The Claremont Independent has learned that a concerned individual has lodged a complaint with the IRS in response to Pomona College’s promotion and funding of an anti-Trump rally.

As the Independent reported this week, Pomona College’s Draper Center for Community Partnerships may have run afoul of federal non-profit regulations by reimbursing transportation costs to and from a rally against Donald Trump in Los Angeles on November 9th. Draper Center staff also promoted the event on Facebook and organized bus transportation for students who wished to attend.

As a 501(c)(3) educational institution, Pomona College is prohibited from engaging in partisan political activity with tax-exempt dollars. If an investigation is launched, it could lead to the revocation of Pomona College’s tax-exempt status, among other possible sanctions.

In a statement to the Independent, the office of Pomona College President David Oxtoby acknowledged the College’s financial commitment to the rallies but stressed that it did not constitute political activity:

“The Draper Center for Community Partnerships is committed to fostering civic engagement among students, and our students engage in various community based courses, programs, projects and events across Southern California. Transportation is typically part of our support for student engagement, as was the case with the recent rallies.  The College does not consider this to be activity in support of a political campaign.”

Maria Tucker, the Director of the Draper Center and an Associate Dean of Students, stopped responding to requests for comment on Monday. As of this morning, she had deleted or made private a November 9th post on her Facebook account discussing the election results:

“I’m always surprised by those who believe in America as a place for pulling oneself up by our bootstraps/hard work wins. They tend to be the folks most reliant on the backs of others to make them win: …racists, misogynists, most especially. Today was a win for both.”

The Draper Center, which Ms. Tucker heads, says its mission “is to foster mutually beneficial exchanges among community members, students, faculty, and staff in order to support educational outreach initiatives, community-based research and learning, and other community engagement activities.

The Claremont Independent will continue to cover this story as it develops.


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  • The Neantherhal

    How convenient the Claremont Independent ‘discovered’ that a complaint was filed – the rally happens on Nov 9 and within a week there is a complaint filed and notice discovered of its filing . . .

  • Ed Vidal

    Progressives have little respect for the rule of law, or bourgeois legalism as Lenin called it, so I am not surprised to see Pomoma College intentionally violating IRS regulations.

    The current IRS would have given them a waiver, but now that America has elected a President who respects the rule of law, they should lose their tax-exempt status.

    Now they can join the ranks of for-profit educators.

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  • craig

    It’s hard to winnow out the schools courting my National Merit-candidate son, but Pomona and others are making it increasingly easy to cull the list. The dozen or so emails they sent him are now deleted. With this information in hand, I now wouldn’t send him there even if it were free.

    • johnny

      I’m a Pomona alum. I wouldn’t encourage any bright, conservative HS students to attend. Pomona has lost its way. All this nonsense has been funded by donors unaware of the harm which is being done by the current administration.

      Pomona is falling, and falling fast. Sad.

      • Tom Saltzman

        I’m a CMC alum, and so is my daughter. We are both afraid our beloved school will follow yours down the toilet. With all the money they’re pissing away on faculty, you’d think they would try to recruit a few who could educate future winners who might contribute enough back to keep their gravy train running. Guess they’ve decided to focus on the dumb but rich heirs among the alums.

  • Ed Vidal

    Send your kids to UChicago, where free speech goes to live.

  • Ed Vidal

    Does Comrade Tucker know that the free states won the civil war? That recipients of ObamaPhones wring their communications from the sweat of other men’s faces?

  • No

    We know for a fact that this complaint came from the CI so why don’t you guys start acting as such. If you’re going to start antagonizing what you call newsworthy stories, why not expose yourself for the shitty journalism you have?

  • Alan

    We can be certain that Pomona would have happily funded transportation to an anti-Obama or anti-Hillary rally. Riiight.

    “‘Transportation is typically part of our support for student engagement, as was the case with the recent rallies. The College does not consider this to be activity in support of a political campaign.’”

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