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Taylor Schmitt serves as the Publisher of the Claremont Independent. He is a junior at Pomona College majoring in Mathematical Economics and minoring in Mathematics. The resident liberal Seattleite of the CI, Taylor spends his free time leveraging his high school baseball experience into an unfair advantage in the Pomona-Pitzer intramural softball league.

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  1. My husband and I are reading your article all the way across the country and are thanking you for showing us there are students on whom the irony of this whole situation is not lost. Cudos to you three for so eloquently putting into words what I hope most rational adults are thinking about these protests. Having your voice heard on a college campus is important. Using the voice that was raised and cultivated by adults like those on your campus to “overthrow” them and silence other voices is missing the lesson.

  2. Independent thought is no longer in vogue. We are now living in the Nirvana of Safe Spaces, where we are perversely expected to think alike, or else.

    Don’t we all strive to live in a colorful world? Thanks for refusing to be beige.

  3. Taylor, Hannah, Steve –

    Thank you for your intellectual honesty and fine writing. Your editorial was a light in the darkness for this CMC grad – I’d begun to despair that the excellent business education I received was no longer available to current students. Keep the rational discourse going, maintain the high ground of principled debate, and don’t stop the dialogue.

  4. Dear Taylor, Hannah, Steve,

    Your passionate and well-written text almost brought a tear to my eye. I live in a country where political correctness has gone rampant to the point where the unity of our society has started to crumble (just google about the current situation in Sweden and you will see that I am not exaggerating). It is so comforting to read that there are young people who put up the fight.

    Critical theory, postcolonialism, feminism etc. started out as a movement born by the sound ambition to question injustice and prejudice as well as to make us more aware that we often are blind to subjectivity and social factors when we strive to be rational. But forty years later, it has become a anti-rational, conflict-seeking – yes, often openly hateful! – ideology which has many similarities with fundamentalist religion.

    I don’t use my real name in this comment as I am not yet as brave as you. You have my email – feel free to get in touch!

  5. Taylor, Hannah and Steve:

    Thank you for your courage and bravery. While I did not feel that I was of the “CMC Mold” – the choice to go to to CMC was one of the best decisions I made in my life, primarily because I went to school with thoughtful, intelligent, and insightful individuals such as youselves. Thank you for restoring my faith in CMC and the Claremont Colleges’ community at large.

  6. Your editorial is excellent. I’m not so sure about Steven’s shorts. I hope he doesn’t sit down when he’s wearing them (:

  7. Thank you all for standing up to campus bullies and speaking up for the silent majority across country. Many parents and grandparents are watching you with great hope and appreciation.
    Keep up with your excellent work!!!

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