent, “It is troubling to see that CMC, an institution which just last year saw widespread movements against racism on campus, has approved and funded an event that specifically denies students the opportunity to participate on the basis of ethnicity. By creating such segregated programs, administrators only encourage political polarization and prevent dialogue.”

Following the above-mentioned protests at Claremont McKenna College in late 2015, President Hiram Chodosh wrote publicly that “We must ensure that each of our students shares a deep sense of belonging to the CMC community. Thus, I am committed to developing a thoughtful, productive, and responsible inclusion strategy, where every student is fully engaged and valued… No student or group on our campus should live and learn in isolation.”


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10 thoughts on “CMC Funds Racially Exclusive Program to Fight Racism”

  1. The first thing that should be done is to cut the unnecessary waste like the position of Assistant Dean of Students for Diversity and Inclusion. To maintain job security for a position such as this would demand that there be racial strife. Along with this position I’d fire any of the other staff ignorant enough to believe this a reasonable solution to what in the real adult world of employment is a total nonissue.

  2. I can’t even tell if the CI has finally devolved to satire, or if this is a legitimate opinion piece.

    In what possible way, shape, or form would a mental health retreat for ethnic minorities to *deal with race-based violence* be relevant for white students? It is deeply disturbing that the “majority”, as the article so happily mentions, at CMC just absolutely *needs* access something that is *completely devoid of any benefit to them*, a healing process where they are, in fact, the ones who had inflicted the pain to begin with.

    It’s as if there were a women’s retreat focused on healing from male-based aggression and/or discrimination, and then inviting men to come. Bottom line: IT’S NOT FOR YOU. I almost feel as if I am telling a child not to eat the last cookie in the cookie jar – IT’S SIMPLY. NOT. YOURS.

    1. Wow, so when a bunch of white people get together and say “no minorities” that’s ok? How is it that younger minorities are more traumatized than the generation which actually FOUGHT the fight for freedom?? These are people who have never been told they’re wrong, that there is virtue in victimhood and that everyone with less melanin than them wants them dead. These kids have absolutely NO reason to feel attacked for their race in 2017. In this instance it’s pretty clear the only ones not invited are white people and that right there ladies and gentlemen (the only two genders out there) is racism. And please spare me your BS power + privilege. No one believes that crap outside of academic circles and it’s demonstrably false. These students are clearly privileged and unfortunately being brainwashed beyond belief.

      1. Your comment was about 10% related to the article and argument in play, and the rest is personal opinion and bigoted ramblings. Please properly form an argument, then comment back an appropriately.

        If you want to intelligently discuss the concept of racism and bigotry, gender expression and identity, or any of the other points you seem to be leading towards but never quite reaching, then I would first direct you to the helpful source quite a bit of information there. Once you are actually informed, then we will be able to speak on such issues.

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