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Update: Pomona College has launched an Incident Response Team headed by Dean Ric Townes to investigate the secret Facebook meme group “U PC BREAUX.”

According to Pomona College disciplinary policies and procedures, “[t]he College has established an Incident Response Team (IRT) to address issues relating to hate crimes and bias-related incidents. The IRT is composed of the Dean of Students or their designee, one or two staff members in Student Affairs, one or two members of the faculty, and student representatives chosen from the campus community. All members of the IRT must be Pomona faculty, students, or staff.”

This past Monday, September 18, I was invited into a secret Facebook meme group called “U PC BREAUX.” This group consisted of 304 persons, most of whom were Claremont Colleges students, had existed since at least December of 2016, and contained images and comments so vile that they would be right at home in the comments section of The Daily Stormer.

Why did my peers in the group say nothing?

These memes included a joke about turning in undocumented immigrants to ICE because they were being too loud, an obscene image depicting a man ejaculating while thinking about the Holocaust, an image of a woman and her daughter in front of a school bus with the text implying that the woman is going to use her daughter in a suicide bombing, a post making light of the June 2017 London Bridge terrorist attack, and countless images and comments mocking and sexualizing the appearance of women.

Common themes in the group included mocking feminists, those who reject the gender binary, making racist jokes, making light of incidents in which deaths occur, and belittling safe spaces.

These posts numbered in the hundreds, if not thousands.

The group’s described purpose was attracting “funny and anti-pc” content. “Anything you find that is funny and anti-pc… POST IT!” the description read. “If you get offended by anything either have the nerve to debate someone over it or just realize getting offended is your fault for being a snowflake. Most importantly, have a laugh.”

The most egregious memes were posted by a small cast of characters who frequently posted content; however, the leftover 290-odd group members routinely saw these memes, read the comments, occasionally liked some of the less offensive posts, and then went about their business.

I reached out to many people whom I knew in the group, many of whom were surprised and disgusted by the most offensive memes and indicated a desire to leave the group. This could be because group members were able to add their friends to the group without their consent, friends who then turned off notifications for the page rather than leaving the group altogether.

“Someone added me to the group but there were so many notifications that I muted it unless my friends posted,” said one group member who didn’t want his name mentioned in the article. “I had no idea how much hateful content the group generated.”

However, the person who added me obviously thought there was enough funny content in the group to spread the word, as did many of the other group members who added their friends. I find it hard to believe that before muting the group new members didn’t poke around a bit. I did, and it took me less than a minute to realize that “U PC BREAUX” was anything but funny.

I realize that the increasing level of hate speech is a nationwide epidemic. But it was one thing for me to see that Harvard rescinded the acceptances of ten incoming first years for posting memes about sexual assault, the Holocaust, and the deaths of children. It was another to see my own friends and peers like, share, or ignore this type of content.

That so many of my peers could see these posts and say nothing makes me fear that there is a dark undercurrent of apathy in our culture that is more pervasive than we care to admit. We all know that bystander culture—the tendency to do nothing when confronted with objectionable content or action in a group setting—is real, but so rarely do we get to see an example in which so many people declined to act for such a long period of time when confronted with such heinous behavior.

If these students didn’t say anything in this group, can they really be expected to report on physical violence or virtual violence now and in the future?

I asked the group administrator—a Pomona student and one of the most frequent posters—whether he would speak to me for this piece. He expressed no remorse for administering the meme group, claimed to not be an active group member despite being one of the most frequent posters, and denied that the group was alt-right.

Instead, he said that “the group is for memes against cultural authoritarianism, and very moderate talking points…. Anyone clearly expressing hate towards an individual or certain group is removed from the page.”

He also said that he couldn’t account for any racist memes on the page and that he encouraged all members to report posts that violate social media policy.

Indeed, the administrator created and commented on some of the very worst memes that were described at the beginning of this article and that will be shown below.

The Pomona College code lists as violations acts of speech where “the student intends the speech to be abusive and insulting rather than a communication of ideas” as well as when, “the speech, considered objectively, is abusive and insulting rather than a communication of ideas.”

When asked if he felt posts in the group violated the code, the administrator said “The page is aimed at intellectual enquiry and discourse that is not constrained by social justice and largely arbitrary political correctness. If that is a thought crime at this college then make everyone in the group an unperson.”

This lack of remorse makes worse the already unforgivable content of the page.

I strongly urge Pomona, as well as the other Claremont Colleges whose students have posted in violation of their rules and regulations, to hold group members and the page administrator accountable for what they have posted. I have documented and preserved much of the content in the hopes that the administration takes this matter seriously.

And to my fellow students: If you see something, please say something. This may seem simple, but it certainly wasn’t for the majority of “U PC BREAUX”. Even if the administration doesn’t act, at least some students have expressed remorse and have had to confront their own prejudices, and at least a group like this is now a bit less likely to appear again at the Claremont Colleges.

Update: A previous version of this article indicated that the meme page had been deleted. As it turns out, the administrator of the page gave a false statement to the Independent. The page is still active, though the author no longer has access to it.

Rather than further describing the most offensive memes, I have decided to post them at the bottom of this article to fully and viscerally convey how vile they are. Please be advised that these memes may be upsetting to readers.

Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3 and Comments| Image 4Image 5 | Image 6 | Image 7 | Image 8 | Image 9 | Image 10 | Image 11 | Image 12 | Image 13 | Image 14

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  • t

    Wow. Fantastic and courageous journalism, Ross. Nicely done.

    • Robert

      What exactly is courageous about outing a private group of people posting funny memes? Not like he put himself in harm’s way. He just cried about things like the loser he is.

      • Allah akbar sweetie! killed me! (Not literally, thankfully but you know ) (I’m gonna dig out my old National Lampoons & read some of Those on youtube! These snowflakes would hemorrhage from Every orifice)

    • dina Schrader

      NICELY DONE? Really, While attacking Freedom of Speech that’s not journalism that is considered Yellow Journalism. Going after those who speak out whether it be in Jest or Follick. While you sit here and let Professors (liberal bias) engulf the whole campus environment. Professors are telling young minds that Our President isn’t our Real President? While so-called Scholars, tell us we should abolish the Electoral college Because HRC didn’t win. but ALL STATES HAVE A VOICE IN ELECTION OUR PRESIDENT. When you Start Reporting on the Truth about Liberal Bias then I would say Courageous. But this report on Free Speech isn’t courageous at all.. It’s a cowardly attempt to appease the LIBERAL BIAS THAT IS INVADING or should I say INVADED AND HAS TAKEN OVER OUR COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES. it’s a sad pathetic attempt at destroying free speech.

  • Pepe

    Words aren’t violence, don’t be a snowflake

    • dina Schrader

      I agree with your sentiment.

  • Larry Lubell

    I’m willing to cut people some slack for statements that slide over the line, but the examples you gave are purposable attempts to offend. They are crude and have no business existing on college campuses.

    • HT

      They are on Facebook. Do some of you seriously think people should be suspended or expelled for their thoughts? You really don’t see a problem with that? If you really don’t, then you should be the ones expelled for having fascists ideals.

      • dina Schrader

        I agree. Liberal Bias Professor shouldn’t be on College Campuses.. Any Professor who is against Free Speech and hangs out with ANTIFA shouldn’t be on our College Campuses. But a MEME is not actions they are freedom of speech.. they are not always funny or likable but they ARE STILL FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREE EXPRESSION. If you want to live in a dictatorship MOVE TO ONE OF THOSE COUNTRIES, try Venezuela or Cuba

    • dina Schrader

      How can you say that about what belongs on college campuses sin you don’t stand for Freedom of Speech. The Liberals can attack FREE SPEECH and you say nothing. Liberals Professors are Attacking our President and Trying to Tell Student what they should Think.. and the Students who do not follow the Professors lead are ostracized. BUT YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT MEME. You see Liberal bias in the Media and say nothing.. PICK YOU POISON.

    • dina Schrader

      Freedom of Speech belongs on College Campuses. Not ANTIFA WHICH MANY COLLEGE Professors HAVE JOINED. Liberal Bias doesn’t belong on College Campuses, ANTIFA doesn’t belong and snowflakes should stay at home and stop wasting their parent’s money.

  • parentof

    Thank you for speaking out, Claremont Independent.

  • LOL

    The C.I. is investigating meme pages now? You kids really need to find better material…

  • You know how Ann Coulter tweeted “At this point, who DOESN’T want Trump impeached?” I hope you know that you all just outed a safe space for those against campus culture so at least the CI is consistent in outing ALL safe spaces, not just the ones for leftists.

    At this point, so many conservatives and center left people who were active in that group hate the CI it wouldn’t be surprising to see the left and the right on campus try to take you guys out, you sellouts.

    Ross, you could have left the group, but you chose to kvetch about it, so it’s nice to see the CI are just as touchy and hypersensitive as the people they unapologetically harass and make further uncomfortable on campus on both the left and the right.

    Matthew, it’s nice to see how you joined the group to ask people for help writing your articles, shamelessly plugging/spamming your articles in the group, then deleting all of your controversial posts and comments you made in the group before Ross could archive them. (But look at the link for one little mistake you forgot about)

    To the rest of the CI who deleted all of their comments and posts so Ross wouldn’t archive them, you are more spineless than any of the leftists on campus because at least they stand for something—you guys literally just do anything for a couple clicks. Your trying to crack down on these kinds of groups not in any way affiliated with the 5Cs (or with any part of the name being indicative of the 5Cs) is the kind of attack on “free speech” you all bellyache about.

    Being a 5C alum who had to hide his anti-campus-culture/anti-SJW political views while here, these groups on campus and on Facebook were my only way of escaping from people like this whiny author who complain about every little thing that makes them uncomfortable instead of acting like adults and ignoring it.

    I never really liked the CI, and after seeing this article, I hope these writers and editors finally get what’s coming to them after stabbing their on-campus supporters in the back.

    P.S. the link this comment links to is one post Matthew forgot to take down linking to an article about the whiting out of non-white Disney princesses. Some of his other posts on the group before he deleted them were even less tame and constituted the kind of harassment Ross talks about here.

  • Comedy has no bounds

    Ross, you couldn’t be more wrong here. Comedy has no bounds. Either everything is funny or nothing is. Some people have a taste for darker humor because it’s so ridiculous and absurd that it’s funny. The hardships I’ve experienced in life often create some of the most ironically funny jokes and humor. I personally had never heard of this meme page until a friend linked me to your article, but am subscribed to r/dankmemes. There are millions of others out there who laugh at these things and are still wholesome people who know right from wrong. You are bashing freedom of speech and you are attacking the right to laugh. Comedy is not hate speech. Memes made with the intention of humor separate the former from the latter. I agree that this page should NOT be public and people who have no wish to be added should not be without their consent, but don’t ever go after someone’s right to see the funny side of life, even in darker times.

    • CouRtJester

      This ^^ x100. Totally agree. Where do we draw the line with this content? whatever happened to the revolutionary idea that, if you’re offended by something, don’t read it or listen to it? sheesh.

  • memeluvr420

    dam Ross u one hell of a Man. <3


    Snowflake pussy liberal narc

  • thank you so much for these dank memes. we will shitpost to our heart’s content.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if the author was contractually obligated to READ your comment?

  • Memes aren’t hate

    I don’t understand how someone can put this much effort into being a fagg0t. That’s not a gay slur by the way. Learn to handle memes or get off the internet. I hope you didn;’t pay for that “education”, Ross.

    • Dirk Diggler

      Can’t stop laughing. And I’m gay.

  • Ryan

    When you grow up, you are truly going to regret your actions here.

  • Joe King

    Another college added to the list of ‘don’t hire graduates from…’

  • The Donald

    The author of this piece is a huge pussy, as no doubt his father and grandfather were before him.

    The sooner he hangs himself, the better the world will be.

    • Kate

      No matter your views on the piece, that’s a completely disgusting thing to say and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Dirk Simpson

    Ross, did your mom tie a pork chop around your neck to get the dog to play with you?

  • A College Student from Seattle

    Why so surprised? Every high school and college in America has groups like this. The group you stumbled across is probably just one of many at your school. It’s just part of our culture nowadays.

  • Robert E. Lee

    How can I join the group? These kids are based!

  • David Lillie

    “These memes included a joke-” Let me stop you right there, I think I identified the nature of your discomfort.

    “…Virtual violence-” OH GOD it’s too late for you. Condolences.

  • George Garcia

    Those were funny! I want to join this group! I’m starting a Berkeley chapter!

    • Staci McMahon

      Me too!!

    • Do it, then sign me up! (Man I hope the author was delivering this tongue in cheek, then POSTING the ‘offensive’ material as the punchline, a la National Lampoon!)

  • Jared

    You ruined people’s lives over a private meme page. You are trash.

  • Jack Meoff

    Hilarious memes, kill yourself pussy

  • Erik

    You’re pathetic. Don’t like it, unfollow it. Humor is objective; who the hell are you to judge others sense of humor? Kill yourself.

  • Staci McMahon

    Those are all hysterical!!

  • Chris

    Thanks for sharing the funny pictures. Enjoyed them! I feel sorry for you that you are so easily offended. However being offended is your problem. In fact you are a self righteous douchebag for writing this worthless article.

  • Bashar Assad

    No one likes a snitch. Especially a hyper-feminized numale snitch. Fucking LOSER.

  • Your mom

    These are hilarious. People are so weak and thin skinned these days. I’ve seen much more “offensive” memes than these. A site called The Tasteless Gentleman has awesome ones. Well thanks for posting. I’ll be stealing these memes now for reposting.

    • Your comment to him is funnier, coming from your avatar! (But seriously, I question below, whether he’s just delivering this tongue in cheek, as if He’s the snowflake depicted, who then Hands you the ‘offending’ material so that you can burst out Laughing right in his face?! Again, I Hope so!)

  • DejectedRedShirt

    Really sad to see yet another articles published by the tattle-tale of the class, under the guise of saving the universe from evil hate mongers. This author isn’t far removed from kindergarteners whining to teacher, and it’s heartbreaking that this is what college life has become. Suck it up, buttercup. Welcome to adulting.

  • Jared Cunningham

    Hey Ross- stop being a faggot.

  • curtisclc

    I found everyone of them to be funny and some hilarious. Some of them didn’t seem un-PC to me, just funny. I’m a 62yo gay Objectivist, and that isn’t a joke. Wish I was a member of that group!

    • An Objectivist… now you’re a rare bird! God bless you, sir! 😉

  • Ron Glass

    Political correctness worshippers, this is the future you have brought on yourself. By demonizing and criminalizing free speech under the guise of “hate” speech, you don’t make it go away, you just make it go underground where it can be weaponized.

  • Anna

    What a waste of your time. If you are offended, move on with your life instead of getting stuck on it. Why try to silence other people instead? Are you really that much of a control freak?
    You may not like what these people have to say, but if you value your ability to speak freely, defending their right to do so as well is in your best interest, or have you not figured that out yet?

  • Gray Hulk

    What’s your next article? Turning in family and friends for Thoughtcrime?

  • Conor

    Proof that the far left has become the religious right.

    “OMG. Kids are laughing at something on the internet that I personally find offensive! How can I, ROSS STEINBERG, virtuous moral crusader, put a stop to their fun and punish them so they won’t ever feel like making another joke again!? I mean, just think, what if someone even more fragile then ME were to see it?”

    • “Proof that the far left has become the religious right.”

      Leftism is the most active, dynamic religion in the world today. Its adherents include Christians, Jews, Muslims, and of course atheists!

  • Conor

    Also, if you think memes contribute to hate crimes, you are the victim of a moral panic. Plain and simple.

  • Yerda Sellsavon

    Oh my word…. The left today truly are worse than the ‘ban video games’ conservatives of the past.

    How on earth will people like you survive in the real world?

  • anon

    Apparently, the author identified the administrator as Ahlbie Squire, a Pomona College sophomore

  • Let’s be rational?

    As someone who was previously on the page I can say there were times when it really went to far. At the same time though, that’s when you’re not supposed to give a rip. It’s completely reasonable to say there was some offensive material there, but it’s not like you have to get offended and go on your own personal crusade. Ross, please understand that you’re kinda of pathetic. There were a lot of us who just liked the slightly edgy memes and not the offensive ones. I’m actually Jewish, and all I had to do was choose not to be offended by the crazy shit. It was wrong but don’t waste your life on memes, if you take memes seriously you’re doing it wrong .

  • b11

    Great article. Maybe if people were better educated, they would see a connection between the impact of Nazi propaganda and these memes.
    Two very different things, though. One was an image that was spread to influence public opinion, dehumanize people who were different, and spread hate and the other is an image intended to influence public opinion, dehumanize people who are different, and spread hate… but is also apparently very hilarious and harmless because it is just on Facebook.
    Maybe if Republicans had better comedians, they could learn more about what jokes are.

  • Is this satire and is Ross Strinberg a genius for writing it through the eyes of a snowflake but then POSTING the supposedly ‘most offensive’ thus giving us the best of Both worlds to Laugh at?
    Gosh, as a reader of the National Lampoon magazine in days of old…I HOPE SO!
    Lol, “allah akbar, sweetie! ” hahahahahahaha!

  • Dusk

    George Orwell was right all along.

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  • martin anderson

    anyone notice that the un-PC jokes always target those who have suffered discrimination or oppression? Are there memes on this site that make fun of Christianity or white supremacists? More likely this is a place where the alibi of humor is used to perpetuate the attitudes that underwrite prejudice and discrimination. I’d take the plea of “freedom of speech” more seriously it the jokes here targeted others besides those who have been the historical victims of discrimination, exploitation, and violence.

    • Jimbo28

      This is a good point. Mayocide when?

  • Where are the heinous and evil memes? All I saw were a few mildly satirical, somewhat sophomoric things that wouldn’t trigger a trapdoor spider on meth.

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  • Rockster

    I have this funny image in my head of a big red light with an alarm in the Dean of Students office going off, and then a team of “Bias Incident” police being dispatched to capture the offenders. Come to think of it, that could form the basis of a funny meme. What if a group of Pomona students decided to go to a bar, hang out, drink a few beers, and share dark memes. Would that be a bias incident? Would that require investigation? How is that different from a private Facebook group? What if I told the Dean of Students, right now, that I am thinking of a very funny meme which is very dark and highly offensive. Is the fact that I am thinking it grounds for action against me if I admit thinking about it? What if I had a small book of dark offensive memes that I liked to read at bedtime in the privacy of my dorm room? Would that be a bias incident? What if the book wasn’t in my dorm room. instead it was in my bedroom at home and I liked to read it during vacations from Pomona. And somebody found out about my little book and reported me to the Dean. Is that a bias incident? I really want to know.

    • Yes, yes, it isn’t, it is, you can’t, and yes it would be. If it was, it wouldn’t matter, yes it would be, and now you do.


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  • ((( *___* )))

    this is so stupid. why is everyone so whiny? makes me not wanna go to college.

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