Dear Class of 2019,

Congratulations! This week you have officially entered “The Bubble.” You now belong to one of the most intellectual, elite liberal arts institutions in the country—where reasoned discourse and thoughtful debate are not just encouraged, but actively kept alive by your many bright and vocal peers.

The Claremont Independent is the catalyst that drives our most lively, heated student discussions. We are the leading outlet for students whose views differ from—and often oppose—mainstream liberals and progressives. We also report campus news and, importantly, serve as a check to 5C administrations. As the only independently funded student publication, the Claremont Independent is in a unique position to criticize administrative decisions and policies, ranging anywhere from unnecessary free speech infringements under the guise of “political correctness” to blatantly biased curriculums that propagate liberal agendas.

We are a small but quickly growing organization with influence that extends beyond the Claremont Colleges. Last year, our stories consistently made national waves and were picked up by prominent news outlets, such as the National Review, Newsweek, and the Daily Caller. Over the summer, we received the Collegiate Network’s William F. Buckley Award for Outstanding Campus Reporting.

Traditionally, we have always been a right-leaning organization with the majority of our members subscribing to some variation of conservative ideology. At the heavily left-leaning Claremont Colleges, we provide students with the opposition needed to engage in critical thinking and intellectual debate—two key pillars of a traditional (and meaningful!) liberal arts education.

So welcome to the Claremont Independent, where you can find the most politically diverse set of opinions, thought-provoking arguments, and significant campus commentary at the 5Cs. We hope you enjoy these next four years with us.


Hannah Oh



Photography by Wes Edwards.

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  • CMC is soooo liberal

    Point me to a liberal agenda and I’ll point you to basic human decency. Point me to any article written by the CI not by a guest author but by their paid staff (their guestwriting is always much better than their staff writers) and I’ll point you to racist, bigoted, and closeminded views. As much as I love good debate, and as much as I love hearing from educated conservatives, the CI does not fit that description. the CI loves to paint others as “mainstream liberals” simply because they can’t comprehend that Reagan and Bush weren’t right, and neither are any of the dimwits running for the GOP presidency. Liberals are not always right, but they are right more often than conservatives, and they also seem to find a way to protect human decency.

    • Claremont Independent

      I’m sorry you feel that way! I hope our articles this year change your outlook on conservatives, or at least the ones at the CI. We also care about protecting human decency, and we would like to engage in as much intellectual debate as possible this year.

      We have a lot of great new staff members and are certainly looking to diversify the opinions in our publications. I hope your negative impression of the current Republican Party doesn’t entirely ruin your view of the CI.

      – Hannah

    • Your comment perfectly describes the problem that the CI is, I assume, trying to solve.

      “Point me to a liberal agenda and I’ll point you to basic human decency.”

      Assuming all liberal agendas are on the side of human decency is an incredibly arrogant assumption.

      This arrogance, the idea that Republican agendas represent some sort of a lesser-human strain of thought, is the problem. It prevents respectful disagreement.

      Your claim that Bush and Reagan ‘weren’t right’ is also troubling. Were they wrong in every sense? Are humans infallible?

      I respectfully disagree.

    • Taylor Schmitt

      For the record, the CI does not have any paid staff.

    • Ribert Lewis

      “Liberals are right more often than conservatives”? Laughable and sad – that you believe your viewpoint has a higher moral authority It’s untrue – liberal ideology worldwide has a pathetic record of preserving human decency

  • JackAndrew

    Claremont MCkenna students only know how to drink and take drugs, don’t fool youself, you guys are not even smart

  • Not Buying It

    Well, it appears that the CI is going for the compassionate conservative angle. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that conservatism is a fundamentally uncompassionate ideology. (At its core, its purpose is to perpetuate existing power structures that repress the marginalized—how could it be anything else?)

    Also, smart move making a woman of color the editor-in-chief to try to fight the white male image, but that doesn’t change the reality of what the CI is and whose interests it represents.

    • That is an extremely narrow view of conservatism that our publication does not endorse. I encourage you to look at our last staff survey that displays the variety in our opinions.

      Please do not categorize our entire publication as subscribing to your very negative, skewed, and uninformed interpretation of conservative ideology. I, for one, am not in favor of repressing the marginalized. I care about people’s rights to live freely and pursue happiness above all else. It disappoints me when you would accuse me of representing some different interest because of an unwarranted, sweeping generalization.

      Moving forward, I hope you and others who share the same sentiment would give me and my staff a chance to voice our views and opinions before you make harsh judgments about them.

      If you want to discuss specific issues, have article ideas, or any constructive criticism for us, please feel free to reach out.

      Don’t ever refer to me as a token.

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