Sophie Mann

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Sophie Mann is a sophomore at Scripps College majoring in economics and government. She hails from New York City and when she’s not interjecting her aggressive, yet sound opinion into political discussions on campus, you can find her spinning away at Soulcycle (or the Scripps Gym), Spending a questionable amount of money at Trader Joe’s, or attending  the bi-weekly meetings of the vast right wing conspiracy (invite only).


5 thoughts on “Sophie Mann”

  1. Bravo, Ms, Mann! A great expose in the WSJ today on endemic college wussification, perpetrated now on your campi. Well done! Your continued success is assured.

  2. As a parent of a student at one of the Claremont colleges, I have heard many stories of thankless students on financial subsidies. I have continuously reminded my dearest that she should not profile these thankless students but unfortunately, she is only human. The ingratitude is not limited to institutes of higher education – it is pervasive in our entitled society. There is truth in the age-old lessons: (a) many are not appreciative of their fruits if the fruits are given and (b) no good deed goes unpunished. Perhaps these RAs should do a little reflection on Thanksgiving. If the admissions office will require gratitude as an admission criteria, we might not have to deal with this nonsense.

  3. Sophie, fantastic article! The more I read the writings of those behind The Claremont Independent, the more I am assured of the presence of logical political thinkers on our campus. Keep it up!

  4. I would like to thank Ms. Mann for her journalistic work of immense integrity and wisdom, which appeared in the April 24, 2017, WSJ. The measured, intelligent and respectfully assertive stating of the facts is journalism at its best. As a J-school grad myself, trained in the 1980’s in the now “old school” way of objective, tell-both-sides journalism, I often lament the depths to which reporting frequently falls. The professionalism and insight (to say nothing of courage) exhibited in Ms. Mann’s editorial instills renewed hope for the profession.

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