New students at Pomona College were welcomed to campus with posters all over their dorms giving instructions for “How to be a (Better) White Ally.” The signs state that white people should “acknowledge your privilege” and “apologize if you’ve offended someone,” adding that offensive language includes words like “sassy” and “riot,” which are “racially coded.”

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“Everyone is problematic and even the most educated and well-intentioned people will screw up,” the poster states. The sign then gives three steps for white allies to follow:

  1. Be prepared to make mistakes.
  2. Listen and apologize.
  3. Make sure to change.

“Remember, just because POC [person of color] #1 isn’t offended by something, does not mean that POC #2 will not be offended by it either.”

The poster goes on to states that “social justice is about BOTH elevating oppressed groups and simultaneously unpacking the privilege of dominant groups. These aspects are equally as important!” Additionally, the sign claims that all white people are racist. “Understand that you are white, so it is inevitable that you have unconsciously learned racism,” states the poster. “Your unearned advantage must be acknowledged and your racism unlearned.”

Further, the poster claims that white people should “just listen!” rather than explaining their own perspective. “Comparing a POC’s situation with some experience of your own is not helpful. You do not & can not understand our oppression!” The guide recommends that white people should “listen to a diverse selection of marginalized voices” and notes that “POC will always understand racism in a way that you cannot—you need to listen to them!”

Pomona College had several events last year that white students were not allowed to attend. Pomona College’s website states that “Pomona College seeks to maintain an environment of mutual respect among all members of its community” and that discrimination on the basis of race “destroy[s] the foundation for such respect and violate[s] the sense of community vital to the College’s education enterprise.”

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  • Jacob Johnson

    TL; DR, Ponoma College is squelching dissent in order to appear “Diverse” and “Sensitive.” Will it work? Chances are, it will. Students end up being brainwashed by the end of college anyway, so this isn’t anything surprising.

    It also can’t surprise us that these college students grow up to do the exact same thing: Silence dissent and then claim to have created a more sensitive nation. Here’s a hint. I have never heard a single case where a college student/graduate has ever changed the mind of someone else. Especially not by yelling at them about “Privilege.”

    I also enjoy the fact that this sign is attempting to use a large amount of big words for the sole purpose of seeming superior to people who dissent from their views. (Aka. the psychological superiority complex.)

    • Paul Brewer

      COLLEGE…? We did better work in JR. High……..vapid, juvenile, jejune, and adolescent would be a compliment !

  • joe

    EVERYDAY throughout this nation 1600 white people are violently attacked by blacks. EVERYDAY over 31 white women are rape by blacks and no blacks by whites. Blacks have murdered more whites in the last ten years then all the blacks hung in the 86 years of hangings. This is the reality. By the way this is from the racist eric holder’s doj. I need a safe place from black violence.

    • J

      Black woman who was raped by a white man. Please think again before throwing black women under the bus.

      • John in CA

        Its all too clear to those who have critical thinking skills that this is an all out political war against whites, with the aim of creating an entire generation of 1.) self hating whites 2. )hate/resentment among minorities against whites.

        The hypocrisy/contradictions/prejudice/racism are glaringly obvious in this poster- by labeling ALL white people as racist, as having “unearned privilege”, and as being inherently socially defective because of their skin color.

        This is all eerily similar to the Nazi propaganda war against Jewish people in the 1930’s – they had “unearned privilege” which was gained by oppressing the German people, they were inherently socially defective because of their ethnicity, and that they had created/maintained a system of economic/political oppression against ethnic Germans.

        —-in other words – hey, you’re a loser because of those Jewish people.

        • Pomona Grad

          I want to respond to point 1 in your first paragraph, mainly. I’m really sorry that you feel like people want whites to hate themselves, and I hope that I can shed light on this. I am a white person who graduated from Pomona. I did have a lot of self-hatred at times. But looking back, this is because I had walls up.

          At some point, I decided to let these come down and engage in the discussions that are desired here – discussions about race, privilege, and anything that may stem from these. As I engaged in these, I made genuine connections with people coming from a different place from me. As I talked with people, heard their pain, and allowed their reality to sink in for me, I actually learned a lot about myself. I saw myself and my own ethnic identity in a much more holistic way. And because of this, I have a much deeper love for myself.

          And none of the people want me to hate myself either. In fact, anyone you can ask would say that they are glad that what I’ve just said is true for me. Hope this can help clear some things up.

      • Steph

        Prove it.

        • Steph

          Wait, this comment of mine was to the black woman who said she was raped by a white man. She needs to prove that.

    • Joy Peton Harjo

      If these stupid White people don’t sue the college for a hostile environment then they deserve every bit of aggressive bigotry they get from minorities.

      The minorities are basically mentally ill, filled with vitriolic hatred for Whites, unable to get along. Earth to minorities, White people own you nothing.

  • antiDave

    The fact that “hurt feelings” cut both ways never dawns on the self claimed compassionate SJW’s. If being civil, expecting the best behavior, and demanding the same from others is a white thing now, then you SJW’s are screwing yourselves beyond reason.
    MLK should be your model, not Saul Alinsky. Look at the results the left has wrought upon the cities they have controlled for generations. Results are what matter, not intentions.
    The most racist people I have ever met call themselves progressives and they don’t realize they are projecting their feelings on their nemesis, conservatives.
    Many POC are conservatives, they just fear showing it because of the Alinkyite tactics of the left. The only tactics that will work for them are emotional rants that they feel should trump logic, reason, and results.

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  • Robert

    Any group of students can circulate a sheet of paper. When I was in College I remember aggressive marketing by a huge range of groups that were considered controversial in various ways: bible study, communist revolution, S&M, anti-apartheid, pro drug legalization, pro choice, gay rights, etc. I read them and considered their point of view. Some interested me, others didn’t. Some ideas flourished and others died. Almost all of those students moved to a 99% white suburb, got a good job, and have sent their kids to segregated schools. It’s the regular “activism” cycle.

    This particular pamphlet seems idiotic to me. But I’d have no problem reading it and listening to their point of view.

  • Journeyman

    Makes perfect sense. All white people are racist in the same sense all Black people like watermelon and fried chicken. Anything can be substaniated when you make judgments like that based on the color of ones skin.

    • Ge Ka

      Good point, stated more succinctly than is possible for me.

      Negative racial stereotyping, racism, racial denigration and discrimination, etc. have long been universally condemned, but now it’s OK, even virtuous if directed against white people?

      Most of us understand that judging, prejudging (prejudice: to pre-judge) individual people based upon their race or creed, ethnicity, residence, etc. is the very essence of bigotry, a hallmark of bias and detrimental discrimination. Amazingly, however, some who rail against such bias feel free to proclaim their own offensive, negative pre-judgments of individuals, their clichéd stereotypes which negatively define (pre-judge) individuals based on a biased, negative image of an entire group – a group disliked by the writer/speaker.

      So now our Newspeak portrays and defines racial bigotry as “social justice”!

    • KLO

      Doesn’t everybody like fried chicken and watermelon?

  • Jer

    Good God what an amazing bunch of pussies! how do you whiny little bitches get from your bed to your school in the morning without hurting yourself

  • Jimbo

    I learned something new today. I now know that words like sassy, riot and exotic are racially coded. Thank you sjw street team for enlightening me.

  • Andy

    It’s not like a white person from literally anywhere else in the world can’t experience racism if we’re going to go by the dubious power + privilege definition.
    White people in Zimbabwe after the dissolution of the Rhodesian state have their farms seized by the government and distributed to black citizens. Descendants of the Russian cossacks in Kazakhstan have had to endure being systematically blocked from nearly all government and higher level private jobs. Kazakh was made the official language after the Soviet Union broke up and only ethnic Kazakh people spoke it which left white Russians and the various Turkic minority groups out of positions of power. Even here in the US there are places in the south where entire counties are de facto segregated. In the rural areas whole towns can be over 90% black or white. The education is abysmal across the board and one might live, work, and die in the same town. It’s far from a common occurrence in this country as a whole but how can someone in a town where he might be the lone member of his or her race not potentially experience and therefore know full well the effects of racism? This is all just nonsensical and serves in no way to improve the lives of marginalized peopleso or foster good will.

  • Ann Inquirer

    Hating yourself for being White is part of the CoudenHove-Kalergi plan of miscegenation, formulated in 1922 whereby it is easier for the elites to control the masses if there are no traditional cultures or borders. May sound like conspiracy theory, but it is a conspiracy and Merkle took the Kalergi Award in 2010, google it. We see it being played out in Europe with its purposeful influx of POCs. This is a world wide plan and Obama is going along with it, as we see with our wide open border and this summer a huge invasion of Africans.

    Marxist college systems world wide are part of C-K to indoctrinate Whites to hate themselves, reject their culture and accept its destruction. You may not have heard of this plan, but like Obama using Alinsky rules, ie BLM chaos and destruction, you will hear more of this in the future as outright discrimination against whites surfaces.

  • Mike Constitution

    Screw these people.

    They need to get out of their safe spaces and head on up to Chicago.

    Maybe they can issue “trigger warnings” and get the puerile savages to stop shooting each other.

  • Wayne

    I would be considered ‘white’. I dislike that term. I am not privileged nor do I need to apologize.

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  • Joel Messinger

    I just saw this on The Drudge Report. (I’m not a student here or anywhere; I’m actually a fifty year-old man.)

    Do you guys notice something about this flyer? There is NOTHING indicating who posted it. Not an institution, nor office, nor business, nor committee or club, etc. Not even an individual student. ….It should have been immediately torn down, wadded up (or torn up) and thrown in the nearest trashcan. I don’t even know the purpose or restrictions on that bulletin board; but there’s no way you can permit a flyer or notice to be put up which doesn’t have somebody claiming credit for it and giving contact information (even if for no other reason than to politely tell them that their flyer is not authorized to be placed on that particular bulletin board).

    In fact, if I were a Leftist, I would immediately accuse the Claremont Independent of concocting a hoax. …And, if I were the Editor at this student newspaper, I would have rejected Mr. Glick’s article. We have no idea who put it up. It even looks (a little bit) like a piece of sarcasm directed at the P.C. Left. …So, this article, dear editor, actually undermines the credibility of your organization. To tie this flyer to the “several events” held last year in which whites were not permitted to attend is completely invalid, or pointless, to say the least, because you have no idea –no idea at all– who put this flyer up.

    If you do an article addressing this flyer at all, it should be just for one purpose only: To instruct any student seeing a flyer or poster like this –something which has no indication WHO put it up, along with some kind of contact information for the responsible party– that the student should IMMEDIATELY and without further ado, RIP IT DOWN, wad it up and throw it away. …Yes, “anyone” has the right to do that, simply on account that there is no entity taking responsibility for putting it up in the first place. It’s trash. Throw it away. No one can accuse you of vandalizing something that apparently “belongs” to no one.

    • Bob

      Steven Glick is the Editor-in-Chief…

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  • tom

    This is very helpful for me as I can now eliminate this college for consideration for my son next year. Thanks!

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  • Marius Quentical

    Pomona College needs to be shut down, along with every other college and university that espouses, or allows to be espoused, such ridiculous views. It’s high-time this PC crap ended… enough of this “offended” crap. We need a merit-based society ….stop affirmative action, stop accusations of white privilege. If blacks want separate but equal….a re-institution of Plessy v. Ferguson….let’s do it. I’m all in….separate water fountains and toilets….separate dorms. heck…separate colleges! And separate professions and businesses! We don’t want white kids suffocating from the smoke of reefer in their dorms anyway…..

    • Olivia

      You are a dumb.

      • MrGJG

        I’m guessing you don’t see the irony of your comment?

  • Marius Quentical

    While we’re at it, stop all EBT, Food stamps, and section 8 housing for the “disadvantaged.” Get a friggin’ job!!!!
    No more stupid majors should be allowed…..No more art history, no more majors in 10th Century anthropology or 1st Century Thunderstorms and Regional Warming of the Cosmos. Get a friggin’ job in a factory, support yourselves, cut out the Mad Dog 20/20 and Night-train Express and ganja! And we all know that “People of Colah” don’t like the feel of condoms…….USE CONDOMS. There are too many of your kind on Welfaya!!! Abortions are expensive for the American taxpayer.

  • sjmwilco

    so, let’s see, I’m supposed to apologize for the privilege of working and paying taxes all of my adult life so that the money can go to EBT, welfare, unwed mothers and the general support of a failed segment of society. Meanwhile, I’m also supposed to apologize for the fact that laws have been written to discriminate against me in education and the workplace in favor of lesser qualified applicants who happen to be black. did I get that right?

    • Colin Brown

      No, you did not get that right. No one is asking you to apologize for what you are born into. Actually they said exactly the opposite, that you shouldn’t feel guilty. They did say you should apologize if you offend someone, which seems like basic decency. How come you put up this wall of defense when people are asking their pain to be acknowledged?

  • Value History

    Why is it that after thousands of years on planet Earth, the black race is still not on equal footing with the white race?

    Blame God, or blame the universe, but don’t blame white people. We had nothing to do with the color of your skin, except to make it lighter. We also had nothing to do with the fact that as a race, you can’t keep up. That’s on you.

    Whites can never make you equal. You have to make yourselves equal. When you excel, when you dominate, there will be no question.

    What are you waiting for?

    • Value REAL History

      White America ended slavery. Not because of human rights, but because it was seen as more economic. And then people freed from slavery were told to go make their way. In a society where people surrounding them still hated them. Experiencing, on top of the still near impossibility of getting real jobs and land, intense psychological damage.

      Blacks continued to be considered less than people, not getting the right to vote (at least on a local and state level) until much later, having no say in the political climate and outcome. Since they were in need, they knew what they needed from the political system, yet were excluded.

      Jim Crow.

      The FHA red lined neighborhoods. If one person of color was seen in a neighborhood, the entire neighborhood was de-valued. This triggered what is called “white flight”, as whites left the neighborhoods which were being devalued. Since the people of color, primarily black at this junction, still made up the poorest of society, the neighborhoods became extremely segregated by race.

      Schools are funded by property taxes. So, the mostly black neighborhoods (which, remember, have extremely low property values) also have terrible school systems. Have you ever taken a look at education in these neighborhoods? It’s heartbreaking. Education is considered the ultimate equalizer, but it’s not accessible to those who need it for equalizing. While it’s gotten much better, after hanging around in these areas, it’s still pretty bad. There’s a reason it’s such a big deal when someone comes out of, for example, inner-city Chicago and even makes it to a university.

      Kids here grow up in poverty, only know poverty, and only expect poverty. A lot of kids that are born into this situation expect to live in poverty for their whole lives.

      So, it isn’t your fault that it exists, but this stems directly from white racism in generations past. It isn’t enough to tell disenfranchised people to get themselves together, because for a lot of people, it isn’t an option.

      • Jen

        Great comment! Stop playing victim – own your future. Long ago, I wrote as a senior quote that “the only limit is your own imagination”. You, as a college graduate, can change the world. Not wallow in depression, but go out and embody the change you want to see. No-one hands it to you, but this is the best, freest country on the planet to make your dream a reality.

      • MrGJG

        “White Flight” is the result of the crime and degradation that seems to follow black people where ever they go. The only reason blacks complain about them leaving is because they lose their tax base. Blacks want what white people build and maintain, as long as they don’t have to support it.

    • Jen

      Great comment! Stop playing victim – own your future. Long ago, I wrote as a senior quote that “the only limit is your own imagination”. You, as a college graduate, can change the world. Not wallow in depression, but go out and embody the change you want to see. No-one hands it to you, but this is the best, freest country on the planet to make your dream a reality.

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  • Curious Alum

    Who put the posters up? It’s one thing if it’s administration approved; quite another if it’s a bunch of students being obnoxious jackholes.

  • stoptheinsanity

    So glad my kids don’t attend this $hithole of a school. So detached from the real world these ass clowns are. It starts with the faculty and administration and all the affirmative action hiring that has transpired here the last 20 plus years. You can’t pull someone off the streets and make them smart. It doesn’t work that way. What a joke this once proud institution has become. It’s high annual ratings are provided only by the liberal media and ratings agencies who have a vested interest in keeping this agenda going.

    Can you imagine something like this happening at Hillsdale? Not a chance