Pitzer College RA: White People Can’t Wear Hoop Earrings

A wall on the side of a dormitory at Pitzer College devoted to unmoderated free speech through art (colloquially named “the free wall”), was recently painted by a group of Latino students who wrote the message, “White Girl, take off your [hoop earrings]!!!”

When one white student expressed confusion about the message, Alegria Martinez (PZ ’18) – a Pitzer College Resident Assistant (RA) and active member of the “Latinx Student Union” – responded in an email thread sent to the entire student body: “[T]he art was created by myself and a few other WOC [women of color] after being tired and annoyed with the reoccuring [sic] theme of white women appropriating styles … that belong to the black and brown folks who created the culture. The culture actually comes from a historical background of oppression and exclusion. The black and brown bodies who typically wear hooped earrings, (and other accessories like winged eyeliner, gold name plate necklaces, etc) are typically viewed as ghetto, and are not taken seriously by others in their daily lives. Because of this, I see our winged eyeliner, lined lips, and big hoop earrings serving as symbols [and] as an everyday act of resistance, especially here at the Claremont Colleges. Meanwhile we wonder, why should white girls be able to take part in this culture (wearing hoop earrings just being one case of it) and be seen as cute/aesthetic/ethnic. White people have actually exploited the culture and made it into fashion.”

Jacquelyn Aguilera (PZ ’19), another student claiming credit for the spray-painted message, responded to the school-wide email thread, “If you didn’t create the culture as a coping mechanism for marginalization, take off those hoops, if your feminism isn’t intersectional take off those hoops, if you try to wear mi cultura when the creators can no longer afford it, take off those hoops, if you are incapable of using a search engine and expect other people to educate you, take off those hoops, if you can’t pronounce my name or spell it … take off those hoops / I use “those” instead of “your” because hoops were never “yours” to begin with.” Aguilera attached an image of herself and the others who spray-painted the wall exposing their own hoop earrings.

Pitzer’s website states that on the free wall  “you’ll find artistic representation of local and global issues that usually spark educational discussion across campus!”

Martinez and Aguilera declined the Independent‘s requests to elaborate on their comments.


Photo: Elliot Dordick

470 thoughts on “Pitzer College RA: White People Can’t Wear Hoop Earrings”

  1. Alegria Martinez and Jacquelyn Aguilera can’t use computers, can’t drive automobiles, can’t watch television, can’t ride trains, can’t use electricity, no electric lights, no airplane travel, no internet – discovered/invented by Americans and Europeans. If they use them it’s “cultural appropriation.”

          1. These children obviously have nothing better to do than view white girl’s jewelry and are jealous over their skin color and ability to wear whatever they want and it matches nicely. I’m assuming these whiners have perfect grades and can’t wait to put what they’ve mastered to good use and don’t need a quota system or grading on the curve.

          2. I know. This is SO absurd! (I mean, it’s one thing if there were hordes of White American men and women out there sporting huarache sandals, ponchos, and sombreros as their daily attire. Then these same folks in their free time voluntarily joined with ICE in the assistance with deporting illegal immigrants back to mexico. But that is not that case. Sincerely though, I think in general for most good kind hardworking american women across the board from all backgrounds, hoop earring in 2017, are quite simply, just that: hoop earrings.

          3. That’s the most racist thing I ever heard that’s creating a hostile learning environment why don’t someone research where hoop earrings where made.? For real I’m taking online classes and we just learn about having a safe learning environment and that no male are female should not be harassed are discrimated and sexual misconduct. Why is that college not doing something to not allow that kind of negative behavior. More nonsense going on are we moving forward are backwards?

        1. Please don’t dye your hair blonde or straighten it . BTW in America hoops are for anyone that desire to wear them. Telling people what the can’t do will make them all do it. I can’t stop laughing.

          1. We dye our hair and straighten it because that is what your media is telling us is beautiful! I’ll wear my natural hair when I am able to get a job with that natural hair. P.S. You should take a look at the white women on youtube putting hot dogs and Cheetos in their hair to get a “natural curly look”, it’s beautiful.

        2. Stupid racist POS. Indians ***** hope earings, Greeks and Romans did and even some slavs. Asians did too. YOur a ignornat racist who has no understanding of history. Ancient Europenas and Indians from asian wore dreadlocks, so quite whining like a coward you uneducated racist black.

          Maybe you can kill and rape a native american and call yourself a buffalo soilder and pretend you are not a racist, weak, hatefilled black who is likley part white since you are from america.

          Drop mic on your fool ***.

          1. Your language is appalling and you skills of self expression leave a lot to be desired, but I agree with the principle that hoop earrings have been worn by many colours and races and nationalities. Down with the silly tag of “Cultural Appropriation” ……. my fist in the air

          2. Brutal Truth my ***. You are the fool. Why are you attacking black People when the people who expressed themselves were not black. Who is the racist? Even if they were black so what? White people did not invent blonde hair. You have pure blooded Africans who are not mixed with European blood who are born with blonde hair and some with blue eyes. Besides that truth you and every white person in this country use inventions by black people specifically and people of color generally and you probably ar not aware of it because of your own ignorance and the purposeful deceit of the white supremacist patriarchy in this country to hijack credit. The information is however available without the deserved recognition to the contributions of this country by people of color. It is a fact that we built this nation and we don’t need your acknowledgement. You are just not used to being called out on your bull **** but you better get used to it.

          3. You write in English like a typical college student with numerous farcical misspellings hysterically convoluted grammar. At least we know that you did not culturally appropriate the English language.

          4. Pick up a book on your “fool ***” so you can work on your spelling and grammar, and then try working on reading comprehension. Though it doesn’t matter who started the hoop earrings trend, your offering is pure bullshit.

            This art was brought to your dumbass via participants in a “Latino” student union group. Can you infer what the aforementioned means?

            Now who’s got the deep seeded racial issues??? Brutal FOOL!

          5. point made dude …butttt you adding your hateful slurs wont help this theory on hoops. you caught my attention with your correction then you killed your very valid point with all the anger and hate. try educating with more class. just a side note i think u should take. ;}

          6. Built this nation? Oh lord. Thanks for the crops your ancestors picked. Now thank white men for allowing you freedom of speech, the right to vote, right to a swift trial, etc etc etc. Thank them for all the freedoms you have. For law and order. AMERICANS built this country. Whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, etc. You have some serious issues of entitlement and hate. Go talk to someone about that Pam!

          7. You need to pick the mic back up and have a seat Brutal Truth, if you actually read the article you would know that the subjects of the story were not “black”. You may also want to check your spelling & grammar.

          8. I think everyone should be able to wear whatever they want but I don’t think that tone was nessicary and I think you need to spell check instead of being stupid.

        3. Earrings are for girls. I tried the hula hoop 50 yrs ago. I walked away from it when it fell around my ankles. I like to see the good in people. We all look on the outward appearance. I believe God looks at our hearts and minds.

          1. You guys are all filled with such hate!!!! People are arguing over hoop earrings. If we truly want equality and for everyone to be equal then we have to do away with this ****! I am proud to be a white Women I am proud of who I am. When I see outfits or jewelry that I like I will wear it. Women of every color and size should be proud of who they are period. We have to stop fighting over stupid stuff go after real issues. Modern day slaves human trafficking or a failed healthcare for veterans not hoop earring. Grow up

          1. They were worn by Celts. Celtic means having to do with Celts. It’s a hard C. The basketball team is just all wrong.

          1. Kristi,
            Most Romani find the the term gypsy to be a slur, and prefer Romani.

            I’m not sure how Pirates feel about the term pirate.

        4. To Taverius:

          “Hoops is for black girls only.”

          Hmm.. my red headed Irish mother wore hoop earrings in the early 70s (Google vintage hoop earrings) but stopped after she tore hear left earlobe when she forgot to remove them before she slept. Maybe she’s Black Irish..?

        5. straight hair is not a natural trait for “Black women” so hang up that wig, yank out that weeve and stop straightening those Afros.

          1. Like white girls don’t wear weave. Please!!! White women have worn weaves forever and risked getting skin cancer trying to get our color as well as paying a ton of money for our bodies. Not to mention that they seem to love our men too so I guess that is not saying much for you.

          2. Only a very small percentage of white women get a weave, where it is a common practice for blacks. And do you even science? You can’t become black by tanning. Just because whites want their creamy skin to have a tan does not mean they are trying to be another race. Just the fact that you hate all whites, and black men says volumes about you. You are full of hate and bitterness Pam.

          3. Robert,
            You seem to be completely clueless when it comes to the diversity of people of color and what natural traits they have.

        6. Well if white people can’t wear hoops then black people should stop straightening their hair so they can look like white people

          1. You sound like a fool. You all are so jealous of people of color. You want to believe that you are better but deep down you know you are not.

          2. PoliticalPam I am Jewish and Part Chippewa and I say you are full of it. It’s because of idiocy (that you display so perfectly) that Trump Won!

            It is because of your hatred, your bigotry, your intolerance, and above all your rabid stupidity; that Hilliary ‘lost’!

            You are a disgrace to the Democrat party!

            It is because of YOU that ‘we’ have to President Trump ; instead of President Clinton.

            Now you ignorant sot, get your RACIST **** back under the bridge and STOP betraying true Democrats everywhere you TRUMP TOOL!

          3. I’ll do it when I can get a job with my natural hair without people telling me to straighten it or else.

        7. If your not an Iraqi “take them off”. Gold Hoop Earrings: An Endless Tradition
          Somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 BC in Iraq someone was buried in a royal grave with hoop earrings on, leading us to the oldest earrings ever unearthed by archeologists. It is rather fascinating that hoop earrings for women continue to be a fashion staple in wardrobes around the world.

          1. I would just point out that the Arab tribespeople living in what is today called Iraq have absolutely no cultural or ethnic connection to the people who lived there in ancient times.

        8. Wrong. White cultures wearing hoop earrings literally dates back to ancient times, with Greek pictures showing women wearing them dating as far back as 1650 BC. Ancient Norse and Celtic cultures also wore them, men and women both. You do not “own” anything about them.

        9. We will stop wearing hoop earrings when women of color stop dyeing their hair red or blonde. If anything in the entire world smacks of Racial Appropriation that would be the most egregious.

          1. Not that I agree with the hoop earring thing, but the issue is not appropriating another culture it’s appropriating a marginalized culture. In general white people aren’t marginalized so we don’t have the same grounds to complain. It’s problematic when white people where native headdresses but not when native people wear top hats because top hat-wearing people are not systematically oppressed. Ya see?

          2. No Sasha. I don’t see. That’s called hypocrisy and entitlement to think you deserve things and others do not. Ya see?

          3. No Sasha, I do not ‘see’ your point of view as being even minimally ‘correct’.

            It is because of people like you demanding whites are guilty, whites have ‘no right’ to say it’s wrong to belittle them … that 17 million true Democrats were so angered ‘they’ did not vote.

            It is because FAKE LIBS like ‘you’ screamed racist at every turn, that true democrats said Hilliary was no better than Trump.

            The fact is ‘you’ helped to put Trump into Office.

            It is because of ‘you’, and others (fake Democrat idiots) like ‘you’ that Hilliary lost.

            How does it feel to know you are a traitor to democrats everywhere? How does it feel to know that because of you and other imbeciles like you … we will have a justice system that will deny LGBT rights?

            How does it feel to know that I (a proud member of the Coffee Party) have not one whit of respect for ‘you’ or Faux liberals ‘like’ you?

          4. “How does it feel to know that I (a proud member of the Coffee Party) have not one whit of respect for ‘you’ or Faux liberals ‘like’ you?”

            It is because everyone left of center can’t respect each other that Dems lost. Until you can, the GOP will keep winning.

          5. The problem is so many white people have been disrespectful to the sacredness of another’s culture. Now it has come to this. White people have NEVER shown respect for other people’s cultures throughout the years, and to this day they don’t. To me, there is nothing wrong with white people or any sort of people wearing things of other cultures or doing things that pertain to another person’s culture. But when people start doing it in a disrespectful manner, it becomes a problem. For example, there were white people claiming to be shamans and having people sit in sweat lodges for hours. People were dying as a result and gave the Indigenous ritual a bad reputation. The problem is white/black/Asian people who imitate these things from Native American culture don’t have a proper understanding of them. Even with native headdresses…the headdresses are sacred to Native people, yet white people walk around mocking the headdress and demean its truest value. If they truly appreciated it like they claimed, they would understand that this is meant to be worn by people who are honorable. Ironically, white people respect no one else’s culture, but then want you to respect their flag. How ironic.
            BTW, Native Americans have a legal right to protect their culture given to them by the government. As far as Hip Hop culture I don’t consider that cultural appropriation if white people indulge because black people basically sold and exploited our own culture. Therefore it was not appropriated, it was sold. That is why to this day our culture is being tossed around like limp liver. I say this as a black person myself.

        10. I take it you’ve never heard the decades-old joke of what blondes use hoop earrings for, then? WOC, take off those hoops – they ain’t y’all’s to appropriate.

        11. ACTUALLY … Hoop earrings were invented in Baghdad, Sumeria. AKA modern-day Iraq. They then spread from the middle-east to all corner of the globe.

          So yeah, anyone claiming that only “people of specific color” can wear hoop earrings seems to be ignorant of the fact that their own culture didn’t create them.

          Adding hypocrisy to what is already a stupid, petty argument.

        12. Here’s the problem with a Latin women demanding that a Caucasian woman not be allowed to wear hoop earrings due to the concern over cultural appropriation:

          Hoop earrings date back all the way to use by Ancient Romans, Greeks & Sumerian, in which the modern day equivalent of those would be Greek / Italian / Iraqi / Egyptian.

          Therefore, if you are not Greek / Italian / Iraqi / Egyptian (none of those are Latin by the way), you should stop wearing hoop earrings too because that would mean you also are culturally appropriating.

        13. Well, if we are talking about cultural appropriation then the proper “in kind” response to “white girls, take off your hoops” is “black girls, take off your pants.”

        14. The ancient Persians molded hoop and pendant earrings from earthenware and gold, which have been found in the remains at Tillya Tepe, or “Hill of Gold.” If “appropriating culture is a real thing the WOC at Pitzer need to stop it.

        15. That’s a stupid comment. Then don’t wear clothes or use anything modern technology. One step forward, two steps back.

        16. That is the stupidist **** I’ve ever heard…I would not want to wear those ridiculous mondo hoops anyway. I supposed if my front tooth gets knocked out…it should not be gold. You “BROWN” people are amoung the most racist in the nation…you just refuse to admit it. NO ONE and I mean no one tells me what I can or cannot wear. GO POUND YOURSELF!!!

          1. Helen,
            You need to learn how to read, the article was about Latina women wanting White women to stop wearing hoops.

        17. Why is that? There are painting from the Italian Renaissance showing women wearing hoop earings. Clearly this is not just a style found amongst POC. Wearing hoops is NOT in anyway cultural appropriation. In fact, cultural appropriation is just another made-up thing that leftists can get angry at.

          1. Tim Smith, I totally agree with you that “cultural appropriation is just another made-up thing that leftists can get angry at.” The Democrat Party has changed! I am 86 years old and have never seen anything like all this propaganda Democrats are putting out in order to pit people against each other in order to get votes. Do they think that white dems will be looked upon as saviors as hatred grows between races? I am an 86 year old white woman whose 5th great-grandmother was a black slave in southern Africa and I want to know when the Democrat Party will apologize for filibustering against the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

        18. Why is that? There are painting from the Italian Renaissance showing women wearing hoop earrings. Clearly this is not just a style found amongst POC. Wearing hoops is NOT in anyway cultural appropriation. In fact, cultural appropriation is just another made-up thing that leftists can get angry at.

        19. History:
          “Ear piercing is one of the oldest known forms of body modification, with artistic and written references from cultures around the world dating back to early history. Gold, Silver and Bronze hoop earrings were prevalent in the Minoan Civilization (2000–1600 BCE) and examples can be seen on frescoes on the Aegean island of Santorini, Greece. During the late Minoan and early Mycenaean periods of Bronze Age Greece hoop earrings with conical pendants were fashionable.[3] Early evidence of earrings worn by men can be seen in archeological evidence from Persepolis in ancient Persia. The carved images of soldiers of the Persian Empire, displayed on some of the surviving walls of the palace, show them wearing an earring….”

        20. This is a ridiculous article.. hoop earrings actually originated in Mesopotamia and Greece so actually ladies, it’s not just white women… seriously do research before posting such an ill informed article.

        21. I’m gypsy in heritage and white. We’ve been wearing hoops since time began and I have no intention of stopping for a bunch of racists.

        22. Actually Sumeria, Egypt, Rome, and Greece where the first to wear hoop earrings. So stop being arrogant and study up on things and get the facts, everything is a “race” thing now.

        23. Hopefully by the time you’re in college you are a young woman, not a girl and realize women can wear whatever they choose. Stop trying to turn back time. It is time for equality for all.

        24. OH PUHLEEEEZE!! Hoop earrings were worn by people in Iraq, Rome and by most all the Romani and Sinti tribes all over the world before Black or Latino even knew what the **** they were.
          GET REAL!!

        25. Nope. Hoop earrings have been worn by white women in this country for decades. You are demonstrating racism and ignorance. Sad and pathetic.

        26. Sure ******, as soon as you take of yo weave, always tryna pass White! No mo’ blonde and red hair dye/wigs either for them ******* and no blue contacts. And take yo unedookatted *** and go back to Africa where you can also wear hoops round your neck and plates on yo lip, ****** bish!

          Back to the bush, fros! This s a White conquered land and we takin it back, no waddam sayin too yeah?

          Sorry for typos, them ghetto Niggahs only understand it like that!

        27. People in Egypt over 2500 years ago wore hoop earrings. Pirates wore hoop earrings.
          You and Latinas did not create the culture of hoop earrings you appropriated it from past cultures . Also Blacks bleach their hair and straighten it. Again appropriation.

        28. Ear piercing is one of the oldest known forms of body modification, with artistic and written references from cultures around the world dating back to early history. Gold, Silver and Bronze hoop earrings were prevalent in the Minoan Civilization (2000–1600 BCE) and examples can be seen on frescoes on the Aegean island of Santorini, Greece. During the late Minoan and early Mycenaean periods of Bronze Age Greece hoop earrings with conical pendants were fashionable.

          This can be found on wikipedia I have added the link
          its under HISTORY.

      1. Exactly! It’s about time that people of colour recognized how the privilaged cis white female of america has been pushing them around! You Stand up for yourselves and stop letting them tell you what to do!

        1. I am a “white female of America”, and I have NEVER pushed around a person of color or anyone else for that matter! Understand that I will also “stand up for myself”! If I want to wear five hoop earrings in each ear and two through my nose I will do so! You “college” girls can pound sand for all I care. You give people of color a bad name!

          1. Yes, I find this whole issue to be so strange & divisive at the very least…What about my (adopted) daughter who is half Mexican…Can she wear hoops? What about myself…born & raised in a Latin American country of (white American) medical missionary parents & grew up speaking English & Spanish & love the Latin culture? As a “Third Culture Kid” I was so homesick for “my country of birth” when we moved back to the US in my early adolescence….Do I qualify as “hispanic enough” to wear hoops?!!—not that I have the desire, but I really think we should celebrate & appreciate all cultures & come together as precious members of the HUMAN race…We are more alike, than different…Why look for ways to be offended or divided…It all makes me so sad…

    1. Not to mention welfare, healthcare, airlines.. and our colleges/universities.

      They also cannot work in STEM, healthcare, law, etc. and must stay out of and away from all things that the American Culture (and Western Culture for that matter) created, energized, refined and utilized to create the greatest society and economy the world has ever known.

      These bigoted “Latinx” “WOC” must leave the colleges/universities that American Culture created and pays for.


      1. yeah they should give up their culturally appropriated democracy and high education and while they are at it they can give up their bras which was a white European invention. maybe they can go to Nordstrom’s and start labeling their jewelry as white only or black only. what they are really arguing for is anti integration.

    2. I think it is very stupid. The 1 hoop earrings had been found in Syria from the 2500 BC and then in Greece and west Asia. That does not sound like a black or brown thing. I guess it’s just another way to make yourself more special and not wanting to fit in with the norm

    3. Oh! I don’t think So the hoop earrings Came from cuba! And that’s why Latinas Ware them ALLOT I love hoop earrings ! BUT this is all bull ANYBODY that wants to WARE hoops they can use them! It’s an earing NO big deal! So if you want to wear hoops get your self some! THERE sexy and they never get out of Style! NEVER! I wish I could be there and Some body tells I can’t WARE hoops!? Homie don’t play that??

      1. Actually not from Cuba, their origins are middle eastern, Sumerian culture-ancient Persia (now Iraq) to be exact. Then Romans and Greeks adopted the trend to “show” wealth. However I do agree all should be able to wear or shall I say share in eachother’s cultural trends. That’s the best way to learn about and appreciate different cultures.

        1. Sumerians aka descendants including Egyptians, Hebrews, Iranians and Iraqis. But basically, yes, middle eastern. As is winged eyeliner and are name plate necklaces in Hebrew, Armenian and Iranian Persian.

      2. I have to assume that most of you commenting here do not go to this, or any other college as the spelling, and grammar are horrible!

        Ware = Wear

          1. Betty, in his defence, he had the right number of commas. They were just incorrectly situated. 😉

        1. Exactly what I was thinking. The lack and spelling and grammar skills is astounding. I suggest people stop worrying about minor issues such as who is wearing what and “cultural appropriation” and start focusing on education, skills, and caring about real people of all colors who are having real problems in their lives.

        2. umm . . . fusionarts . . . just want point out that your commas are in the wrong place. (Commas are part of the whole grammar thing.)

        3. I suggest this young ladies try again to write a thoughtful, smart, piece that reflects the amazing institutions that make up the 5 Claremont Colleges. Coming ladies – give it a second college effort, please.

      3. I hope you are in school so you can learn the difference between wear and ware. There are hoop earrings for everyone but they’re creating a stir at this school. There are some students who believe their rights are more important than others.

    4. Well, lets see, is the “diaper look”, you know the fashion of wearing your pants down, a fashion. I declare that that is not allowed to be worn by non blacks or people that think they might be ghetto but aren’t sure. While your at it only oval earrings can be worn by Latinos as that is a new cultural rule. No hoops allowed. Only whites can have buttons. Asians, do what you like since China is depressed! That way we can make sure we are not appropriating anyone toes!!! Honestly stupid is………….

        1. …that by all appearances didn’t wear underwear BUT or African American brothers are very proud to show white brothers up by not only WEARING but predominantly displaying them all while performing the magic trick of how their pants are able to hang on when they are a foot below their waist. Quite impressive I must say.

          1. Actually the wearing of the pants bellow the waste and showing one’s underwear originated in PRISON. Men who were interested in *** with other inmates wore it as a signal that they were down for the “down-low”. It has changed over the years to an urban fashion. Or perhaps it’s still the same signal. Who knows?

    5. Nor can they use hoop earrings, which were also invented by Whites. (The Romans and Greeks)

      Nose rings, on the other hand….

      1. Hoop earrings are from the Middle East and North Africa, actually. As is winged eyeliner and name plate necklaces in Iranian, Armenian and Hebrew. Bat mitzvah gift for centuries, in fact. These people are absolute morons that can’t even research the origins of the traditions they claim.

    6. Let’s face it, these are young immature girls that, as young people are wont to do, are excited to “protest” for any “cause” that appears to elevate their status. Their childish demands have been seen in every generation, but the particular flash point changes. One generation may burn bras, another might choose to let their armpit hair grow free.

      The fact that they always find a home in the left is because they always desire to tell other people what to do, either by social pressure or by regulation. Libertarians are on the other end, respecting the girls’ right to stamp their feet, but always wanting people to have the liberty to do what they wish – even “appropriating the black symbol of oppression – lip liner”!

    7. Somebody tell this cretin Jacquelyn Aguilera to shut up! Nobody, black, brown, white, yellow or the Little green men Need HER permission to wear whatever the **** they want, whenever they want. Capeesh?
      She is a remarkably stupid little girl.
      She is, at best, irrelevant!
      In point of fact, I have a carrot in my fridge that is more relevant and in all likelihood, more intelligent than she is.
      If you know her Please give her this message from me:
      “Aguilera my dear, I suggest that you stop your Racist moronic stupidity and apply yourself full time to your studies, otherwise you will, more than likely, end up cleaning someone else’s toilets for a living!” & yes, if she has anything at all to say, you have my full authority to give the little ****** my email address.
      I’ll be delighted to put her straight on a few of life’s inescapable truths!

      1. I don’t wear large hoops, because I don’t think they flatter me, but you can bet that I am going to buy the biggest, baddest hoops and wear them 24/7. I just ordered a lip liner and a winged eyeliner kit. Oh, and I’m getting a weave.

        Skinny, white, blue-eyed blonde girl.

        1. Annalise, you win the internet with this post! Free lip liner, winged eye liner, and big ol’ hoop earrings for all the white people of america! Integrate America!
          Blonde haired, blue eyed, skinny white girl too!

    8. It’s not even true that it’s a culturally “brown and black” thing every culture throughout history has worn hoop earrings Vikings Romans Chinese who the **** are these people to claim them as their own are people really this ignorant or is this a satire site?

    9. In a photo of Alegria, she is wearing pearl earrings. Major South Sea Native Woman cultural appropriation. Not cool, Alegria.

    10. Don’t worry, Jacquelyn Aguilera/etc. have memorialized their obnoxious ignorance for all time.

      The internet never forgets.

      Who exactly will want to hire such posturing pains in the *ss, whose sense of offended entitlement is so profound and pervasive.

      They (and Google) have ended their professional lives.

    11. Name plate necklaces in gold and platinum are Judaic, Iranian and Armenian in origin (aka middle eastern) and hoops and winged eyeliner Egyptian. Last I checked neither Mexico not Latin America share borders with Egypt, but guess what does? Israel and formerly, Judea. Many of those “white girls” wearing such things are probably Jewish. Which means not white.

      1. When a culture is forced upon you, when school literally forces you to abandon your language to survive, that’s not appropriation, it’s Cultural genocide. The exact thing that “hoop earrings” and hip hop, n pachucos were created to stave off. Critical thought please. Ugh.

    12. Jacqueline Aguilera, eh? Jacqueline is a female derivative of the French name ‘Jacques’. Jacques was derived from the Hebrew name Jacob.

      So really, Jacqueline, a little self awareness would be a good thing here. Your very name appropriates French and Hebrew cultures. Shame! And shame on your mother!

      1. This made me lol and think of the line from True Blood “I have a name. And that name is Tara. Isn’t that funny a black girl being named after a plantation. No I don’t think it’s funny at all. In fact it really p!$$es me off that my momma was either stupid or just plain mean.”

    13. Precisely. The idiocy of these people is breathtaking. As is their inability to string together logical thought.

      By the way, you left out nearly all medicines. Those **** white bastards.

    14. I’ve wondered this myself. But we fail to read the fine print. She says something about it being OK to appropriate cultural artifacts for the purpose of overcoming oppression.

      Doesn’t it just make you feel smart when you use terminology nobody understands who doesn’t attend MLA conferences.

    15. Martinez and Aguilera don’t know history either. Hoop earrings go all the way back to ancient Sumeria, Greece, Egypt, and Rome. They were worn by the rest of the world (probably for hundreds of years) before, as she so eloquently put it, “mi cultura” started wearing them.

    16. If you’d like to look up the person who invented filament for light bulbs, you’d see Lewis Latimer, a black inventor. Also, them telephones that you like to call family and friends on? Patent and design was also created by, you guessed it, Lewis Latimer. Imaging X-Ray Spectrometer-George Alcorn, 1st clock made in America was by Benjamin Banneker. Computers, the thing you seem to like to use to discredit many black inventors of the past, use resistors, created by Otis Boykin. His resistor was also used in the pacemaker 🙂 George Crum-Potato chips. Dr. Charles Richard Drew, created blood banks after revolutionizing the understanding of blood plasma. You know anyone that needed surgery or a blood transfusion? Cool. The fridge you like to store food and drinks in, or keeps cargo in trucks cool and fresh, Frederick Jones. And going back to the telephone, Dr. James E west invented the Mic. So please check your sources before posting 🙂

      1. No, the numbers aren’t Arabic. They usurped everything they do from others, during their 1400 years of war and conversion. The numbers came from India. The arches they’re so proud of came from Rome. The religion they tout is the precise opposite of Judaism and Christianity (so that’s usurped too). All they do that’s original is head-chopping, FGM, chopping hands for theft, stoning women for all kinds of accusations, wrapping their children in explosives, and encouraging wife beating and acid-throwing.

    17. Sorry but only white people are capable of appropriating culture. And besides, all of those things you list were only possible because of white oppression of other cultures.

      1. And with stupid statements like that, and defense of these arrogant fools you deserve to be oppressed. And low and behold you will be, haha. It’s people like you who energized Trump’s base and got him elected.

    18. I think it’s funny you think white people invented all that. Speaks further to the issues of appropriation and historical amnesia than you know n actually proves their point.

    19. Oh include — wearing pants, blouses, shirts, socks and shoes should be limited to the caucasians. All others have to wear their native costumes.

    20. This is a ridiculous article.. hoop earrings actually originated in Mesopotamia and Greece so actually ladies, it’s not just white women… seriously do research before posting such an ill informed article.

    21. A better reply than I had. I was going to tell the angry kid to go back to loin cloths, that all the clothes and education she gets is because of the United States of America.
      I hope the school didn’t let her get away with this nonsense; it has to be nipped in the bud.

    22. Why are these girls worried about earrings? When there is so much going on in the government that they being”Latinas” should really be educating them selves about taking down walls instead of writing on walls. And to be honest I was raised thinking we are all equal and I have raised my children the same way I’m really shocked that the parents of these women are going to pay for a education that is being wasted on these bigots. This is not a true issue for the young of America what happened to trying to change the actual problems instead of making up problems that only matter to self serving lazy women who can’t embrace what fashion is. I don’t hear of women saying can’t wear pants they are for men only. It’s ridiculously amusing, ? It is just another childish cause my 8 yr would snicker about. Go back to protesting the lunch menu

      1. I was raised thinking we are all equal and I have raised my children the same way also. But I’m a old fashioned eglatarian American, being left behind, not a new fangled racist and bigot of modern style.

    23. No tennis, no golf, no basketball, no skiing, no visiting snow lodges, no wearing hoop earrings because the white aristocrats of Greece and Rome wore them in ancient times before these Pitzer Claremont girls were born. They insult this white woman that was taught 35 years ago in Dress For Success to wear plain gold or silver bangle earrings with my suits. Screw this Latinx Bullshit that intentionally wants to segregate. Since whites fought the Revolution to live here as a nation then these girls take their butts out of here as quick as their toes can run. Talk about cultural appropriation.. LEAVE if you feel that way.

    24. Hoops were worn by the white aristocrat ladies of Greece, Rome, Sparta way before Pitzer girls were born. BTW, these girls would play no bask er tbalk, no tennis, no golf, no winter sports, no guitar or piano playing, no eating spaghetti invented by Chinese, lots of foods, no wedding rings, no thigh high boots, no bustier, …are they that uneducated?

      1. Relax. They are jealous because they lack your natural graceful attractivness 🙂 It’s something people find hard to controll.

    25. I suspect the hoopla over hoop earrings was created for a Pitzer class social project, nothing more. One quick-and-easy Google search (such as Aguilera urges us to do) turns up in the first hit that ancient Egyptians wore hoop earings, and so did the 15,000-year-old Aino culture in Japan, among many others — not to mention hippies in the 1960s. BTW, I am not of Latinx culture, because there is no such thing; I am proudly Puerto Rican and will never stop identifying as boricua, so that my cultura never gets usurped by some other latina’s cultura.

    26. Sure ******, as soon as you take of yo weave, always tryna pass White! No mo’ blonde and red hair dye/wigs either for them ******* and no blue contacts. And take yo unedookatted *** and go back to Africa where you can also wear hoops round your neck and plates on yo lip, ****** bish!

      Back to the bush, fros! This s a White conquered land and we takin it back, no waddam sayin too yeah?

      Sorry for typos, them ghetto Niggahs only understand it like that!

    27. These 3rd world trash are NOT “Latino”! Are they White? No! Do they haul from the Vatican? Do they speak Latin? Do they wear laurels and sandals with their toga? No!

      They are NOT Hispanic. Do they come from Spain! Are they White? NO!!! Seriously fed up, as a White (as we all are in Spain) Spaniard that these worthless 3rd world trash savages have appropriated MY culture. Memo to the South of the border vermin:

      YOU ARE ******* RED SKINS! You are INDIANS, whoo-hoo, scalp, feather-tipee Indians, NOT Latinas and certainly NOT Spaniards aka Hispanic. You do NOT come from Spain. At best, you are Hispanophones! you are Aztecs and Mayan Indians, NOT White Europeans, in yo dreams, bish!

      Hey if ou gonna be wrong either way, Indian it is and now u be India’s problem! Brown, red skin = same defective brains!

      I come from conquerors ancestry, you come from conquered submissive ******* (vermin needs a dictionary & history book here!) go back to speaking your native Indian languages and leave the White European Spanish to us, you culturally appropriating buffoons!

      You are NOT Latin lovers, Spaniards, French, Italians are!!! You are nothing, worthless, nameless Indian vermin. You have more in common with India’s Indians than Spaniards: you all reproduce like cockroaches and invade our White-conquered territories!

      Take your blue corn, shove it up your *** and go back to speaking Mayan mumbai-jumbo!

      Drops mic on worthless Indian ghetto vermin.

    28. Despite being a latina woman witness to numerous forms of racism against my family, I personally do not agree with everything the girls are saying either. That being said, your argument is completely invalid, and furthermore only proof of how you are ompletely failing to understand racism as a whole. White Americans do not face prejudice on account of race. The girls are arguing that hoop earrings are something they used to cope with the racism as well as something that they are targeted for. No one targets you as a white American for using electricity, and no one sees you as different from someone else for using your atrocity. Not the same thing. Obviously.

      Furthermore, I am sure those girls are American. Just because my family is from Mexico, does not somehow make me less American than you are as long as I have earned citizenship. We have the same passport.

      1. I hear what you are saying, but what makes someone a “Latina” or “Latino”?…We have a friend who identifies as “Latino” from Argentina…who is whiter than I am—-blonde/blue eyed, of German descent with Spanish as his first language ofcourse….I was born & raised in a Central American country with a very diverse population of “Latinos” who were brown, black, white, even Asian & I grew up speaking both English & Spanish…I’m what is called a “Third Culture Kid” who identifies with my parents’ (American) culture AND the latin culture I was raised in, & was SO homesick for my country of birth when we returned—So where do people like me fit in?…I know many & have friends who are have a “Latina roots/heritage” but don’t speak a word of Spanish. Our daughter who we adopted is half Mexican… Do they “count” in your eyes as being “Latina” enough?
        My point is, that as time goes on we continue to be a “melting pot” of many cultures & races….which should all be recognized & celebrated….This whole issue being discussed seems so divisive & hard for some like me who were raised in a Latin culture, but am now getting the message to stop appropriating “Latina” culture…Have seen all races wearing hoops my entire life (am 60+ yrs.) & NEVER heard anything like this before…As I said in another post, there is more that unites us then divides us as precious members of the human race….which gets more & more mixed, which ultimately is a good thing in my opinion…so that there is less division among us…Let’s come together—Atleast that is my dream! ❤

    29. Well, to be honest I don’t think Hoop earrings are attractive, and brings down a white womans normal arttractive appearence. Alegria Martinez and Jacquelyn Aguilera clearly identify with being black and maybe want to say “Look at how much blacker I look in Hoops than her!” And “hey Black Racists we like you guys!”. After all it’s natural these hate mongering bigots like to hang together.

      I agree Hoops are fine for Black and brown women, and really help some black women who really need it .
      It’s like twerking. Cool for black women, but massive overkill for white women, and most brown women, with any class.
      And I will take whatever I want from any culture and use it as I will. It’s OK I’m a white guy and whatever I do is cool
      and for the best in this the best of all possible worlds 🙂
      Your welcome.

  2. Elliot you are disgusting. Spinning discourse into bait for racists, all for clicks and national syndication notoriety. At least this time you didn’t include these RA’s private email addresses so that the Fox News zombies could find them and drive them off the deep end. Shame on you. You should be kicked out of school and blacklisted from all respectable journalism. RIP TZ.

    1. That wasn’t discourse. That was a command that white female students must obey. Such a strong arm display of victim-privilege too. Sure, hoop earrings are found in literally every culture so Martinez and Aguilara are clearly in the wrong, but they double-dog dare white female students to defend their cultural right to wear something non-appropriative. Bold move. This is a “prison rules” PC fight and my money is on the Latinas.

      1. Sensitive much Dr.Necessitor? no one is getting hurt? Are the mean words hurting your feelings? putting you on edge?

        1. Sensitive much Angry? no one is getting hurt? Are the mean girls wearing earrings hurting your feelings? putting you on edge?

        2. Hypocrite much, Angry? You people are the ones being racist and then accusing people of hate speech if they object. This story proves that the most racist and fascist people are the non-whites who are accusing whites of being racists and fascist.

          The fact that you can’t seem to grasp that simple and obvious fact proves that you’re a moron.

      2. Well, it’s true white women are not natural street fighters.
        I’d guess that I would have to protect the ladies, step in and spank those bad black girls with Spanish names. They just need a firm hand.

    2. You sound like a fascist. Please pack your bags, leave this country, and move to Gaza. You’ll fit right in.

      1. Nah, if I wanted to get shouted down every day on my commute to work by a Jewish dude with a weirdly self-centered conception of geopolitics, I’d just pull up your twitter feed on my phone, E-Hams 😉

      1. Shouting “Fire” in a movie theater is just words. “Mein Kampf” was just words. Death threats and cyberbullying are just words too. Their impact depends on their context.

        1. Your the one who is bullying, the irony in this thread is tangible.

          You have 1 group of people telling an other what they can and cannot do. Why is it not a problem if the oppressed is white?
          2nd the whole notion that hoops represent something to woc is laughable.

          1. Jews are whites and blacks love to hate and riot and kill them and yet cowardly self hating whites defend the blacks that do it, because they like thier daughters, mothers and wifes getting raped by them.

    3. Seems your problem is that you do not want this lunacy revealed to those outside the Claremont system. Clearly the “artists” self-published their explanation to the entire school and desired that everyone know their position. in fact, they seem proud of it. So again, what is your problem with Elliot giving them a wider audience? Grow up!

    4. You can be Angry. Just be honest, too. This permanent outrage people like the RA who started this idiocy, perpetrate-yes, like violence-is misplaced, misguided, and misused. The ignorance and self-righteous narcissism accompanying their outrage should make us all take a step back and wonder just how far we are willing to allow self-appointed arbiters of socially acceptable fashion to go in exorcising their personal demons at everyone else’s expense.

    5. Maybe they thought of thought about that before they decide to spray paint on a wall and write a campus-wide email. Hmmm…

    6. Spinning discourse into bait? Was not the message painted on the wall racist? Oh, that’s right, to the progressive/socialist democrats, if it’s directed towards ‘white’ people, it’s not considered racism, only discourse. Thanks for educating us ‘Angry’!

    7. Angry, why so angry when a little light get shown on a spectacular bit of stupidity on the part of SJWs? I say let’s have more light, more visibility. Light is an excellent disinfectant, don’t you know.

    8. So true. Elliot, how dare you direct all this hate to two students by giving even their full names without their permission? Clearly, this is a hate crime that opens the door to threats that put them in real danger. You must be accountable to your actions, no matter what your beliefs.

      1. you’re kidding, right? So people should be able to say anything behind a veil of anonymity? There needs to be accountability..if you’re going to accuse someone of something, own it.

    9. How about you argue the point instead of insulting the writer? If those ladies PUT themselves out in public with their nonsense they should not complain about the spotlight.

    10. Perhaps calling attention to the state of our country’s institutions of “higher learning” wasn’t disgusting, but a bold move. As for your insinuation that anybody who doesn’t agree with the two students who started this, or you as well are “racists”, is the truly disgusting part. Most of the commenters here are pointing out the ridiculousness of cultural appropriation as a concept. They also are saying that anyone should be able to wear anything they like. So instead of trying to silence the author through shame or a desire to have him expelled, perhaps you should ask yourself why having a discussion about this is so threatening to you or the girls who opened this discussion in the first place. You know this is the Internet right? Things tend to go viral. WOC are not the only users, nor social justice warriors. But MOC(Men of color), WOW(women of whiteness) and MOW(men of whiteness) all use the interweb. It’s a great way to understand those outside of your bubble.

  3. “Brown girl, who invented your computer?”

    “But….but….muh colonializm!!!Muh oppreshun!!!”

    1. “White boy, who invented the algebra your computer is based on?”

      “But…but…muh racial supremacy!!!”

      1. Give it up, sweetheart. If you have nothing but anger you will get nothing but mockery. It’s just so ordinary and boring and trite.

      2. Algebra was considered to be developed by the ancient Egyptians. Computers aren’t ‘based on algebra’ brain-boy. Computer’s most basic form of functionality is based on binary mathematics , not algebra. #Facepalm

        1. Jews are whites and blacks love to hate and riot and kill them and yet cowardly self hating whites defend the blacks that do it, because they like thier daughters, mothers and wifes getting raped by them.

  4. oh. my. word. Get a life. Worry about something important. Get miffed about some real atrocities. There’s lots more to be riled about in this country right now than someone wearing the same earrings as you.

  5. Elliot, what does it feel like to be one of the most hated people on Pitzer’s campus? I’m genuinely asking because you seem to relish it.

    1. this a q for elliott too do u hate women of color because ur frustrated a girl has never come within 10 feet of u for fear of her life or r u just plain racist

      is it both?

      plz respond truthfully and in the form of an angry article :3

      1. Hello Kitty, You. Are. Ridiculous! Everything you use, wear, eat, etc was created or grown by people who are white, yellow, red, brown or black. If women of color only used, wore or ate things created or grown by blacks, then your life would be very limited. Embrace multi-culturalism and stop being a jerk!

      2. Thanks for not appropriating my English language. Your illiteratese will do you well.

        Hoop earrings date back at least 3000 years and were not invented by anyone of modern “color.”

        Nor would it matter. Superior people get to do what they want. Inferior people whine. This has nothing do with race, and everything to do with being individually inferior.

        Now fetch my latte, please.

        1. lol well done Sir.

          These little wannabe marxists don’t realize they enslave themselves with their self imposed victim hood.

    2. Of course, the “hated people” are those stupid enough to spray such intolerant ignorance on the wall. The most mocked are those who defend them…

    3. Seriously Dordick, what is your problem? All Elliot did was republish these “artists” explanation of their project that they first self-published in a campus-wide email. Clearly they wanted a wide audience to understand their idiotic position. Seems to me your real problem is with the “artists”, not Elliot. Goes to show that you need to be careful with what you publish in all social media and email, it just may come back to haunt you. BTW, your comment is so elementary school. Time to grow up!

    4. Silence those who don’t agree with the expect political correctness. Sounds a lot like the Catholic Church in the dark ages.

      1. Your ignorance is showing, which is kind of funny considering the idiocy of the campaign you are commenting on. The lack of intelligence seems to be viral these days.

  6. What a complete and utter moron. This twit is in college?! What is she studying? Microagression 101? Can you make a career out of this? You can bet your bottom dollar, she nor her parents are paying for this ‘education’. Because if they were, her dumb a$$ would actually be studying for a degree that would be worth $240,000.+!

      1. Come on man…enough with the racist BS. Your comments scream “false flag attack”. Admittedly it was a successful tactic in the past, but people started seeing through it.

  7. Let’s start with the first point: “Latina” IS white. Caucasian. Race-baiters are so ignorant.

    Now, as for the rest, kiss off. If you don’t like what someone else does, says or how they dress you have the freedom to suck it up. That’s it. If you further your efforts at intimidation you wioll be met by increasingly “strong” resistance. You don’t want that. You really, really do not want that.

  8. What a bunch of snowflakes…I went to Claremont McKenna in the 80s and I can tell you that there will be no more money going their way. I think these girls need to actually get a real job and see what it’s like to have to work hard for a living no matter what color you are. Maybe if they just dropped out and kept their $50k+ a year they could live off their privilege for a few.

  9. By their own rules, these girls are guilty of cultural appropriation. Spray paint was invented by a white guy named Edward Seymour. Hypocrisy abounds when one becomes this indoctrinated into a cult-like mentality.

    1. They are too stupid to understand that, remember they have a average IQ of 85, only 5v points above the mentally disabled., lol . ANd they think they are superior when they are at the bottom of ever continent they live on.

  10. Aside from what has been said about “those” using thing made by white europeans & Americans – just about everything in their lives – and that they are attending a school most likely founded by white people – I seriously hope these white liberal women who are finding themselves being the victims of these cultural appropriation warriors, that they wake up to this nonsense and stop defending those low-class hood rats.

  11. More intolerance being displayed by the left here. My advice to these girls is to give conservatism a try. They will study more and get good degrees and good jobs, instead of hating on others and trying to ban benign articles of clothing for people based on skin color. They will also be a lot happier.

  12. “The progress of this particular earring has made its way around different cities and cultures. The first ever hoop earring have been linked to the Sumerian culture, which is now known as Iraq. They then became popular in Egypt, Greece, and Rome.”

    Stop wearing them, ty. You don’t own Sumerian culture.

  13. Hoop earrings originated in Sumaria, and then were “appropriated” by Egypt, Greece and Rome. They are not unique to WOC.

  14. These young ladies need to learn a little history. Women and men have been wearing hoop earrings since pre-history. Time for a required class in fashion and accessories throughout the ages. Since it is, in fact, so often used to make social and political statements it would be a very useful addition to their education. For now it is enough for them to know that lots of old ladies like me, of every color and creed, have been happily wearing hoops all our lives just for the decoration.

    1. This **** happened in middle school in East LA back in the 70’s. Bandini Midgets had their uniforms, BG White Boys had their uniforms… Dude!!! and these are college students acting like 7th and 8th grade dictators forcing their beliefs on the rest of us? RETALIATE! White Girl Wear YOUR Hoops!

  15. LOL My white mom’s been wearing hoops since the 80s. Must have been culturally appropriating this whole them! Guess she has to give them up now.

  16. Is being an idiot appropriated from somewhere? If so I think I either see a trail of crumbs or someone is an unwitting agent provocateur for racists. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.


    In antiquity, earrings were one of the most popular forms of jewelry. The crescent-shaped gold hoops worn by Sumerian women around 2500 B.C.E. are the earliest earrings for which there is archaeological evidence. By 1000 B.C.E., tapered hoop (also known as boat-shaped) earrings, most commonly of gold but also of silver and bronze, had spread throughout the Aegean world and Western Asia. In Crete and Cyprus, earrings were embellished with twisted gold wire, clusters of beads, and pendants stamped out of thin sheet gold.

    In the first millennium B.C.E., Etruscan and Greek goldsmiths brought new refinement and artistry to earrings, which were valued as both an adornment and a sign of wealth. Variations on the hoop were the so-called leech earring, a thick tube secured by a hidden wire, and the Etruscan box-type earring, which encased the earlobe in a wide horizontal cylinder. Disk earrings, with pendants in the form of amphorae (ancient Greek jars), figures of Eros, and decorative beads and chains, were another popular form, joined about 330 B.C.E. by twisted gold hoops with animal-head finials. All of these forms were stamped out of thin sheets of gold and decorated with fine palmettes, scrolls, and flowers in twisted wire and granulation; such earrings were fairly light in weight, but gave an extremely rich effect.

    Roman earrings were similar to Etruscan styles until the first century C.E., when new styles with disks and pendants mounted on s-shaped ear hooks appeared. Colored stones and pearls were favored, and earring styles proliferated to satisfy the Roman taste for ostentatious display. At its height, the Roman Empire had the effect of standardizing styles of jewelry over much of the known world; after the center of influence shifted to Byzantium (Constantinople) in C.E. 330, and Roman influence began to decline, local variations once more emerged. Characteristic Byzantine earrings were plain gold hoops with multiple pearl pendants hung on chains, and crescent-shaped earrings of gold filigree.

  17. Of all the accessories a woman can own, the hoop earring is one of the oldest forms of jewelry. They have been around for many years and have been worn by both men and women. Its use has dated back to many different places and cultures. Dating back to ancient Rome, Greece, and even ancient Sumerian culture.

    The progress of this particular earring has made its way around different cities and cultures. The first ever hoop earring have been linked to the Sumerian culture, which is now known as Iraq. They then became popular in Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

    So these fools at Claremont didn’t even check their claims before declaring ownership of the hoop earring. And who really cares what they think anyway. I have a pair in right now.

    1. Obviously they didn’t come to college to learn history or anything else. It’s just another place to whine without doing any actual intellectual work. BTW Shakespeare wore a gold hoop earring, so unless you are as prolifically creative as he was, stop appropriating his culture.

  18. This is bullying, and I think if I were a student at Claremont or one of their parents, I would demand that the admin respond appropriately. These girls will be shocked when they get into corporate America or simply off the college campus, and learn you cannot and should not fire off emails to “ALL” because you’re “annoyed” about something so frivolous. How blessed they are to be living in a country where they are free to get an education and to have the opportunities they have. I can almost guarantee that the RA has breached the agreement of her resident assistant-ship with targeting a young woman in such a racial and public way. Sorry but if someone is so upset by such nonsense, it is THEIR problem, not everyone else’s and quite frankly that person should seek counseling and/or anger management solutions.

  19. These people are so stupid. Did we ***** at Michelle Obama for culturally appropriating our straight hair? Nope.

  20. Is there a handbook for which race owns what? It sounds like we desperately need one in today’s idiotic world.

    1. Geah,

      universities were also invented in Europe, so by the”logic” of the leftist racists they need to GTFO of school.

      1. The concept of a university actually emerged in the ancient Middle East, but I agree with what I believe is your point. Everyone alive today, regardless of their ethnic background, uses and benefits from innovations created at least in part by those of different backgrounds than them. Attempts to segregate these innovations is therefore impossible, but also backwards and counterproductive toward the absolution of racism. I understand that the particulars between respect and disrespect (of a person, a culture, etc) are often subjective, but the only goal that makes sense across the board is for everyone to just BE COURTEOUS.

    2. Geah,

      universities were also invented in Europe, so by the”logic” of the leftist racists they need to get out of school.

    3. Don’t forget about corsets! Women from Germany to America were forced to wear those torture devices during the Victorian area.

  21. What blows my mind are the **** waffles defending these little idgets. Someone so bigoted should not be an RA since they are supposed to be someone that the students living in the dorms should be able to go to without being judged.

  22. So what does a female do if she is 50% white and 50% latina? How about 25% latina and 75% white? If a woman is white but identifies as black (i.e. rachel dolezal) is she allowed? There are so many questions to be answered.

  23. I am a professional pirate and coming from a long linage of pirates (going back 8 generations), we have always sported a single hoop earring, so therefore I would like to instruct the vile racist RA and evil sidekicks that they are no longer to appropriate Pirate culture. And I had better not see them with a hook hand or else.

  24. Wow, they are about as stupid as they come. How did they get into college?

    Dear racist idiots and the stupid tools that follow you,

    The Egyptians that started hoops and winged eyeliner WERE NOT OPPRESSED! They were kings, queens, princes and princesses.

    Oh and we all came from Africa and the black/brown nations of the world are far worse to white people than vice versa, unless there’s a ton of money involved then they are easily bought off because the only true color in this world is GREEN.

    Read a **** book!

    1. “Wow, they are about as stupid as they come. How did they get into college?”

      Re college admissions and affirmative action, Hispanic is the new Black.

  25. No bra or jeans for her. Oh, and get a job, darlin’, and let’s see how far you get bringing this up to the boss.

  26. I’m wishing they would stop appropriating American culture by using American English. The email should have been sent in Swahili, Oromo, Hasau, Arabic or any of the African Languages.

  27. How about picking up some books and studying history, hoops were around thousands of years ago from all areas. Middle east and Europe for example. If you want certain people to stop wearing hoops then you should stop using glasses, electricity or cars.


    Bless your poor idiot hearts Alegra & Jackie – now, go make me a taco

  29. The real stupidity in all of this is that these students don’t realize that Latinas (Hispanics) are white. They buy into the idea that they are a separate race, yet even the US government asks on census and other forms whether a person is white Hispanic or white non-Hispanic. The reason is simple to anyone who paid attention in 8th grade anthropology class. Way back in 8th grade we learn that there are only 3 races in the world (Mongoloid – the Asian race, Negroid – the Black race, and Caucasoid – the white race). If you’re not Asian and not black, then you are Caucasian, which is also known as the white race. Hispanic is an ethnicity, not a race. These foolish students are actually telling themselves to stop wearing hoop earrings.

    This is the future of our nation. Students who couldn’t pass high school tests from years ago are now graduating college because the standards are so low and their knowledge is so limited and influenced by political correctness instead of facts. No wonder America keeps sliding further and further down in academics when compared to other nations.

    1. Well, that’s not correct and wasn’t even in the 50s. Pacific Islanders, Maori, Aborigines, Amerinds, and others all exist.

      It is true that Hispanic or Latino includes anyone who speaks a Latin language, which can even include Italians, French and Romanians.

  30. Okay white girls stop wearing hoop earings… Latin and African americans… stop using last names, shampoo and antobiotics. Introduced through white culture.

    See how ridiculous I sound?

    1. you sound quite reasonable. don’t forget to add indoor plumbing, electricity, cars, radios, computers, airplanes, microwave ovens, multi-story buildings, and pants to your list of things that blacks should stop using if they want whites to give up hoop earings….

    1. While it’s difficult to know for certain where braiding originated, it has been found in all cultures of the world, including Asia, Africa, Egypt, Europe and the Americas. Braiding in Africa can be traced back to 3500 B.C., but there is evidence that the practice began much earlier.

  31. They have been around for many years and have been worn by both men and women. Its use has dated back to many different places and cultures. Dating back to ancient Rome, Greece, and even ancient Sumerian culture. Check into the history of jewelry.

  32. Well, I’ve never liked hoop earrings. They make my ears feel heavy and I don’t want to end up looking like a deformed elf, but just because I’m a grown *** woman who isn’t going to be told by any college kid what she can or cannot wear, I’m going out to buy the biggest hoops I can find, and I’m going to wear those babies even if I have to drag a wagon around with me to carry their weight ! Seriously, these people stayed on their mommas’ ***** way too long !

    1. Awesome comment! I love you! I laughed out loud, for real when I read “Even if I have to drag a wagon around.” Thanks for the laugh! Made my day. 🙂

  33. Get real. Only pirates can wear hoop earrings. Anything else is appropriation, and that simply will not be tolerated. Yarr.

  34. Blacks should stop appropriating other cultures, especialy white culture. Here are some ways they are being racist by appropriating white culture and white inventions:
    1 – wearing clothes (African tribes didn’t have much in the way of clothing before contact with civilization)
    2 – living in multistory buildings (there was no multistory building in sub-saharan Africa until about 600 AD and were rare even just 100 years ago; they were common in ancient Greece and Rome for 2,000 years prior)
    3 – attending universities (invented by Catholics in Europe about 1,000 years ago)
    4 – using indoor plumbing (invented by the Romans 2,000 years ago)
    5 – using electricity (harnessed by Edison and many other white people)
    6 – driving cars (invented by Karl Benz in Germany)
    7 – listening to radios (invented by Marconi)
    8 – using antbiotics (Pasteur)

    the list can go on for a thousand lines.

    what did we get from black culture? hoops earings?

    1. Actually, the Minoans had flush toilets 3500 years ago, but they likewise are European,

      Lots of African cultures do wear clothes and have for a long time. But you are correct they don’t look like Western clothes.

      And the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all had hoop earrings.

    2. Ha ha ha……too funny ! I grew up in an all white community and never saw blacks anywhere & I wore hoop earrings as a teenager because I liked them. So good to know that I was mirroring some black women that I never knew…… Maybe some day they will realize that they are people just like the rest of us ! Can’t imagine stressing yourself over ” hoop earrings “, so sad.

    3. Lots of folks here don’t understand the system of oppression and what constitutes cultural appropriation. It’s very ironic because many of the people telling minorites to cast off​ Western inventions are probably the same who yell at brown people to speak English or to assimilate into American culture. Minorities can’t appropriate culture that’s forced on them, especially since their ancestors were forced into slavery or raped, killed, and/or Christianized/re-educated by European colonists/American government.
      It’s also ironic that so many people here say, “Hoop earrings were invented by the ancient Sumerians!” I’m pretty sure most of you folks don’t identify with ancient west Asians or modern west Asians and have little connection with them except a high school history textbook that you didn’t pay attention to. And today these same brown people you would regard with suspicion. Nonetheless, hoop earrings aren’t exclusive property of Black/Latinx culture; we can leave it at that without throwing more racism at each other.

  35. If only you knew how mean she really is… You’d know that I’m not allowed to wear hoop earrings, right? Yeah! Two years ago she told me hoops earrings were *her* thing and I wasn’t allowed to wear them anymore. And then for Hannakuh my parents got this pair of really expensive white gold hoops and I had to pretend like I didn’t even like them and… it was so sad.

    1. This **** happened in middle school in East LA back in the 70’s. Bandini Midgets had their uniforms, BG White Boys had their uniforms… Dude!!! and these are college students acting like 7th and 8th grade dictators forcing their beliefs on the rest of us? RETALIATE! White Girl Wear YOUR Hoops!

  36. This is the most ignorant thing I have seen in a long time. One, you can’t tell anyone what to wear. Two, hoop earrings go back hundreds of years to Asian, Middle Eastern and French civilizations, as well- you don’t own it, omg lol!! I mean seriously, you know you sound like Jim Crow did to black people. Why is you being racist OK? Well honey, it’s not.

    1. and I really really really hope all white chicks on campus wear the **** out of hoop earrings to put her in her place. I’ll buy you some!!

  37. Hey Latinas, Latinix, Stupidinix, Idiotinix, you are so ignorant you can not even spell correctly in your appropriated language. Black, brown people, you are subservant to Western Culture. Just go naked, curly haired , make up free, no shoes, no bras, no education. You are appropriating my Caucasian Culture every hour of your useless life.

  38. Really, it’s not about styles or culture or appropriation: it’s about power.

    Alegria Martinez and Jacquelyn Aguilera are telling you that they can tell you what to do, and you can’t tell them what to do, and what describes an asymmetrical power relationship better than that.

    It’s about who is to be boss, that’s all.

  39. what if we acknowledge that cultural appropriation is a real thing? then we investigate why they are claiming white women wearing hoops is an example of it? cuz maybe they’re right and you don’t know the background, or maybe they’re wrong and that can be demonstrated. this stream of ranting generalizations and assumptions is making everyone look foolish. let’s take this as a chance to learn and support each other, especially PoC who get disrespected through these exchanges

    1. Cultures adopt whatever works that they encounter. If your culture chooses to believe it is inferior, I can’t help you with that.

      Hoop earings have been worn in Eurasia for at least 3000 years.

      Germans invented the printing press and modern books.

      Therefore, using their logic, all people of “color” are prohibited from appropriating one of my culture’s developments. They can go back to oral tradition and scratches on rocks.

  40. This is what they learn in college now days? Good God children, grow up! You get a few semesters of alt-left learning, have a command of a few SAT level words, and think yourselves intellectuals!

    What a bunch of ignorant, petulant children. Wouldn’t it be nice if the education system actually taught true history, and not this gibberish dreamed up to make marginal groups feel empowered?

  41. This story has gone viral, those girls won’t be getting a good job after they graduate, if the school allows them to stay after bullying students over a difference in race.

    As they (most likely) acknowledge, whites run a majority of big businesses, and I’m positive creating a reputation for being racist against whites will leave many reluctant to hire such bigots. This will not only create a hostile work environment for their co-workers and managers, but they’ll also chase away customers due to their own prejudicial mentality.

    These ladies have ruined their chances of having a successful career later in life. Might as well drop out of college now and save some money, they’ll need it later.

  42. Hooped earrings are dated back to ancient Rome, thus it’s the Italians who are having their culture appropriated.

  43. I’m not white. I am light brown. Typing paper is white. Please get your colors straight. We are ALL people of color – just different shades. Stop calling me white. It offends me. Now I need to go knit an epidermal cell hat. Maybe G.Soros will give me a few million to wear it in the middle of the highway.

  44. “White” people have been wearing earrings at least since ancient Greece.

    Printed books were invented by Gutenberg in Germany.

    And superior cultures get to do as they wish. That’s why they’re superior.

    Now fetch my latte and try not to think too much. You don’t do it well.

    1. “Privilege” does not exist ex nihilo. It had to start somewhere with some people. I have no problem with others admitting to the world that my ancestors were more apt, more intelligent, more able, more sophisticated, and much more likely to come out on the winning side of any conflict with their ancestors. If they want to take it back 50 years, 500 years or 5,000 years I am up for that. The better team apparently won the privilege game and took home the trophy. The 2nd place team took home — well — 2nd place.

      If they say the game was rigged, then my ancestors were smarter than theirs and figured out how to rig the game and theirs didn’t. If they say my ancestors were more savage than theirs then that means theirs were weaker than mine. If they say there were more of mine, then that means that mine were simply better at understanding how to use the environment and technology to sustain a greater population. If they say that my ancestors were better geographically situated that means that they were better realtors, able to find and hold superior territory. If they say my ancestors had bigger, badder, and more destructive weapons that means than their ancestors were probably stuck in a stone-age existence for 10,000 years past their time.

      No matter how you slice it… they are making the claim for me that their ancestors could not quite hack it when it came to competition for the “privilege” of being on top. They were weaker, ineffective, and overall a fine example of Darwinism in action. Seems to me as if they are pointing the “finger of blame” at the wrong set of ancestors. I’d suggest they have a heartfelt talk with their grandma and grandpa and ask them why ~their~ grandmas and grandpas were so pitiful in the game of life.

      Now understand that ~this~ is how ~they~ see the world. This is what ~they~ are admitting happened. Unless, of course, they want to somehow claim that “privilege” just happened along one day from out of nowhere and someone picked it up off the ground and has been using it ever since. Should be an interesting and amusing read.

      1. Social darwinism has been long debunked, and Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection doesn’t work the way you think it does. Have you, jack burton, actually picked up a history book? You’ll see that it has not always the “most intelligent” or smartest civilization/family/business that won a given battle/war/struggle. However, if you follow your logic, then how does it feel that your success is dependent on your race rather than your efforts and earned through merit? If your ancestors had been on even ground with slavery-era Africans, would they have been crushed then? So frail and reliant on their guns, rather than their biceps.

  45. “Hoop earrings have spanned diverse cultures. The New York Metropolitan Museum’s collection alone includes Sumerian hoops created between 2500-2600 B.C., Egyptian hoops possibly as old as 1981 B.C., Frankish hoops that date between 675-725 A.D., 6th or 7th century Byzantine or Langobardic hoops likely made in Italy, 8th century Indonesian hoops, 11th century Iranian hoops, and dozens more. In other words, the earrings have been worn across eras and cultures, by oppressors and the oppressed alike. No culture has a monopoly on hoops.” –Jillian Kay Melchior

  46. I sincerely hope the parents of “white girls” are considering transferring their students from this racially charged environment, while registering protests with the administration.

    I also trust donors are paying heed to the irresponsible actions by students, and communicating to the Board of Trustees as well as the Advancement office. What are you funding? Racism.

    Is permitting this type of behavior consistent with the school’s mission? Is that mission really to alienate and punish people based on skin color? Applicants, take note. Do you really want to attend a program like this? Appalling.

  47. Look, I am a white, 53 year old grandmother. I can’t dance, I’m not cool, and I don’t live my life to please anyone else. I don’t wear hoops because I want to identify with any ethnicity. I wear hoops, and always have, because they look HOT on me. From my cold, dead hands, I say.

    1. I’m a 64 year old lady from Panamá, who happens to be white. Been wearing hoop earrings for much longer than they have been on this Earth. Just bought some smaller ones the other day.
      Estamos en una época de ignorancia extrema, y estas chicas son un buen ejemplo de esa travestia. Son bien malcriadas, ellas. Una gran lástima, creo. Maybe Soros or some other Marxist put them up to it, quien sabe? We are all in this together, and I find this whole state of affairs to be rather pathetic and sad. ALL cultures have contributed something positive to life as we know it. Please take it as a compliment, if someone copies what you wear, says ‘mami’, etc. Be proud of who you are no matter who you are.

      1. You go, Gina! I’m right behind you at 62. A few months ago, I found some old hoop earrings I had from the 70’s and have started wearing them again. Now I will wear them with a little chuckle! I would hope we could share and enjoy each others cultures. Isn’t that an aspect of the integrated college experience?

  48. Actually the history of hoop earrings, source Wikipedia:
    … Gold, Silver and Bronze hoop earrings were prevalent in the Minoan Civilization (2000–1600 BCE) and examples can be seen on frescoes on the Aegean island of Santorini, Greece.
    I guess nobody took any Ancient History courses.

  49. Here’s a thought for all you WOC – stop dying your hair red! Red hair is traditionally for the Irish and Scottish WHITE women not you WOC. And you need to study history instead of spending so much time protesting. Hoop earrings were prevalent on the Greek Isles with the Minoan’s before your people were ever recorded as having worn them. Who stole the fashion statements?

  50. Then I guess black people shouldn’t speak English or dye their hair blonde either! Bunch of whiny **** hurt babies. Grow the **** up!

  51. Well this has done the employment prospects of others at this college a world of good. Thanks for showcasing to the world what you’ve learned there girls. I hope the other students show you the gratitude you deserve!

  52. Latina/Latino is a geographical identifier, not a race. There are only four races on the planet: Black, Asian, Caucasian, and the Australian Aborigine. Latinas, as I understand YOUR use of the term, are Caucasian. White, in layperson’s terms.

    Latinas/Latinos are not just brown. They are as varied as most any other place on earth. The Menonites in Mexico, for example, are of German descent. Do they not count? What about the Japanese Mexicans? Are you marginalizing them because they are not brown? Only brown Latinas need apply??

    Your comments do nothing but drive a wedge further into the desire for THINKING people to live together, embracing our differences, not using them as weapons. YOU are the racist!

  53. This is worth no more substantive response than a facepalm and a shake of the head. Do they not teach kids anything in college anymore, or is only the people who take gender studies courses and will end up living in a box and washing their hair in gas station sinks?

  54. Sorry girls – you are wrong again

    The Hoop Earring

    Of all the accessories a woman can own, the hoop earring is one of the oldest forms of jewelry. They have been around for many years and have been worn by both men and women. Its use has dated back to many different places and cultures. Dating back to ancient Rome, Greece, and even ancient Sumerian culture.

    The progress of this particular earring has made its way around different cities and cultures. The first ever hoop earring have been linked to the Sumerian culture, which is now known as Iraq. They then became popular in Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

  55. Many ancient Viking and Celtic earrings were hoops. Hoops and knots and pendants were worn on the ears of both men and women for various ceremonial and cosmetic reasons. Ancient Celtics wore suspended hoops whereas Vikings wore true “through the ear” hoops. Don’t believe me? Google “Viking Earrings”.

    Hoop earrings have been a mainstay of Caucasian men and women for at least 12 centuries.

    Those two latino girls are horrible racists. Unrepentant public racism of this type and magnitude should surely earn them dematriculation pending an inquiry.

  56. But what if you “identify” as Hispanic or black? Then you should be able to wear hoops and whatnot right? Liberals are always painting themselves into Politically Correct corners. Hypocritical idiots. No wonder they keep losing elections. They have no message, it changes by the minute depending on what emotion is ruling them at the time.

    1. Well said, I’ve often held that leftists have no solid, consistent set of principles of guide them. They will do or say whatever they feel wins them the most political currency at any given moment, even if their stance is the polar opposite of a stance they took in another fight. The only consistent “principle” they hold, if you can call it that, is that anyone who disagrees with them is a ****. They remind me, in political debates, of teenagers arguing with their parents. Every parental decision which thwarts the whim of the teenage adolescent is ascribed to the fact that their parents “hate” them. I can’t borrow the car? Why do you hate me! I can’t have the cool new sneakers everyone else is wearing? Why do you hate me! Most people grow out of this, but liberals stick with that angle for the rest of their lives. Anyone who disagrees with them or thwarts their political agenda is a “hater.” You hear them use that word all the time, and it’s an artifact of a childhood which ensnares them their entire lives.

  57. White girls take off your hoops?! How unbelievably ignorant of the students who said that and support that mentality. Not only is it quite ignorant but racist, bigoted as well. Quite obvious, they are part of constantly offended, permanent victims group who feel the world has done them an injustice. Grow up, educate yourself.

  58. Come to Staten Island and tell us “white girls” to take off our hoop earrings plus the name necklaces and eyeliner you “appropriated” from us.

    And stop appropriating the word “latina” – Latium was a region in Europe that now belongs to Italy. It’s not located in South America nor the Caribbean.

  59. Know as a baby boomer I’m ancient but I was part of the feminist movement 1960/1970 much to amazement of my great aunts who were medical doctors, one responsible for the UC Berkeley landmark 1950’s heart disease study, her research and book still taught in medical school – as my ancestry said coming to America they found freedoms for women not found in Europe! There was no glass ceiling. Of course I bought into the lie and victimization of many women and other groups too – the blacks. One day you too will learn what I refused to acknowledge from my own ancestry – all your marches and breaking the glass ceiling or black rights is all nonesense. As a internatonal recruiter and trainer for many college grads – guess what – victimzation is the biggest obstacle to your success. We are watching and so easy now to investigate who is applying for those high paid jobs – and any with hate speech or those who never read American laws already on the books protecting all groups as to their rights, we just will never consider you for employment. So continue in the stupidity – I also bought into the lies – perhaps you will not.

  60. RACISM DEFINITION-prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

    So I will wear my Egyptian hoops and my eyeliner any way I choose. Come and try to take them!

    My mama always said; STUPID is as STUPID does

  61. Actually, hoop earrings originate in Sumerian culture (Iraqi), and while the design later may have been used in other cultural contexts in more recent times, they originally have very little to do with oppression or marginalization.

    Celtic culture, too, valued the ring, or hoop, or torq as a symbol of status.

    But this sort of inanity is the result of removing Western Civ courses from core curriculum.

    These girls are just ignorant, poorly informed, not at all curious or open to research and study, and, well, just plain dumb.

    But their names and the names of the institutions they will graduate from are now public knowledge and employers everywhere are taking note of this nonsense. That, I suppose, is the silver lining here — these ninnies are self-selecting themselves right out of job competition so our HR departments don’t have to.

  62. When this story first came to my attention, I thought it was about an RA literally telling a particular student to remove her hoop earrings, “or else.” Happily, I see it’s just another case of an illiberal regressive proggie running her mouth.

    I spend a lot of time and effort trying to inform my 16 year old son, a high school sophomore, about this toxic and oppressive proggie thought-police culture he’s going to encounter at university. What I HOPE is that if someone ever directly approaches him with this kind of hogwash, he will firmly state, “If you try to enforce that, you will NOT BE IN A SAFE SPACE!” I can tell you that’s what I’d be saying, and doing, if I were at university today.

  63. Alegria Martinez is an anti-white racist. She puts her hate for peoples skin color on full display. Is she walking around in traditional female latino garb? Nope. She’s wearing styles from other ethnic groups but she’s too stupid to realize it.

    Pitzer must be doing a terrible job teaching or they are programming kids to be ignorant racists.

  64. Hoop earrings have been worn by cultures throughout the world for millennia. Gold hoops were prevalent in Minoan society, ancient Egyptian society, Celtic society, South American society, etc. While cultural appropriation is an issue that needs to be given awareness to, hoop earrings are not distinct to any one given society.

  65. Immature young women with nothing better to do with their spray paint. Try protesting something that really matters. How about equal pay for women and minorities? It just shows these women need to grow up. Maybe they should watch Trains, Planes & Automobiles with John Candy and shower curtain holders.

  66. What happened to expressing ones’ individuality? This girl (no. she does not have the mental maturity to be called a woman) needs to learn that they can’t tell people what they can’t wear. They have no right.

    She’s just using the term ‘cultural appropriation’ as a cover to bully people who aren’t like her.

  67. I guess these two ignorant ******* should stop using air conditioners, Maybelline & 90% of the rest of the things they use in their daily lives.

    They could do us all a favor since they’re so stupid they shouldn’t breed and kill themselves but wait… Guns were invented by white people too.. Guess they have to use carbon monoxide in the garage… Damnit.. friggin white boys invented cars too.. discovered oil, made gasoline, created airplanes & trains… Guess they’ll have to hit themselves in the head with a club.

  68. Hoop earrings actually originate from Persia. I have to say, as an Italian women and growing up in the 80’s, there’s no way we would take out hoops off for anyone. Sorry Chica, you don’t own the look.

  69. Via a marvelous, myth busting tool named “Google” which people of all colors are free to use at will.
    http://www.finishtheoutfit.com/blog/hoop_earring/ FYI

    “The Hoop Earring

    Of all the accessories a woman can own, the hoop earring is one of the oldest forms of jewelry. They have been around for many years and have been worn by both men and women. Its use has dated back to many different places and cultures. Dating back to ancient Rome, Greece, and even ancient Sumerian culture.”

  70. Seriously, if this is what American universities turn out, I can understand why so many H1B visas are demanded by corporations. And why so many jobs went overseas.

  71. Author Larry Niven once said about the book Real Men Eat Quiche “Real men eat whatever they **** well please”. The same can be said for women. Real women wear whatever they **** well please so get over yourself.

  72. So this is a protest against “cultural appropriation” by white women descended from Europeans that was was written by a black woman descended from Africans – and the protest was delivered in the English language.

  73. Don’t use other cultures’ stuff, the Latin girls wrote.

    In English.
    Exercising their right to free speech.
    Using spray paint.
    At a university.

  74. This is racism. . I will not stop wearing hoop earrings for anyone. You didn’t invent hoop earrings. They have been around for centuries. So get over yourselves and do something worthwhile. ..like get a job.

  75. OK then; as an Italian-American, I decree that what has been done to pizza by modern US culture is unacceptable! No more pizza for college students unless of Italian descent.

  76. The looney left’s idea of Cultural Appropriation is bull$hit and should be called out every time. It’s nothing more than another hammer in the toolkit of #SJW nonsense to shutdown debate and to silence whites. Cultures have borrowed from each other since the dawn of mankind. Where did the WOC borrow the culture of hoopwearing? Bull$****

  77. The poor thing has been poorly educated. If she had bothered to atually research this issue she would have found the use of hoop earing predates Shakespeare, the Greeks, and the Egyptions. The use of “cultural appropriation” marks the speaker as an imbecile.

  78. So? Pitzer College has always been a sinecure for useless scions of well-off families. I went to Mudd in the 70’s – lived in Pitzer dorms for a year. They weren’t teaching anything useful then, and they certainly aren’t now.

  79. The problems we run into in today’s culture are a lack of acceptance and the embracing of cultures. It can’t be appropriation if it doesn’t remove one’s ability to use that as their own personal representation of their culture. It isn’t being taken away, it’s being diversified.

    Ancient Sumatra was one of the first places to ever use hoops, that is true. If we all followed the “cultural appropriation” credo, we would all be pretty screwed.

  80. This is what you get for admitting unqualified, unintelligent, affirmative-action beneficiaries.

    Claremont used to be a respectable school.

    It’s tragic to see the depths to which it has voluntarily sunk.

  81. LoL! I like how the graffiti reads, “White Girl…”, but the title of the article says, “White People…”.

    God forbid we tell a little bit of truth about some white women walking the Earth. That being that a lot of them are complete trash and push the anti-white male narrative more than anybody as a way to hide the fact that white women in the West are the most privileged class.

    1. You only percieve them as more privileged because you compare yourself to them out of a jealous fit. If you compare yourself to others, you get an unrealistic expectation of how their lives are. You see a well off white woman and just assume, with no proof, that she has a perfect life with no pain or struggle whatsoever.

      By assigning negative character traits to a group of people who you wish you were, you’re doing a subconscious coping mechanism. I would suggest therapy to work on your self esteem issues.

  82. I understand where they are coming from but it is too vague and nonsensical to many. Sorry. Eyeliner originates from Egypt- so are you appropriating that? Lipgloss was invented by some white dude mid 1950’s so any one can wear it, right? It isn’t specifically yours no matter how imbedded in modern Latinx culture you say. Hoop earrings can indeed be found in ancient cultures in many countries. Including greek art and female depictions. I love my hoops man, i will continue to wear mine. Only the upper older classes complain about girls in hoops looking trashy- I think they are a show of fashion sense and self expression and never have seen them as trashy. White girls and non-latinx: you don’t have to take out your **** hoops.

  83. Below is a photo of Celt hoop earrings from 800 BC- 400 BC. The whitest civilization on the planet. We’ve been wearing hoops for a while now, you know… cause their round, like a circle,…. which is easy to make and kind of attractive. SO…unless you feel that you invented the circle or maybe even the wheel please stop being ridiculous, it’s exhausting!! http://www.ancientresource.com/…/celtic-torque-ac2002.jpg

    1. Even better – hoop earrings were popular in Ancient Greece and Rome (who, in spite of the wailing of SJWs, were white civilizations).

      This level of body policing agaisnt white women is 100% jealousy based. There’s no actual merit in their arguments, they simply feel jealous and are fighting the feeling of jealousy under the guise of racism. Meanwhile, racism continues to be a real issue, but apparently priority #1 is ******* hooped earrings.

      And winged eyeliner? Wtf? They are very clearly just trying to slowly remove things white women use to beautify themselves so they can negate their own jealousy.

  84. Hello.
    I would like to leave a message directly to Alegria Martinez and Jacquelyn Aguilera.
    Could you guys stop saying stupid stuff?
    As a latina, I would really like to ask you guys to stop.
    Hoops earring are dated back to Sumerian people. Are you ASIAN? So guess what, you’re all doing cultural appropriation.
    And about the cat eye eyeliner.. They started with Cleopatra, who was born in Alexandria, Egypt. Let’s all remind that Alexandria was founded by a greek, a white greek, Alexander, the Great. Cleopatra was actually white. So y’all are doing cultural appropriation.

    You guys are stupid, pathetic girls, who don’t know **** about your own history and want to make white girls stop wearing things.

    This is the reason why Trump won, because people hate people like you.

    Just grab a book and go study, it’s not that hard.

    In the name of real latino people, who were born in latino countries -not born in the US and declared themselves latinos just because their mamas are from Mexico-, STOP. Just stop.


  86. Cis White Women are the most privileged group in America. They keep trying to say Men are in charge, but if you want to know who’s in charge, just ask who you can criticize. White men are treated like a joke and told they are all scum constantly. Meanwhile, Cis White Women keep running the show. I’m glad that people of colour are finally figuring out who their real enemy is.

  87. Mmmmmkay. Guess that means white girls can’t have ten kids by nine different baby daddies; live like leaches off child support and public assistance; talk loud during movies in crowded theatres; throw a tantrum at Popeye’s when they outta they three piece and a biscuit; drink gallons of grape soda; get beat down by they man (he beat me cause he love me!); wear awful clothes, horrible weaves and gallons of eyeliner; trowel on pounds of mortician’s makeup to bail Papi out of jail (again); drive a lowered 80s Monte Carlo with no back seat and rented rims; live with their (single) mother forever; eat pounds of government cheese; develop enormous “*****” (saddle bags, really); and, all the rest of that “cultural” appropriation.

    Just tryna get it straight. Aight?

  88. These students don’t know a thing about oppression if they are worrying about hoop earrings….What’s sad is they have no idea how stupid they sound.

  89. Dear Ms. Martinez and Ms. Aguilera –
    Thank you very much for your comments against ‘white girls’. They reveal just how nihilistic, conformist, unoriginal, and, most of all, racist, you two actually are, along with those noxious ideas you profess (and which many of your fellow students and professors sadly share). Know that all you have done is attack innocent, free people just trying to mind their own business and live their lives; and because you two can’t do the same and mind your own biznass (since you are so clearly insecure and desperate for the attention you have now received), you are getting the response of condemnation you so richly deserve.

    Rational America, which is so over your childish, pathetic antics and whining.

  90. Can anything be stupider… BTW: I always took Hoop earrings to mean a girl is easy to get into bed.. Kind of like smokers. A lot of white girls wore them in ATL back in the late 90’s

  91. Cultural Appropriation – get over it. Welcome to America, where we generally learn to share items and actions from different cultures. Music, of course is a great example, everyone has had a part in it, while somethings can be assigned backgrounds from, say blacks, or europeans (white ones), or hispanics, etc. But if you want to stop cultural appropriation, you have to demand it for all cases. Basketball and most organized sports would be a great example. Everyone gets to run, and jump, but let’s see, modern football and basketball came from white cultures.
    I was going to say, white people stop playing table tennis (ping pong), but then it turns out that it was invented in England, not China. Perhaps the UN should demand that Chinese stop playing table tennis, and stick to a sport they invented such as…
    Wait for it: Soccer! OK, you Europeans, shutter your stadiums, you aren’t entitled to play soccer, you will offend asians…
    Really people. how stupid can some of you be!

  92. What kind of dumbass racist latino whores is Pitzer letting is under the labels of “inclusion” and “diversity”. Obviously these labels are just code words for racist anti-white bigots and a way to people who otherwise can’t pass the entrance exams. How much longer will white students put up with anti-white racism and “normalizing” stupidity?

  93. I’d like to invite Alegria Martinez to **** off from a campus created and funded by white people. Stop appropriating are math, science, literature, software, iPhones, and we’ll take off the hoop earrings. *****.

  94. It dates back to ancient times, Like Greece, Rome and the Persians… So, when someone is doing what we don’t like, We can just make **** up and call it history to make them stop?.. This is a school, teach World History. Obviously that Course is Lacking.

  95. This is so ignorant! Hoop earrings date back to ancient Rome so I guess since I’m Italian I should be the only one wearing them? Please educate yourselves and stop making yourselves look so petty and ignorant. This is how you spend your 50,000 year tuition? Maybe you should register for more classes including Roman History. Get a clue.

  96. One has to wonder how these girls even got into college. The level of ignorance regarding “hoop” earrings in history and the outright stupidity of making this an issue is appalling. The general public, those with some level of intelligence, are so weary of these pathetic attempts to cause division. I feel only pity for these girls because their souls are obviously so empty that this is an issue for them? Go work in a soup kitchen, bring meals to the homeless, foster cats, do anything that might actually open up your soulless bodies to real issues in life.

  97. As a “WHITE GIRL ” myself who are you to judge what you think my culture is. Or to say I shouldn’t wear hoop earrings. Am I white or do I just appear to be white in your eyes?? Do you know my heritage ?? Or where I grew up, where I’m from ?? What an ignorant thing to say. We are ultimately American if you live here , a country full a mixed races and blended families . As a community we should embrace other peoples cultures and styles , not shame people for embracing them . And you are attending college?? Its people that think like this that creates the conflict and divide among races and culture. Please study up on culture, heritage, fashion and appropriation cause you little girl are ignorant. No one defines me by what they assume I am or am not by my skin color. Including YOU!!!

  98. Mental illness on college campuses seems to be rife, these days. It seems to me, many of these individuals who have these opinions are far too retarded to even have been considered to attend college, to begin with.

  99. logically, Anthropology is an evil academic road toward appropriation. Yoga is clearly appropriation for all but Indians. Marshal arts, bad. Pizza, wine,,,, probably very bad.

  100. Here is my take on the “hoops” thing in a nut-shell.
    Sounds good, remove the earrings ladies. Just listen a sec..
    If we play by their rules they will have to as well, right?
    Erase that entire wall! Due to the fact that it is, in its entirely, a ‘cultural appropriation’ from the first ‘Taggers’ in world history! If I were an ‘Aboriginal Australian’ I’d be so ******! lol
    Now ‘all together’ we can agree to clean up the mass graffiti in our cities around the world… woohoo!

  101. How about they stop dying their hair red and blonde (which always look orange when they do it) for one and 2 they did not invent winged eyeliner are you kidding me??? Cleopatra wore it and it was huge since before the 1940’s I am so sick of these ignorant people and the rampant racism whites have to face daily now.

  102. LOL @ this whole thread.
    It’s like doing a project getting an F then having someone else copy it and getting an A+

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