Last night, Pomona College President David Oxtoby signed off on a long list of student demands. “We, a group of marginalized students who have not been served by Pomona College, demand that President Oxtoby support and implement the following,” states the document.

We demand that Pomona College’s President, David Oxtoby, invoke his power and leadership at the Claremont Colleges by releasing a public statement of support and solidarity for ‘CMCers of Color,’” the document begins. “Pomona College, as an institution, should acknowledge the validity of their demands for institutional change, which include but are not limited to: a permanent Resource Center by Spring 2016, student representation in hiring the next CMC Dean of Students, and hiring a CMC Diversity and Inclusivity Chair.”

“This formal commitment and statement must explicitly use language that will directly acknowledges [sic] the inequities that exist within these institutions and that legitimizes the experiences of marginalized communities by recognizing the different systemic factors that contribute to their oppression. Explicitly, this means that the terms ‘marginalization,’ ‘institutional racism,’ ‘failure to support,’ and ‘violence’ should be present in this statement.”

Additionally, the student protestors requested that President Oxtoby hold separate meetings for various student groups. “We demand that each affinity group has a personal meeting with President Oxtoby to discuss our individual, unique needs and struggles for the creation or improvement of cultural spaces,” the students write. “These meetings will begin this Friday, November 20, 2015, and will be weekly with a different affinity group.”

These affinity groups are defined as:

  • Indigenous and Native American students
  • Low-income/first-generation students
  • Undocumented/DACAmented students
  • Black and African Diaspora students
  • Latinx students
  • Any other affinity groups that feel the need for a meeting

The students also called for an increase in mental health resources. “We demand an active and formal commitment to allocate and increase funds for Monsour and other mental health resources so that students who request counseling have the opportunity to receive it as needed, especially for urgent cases,” the students state. “The college should provide upfront payment of copays for off-campus resources, effective immediately.”

They demanded that Pomona hire “full time counselors who are specially trained in queer and trans mental health issues” and provide “sensitivity training for all current counselors and staff” by January 19. “We demand that Pomona College and the Claremont University Consortium increase the number of counselors who identify as persons of color and LGBTQ+ to reflect the diversity of the campuses so that all communities can best be served.”

Lastly, students insisted that Pomona increase its racial diversity. “We demand the following: starting with the 2025-2026 academic year, at least half of all tenure-track position openings must be offered to underrepresented minorities,” the students state. The students also call for “the establishment of a Disability Studies and a Native American and Indigenous Studies department” as well as “an increase of student representation in the initial candidate vetting process for hirings of new faculty.”

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  • Josh


  • DBM

    Unbelievable that the President of the University would knell to a bunch of losers like this.

    I was a Company Commander in the Army many years ago and I had some black soldiers that didnt think they had to play by the rules and threatened me with all kinds of complaints and investigations if they didnt get their way. I just told them to go for it and when I proved the allegations were false I was going to send them all to jail. Problem solved. These guys should get the same message, shut up, go to class, and address any future issues in a more respectful way. Can’t do that then go home.

    • Casey

      DBM, thanks for your service! Thanks for not bowing and for showing leadership. Now common sense gives way to hurt feelings as coddled students seek to pout and tantrum their way to safe-spaces. In my life I haven’t seen an all black place that was safe. Honest!

  • adam

    Sad day for the alumni. The Pitzification of Pomona begins.

  • Ken (CMC ’87)

    I always wondered why it was so expensive to have kids sit in a room and listen to professors.

    I loved my CMC experience, but there’s no way I’m ever sending my kids to a school that supports this nonsense.

    • adam

      Agreed. If half the tenure track professors are going to be affirmative action hires, who exactly is going to be teaching the Shakespeare, the chemistry, the math, and the economics?

      Pomona alums accomplished great things because we were taught by the likes of Professors Andresen, Stonehill, Sontag, Wykoff, Zengor, Poland, Flynn, and so many other greats. That legacy is circling the drain now.

  • Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

    Thanks to the CI for changing the wording of this article from “caves in to student demands” to “signs off on student demands” in order to make it less blatantly biased. It seems that you have discovered that there exists a difference between news and opinion—congrats! (You still failed to issue a correction, though; keep working on those basic journalistic conventions.)

    • Casey

      Bob and Carl (your names together have a nice ring to it), What do you call the liberal take over of the public schools, besides total indoctrination? Seems that the libs have discovered that there exists a difference between facts and opinions-congrates! Everyone has biases. I happen to be bias for CI and narrowly defineing the nuclear family for the stability of modern society.

  • Monica

    I thought students and faculty at the Claremont Colleges would benefit from reading….here is a quote they may have never read before.

    One of the problems with defending free speech is you often have to defend people that you find to be outrageous and unpleasant and disgusting.
    Salman Rushdie

  • Latinx?? What? This is the first time I’ve seen it written like this….Getting real tired of playing adult imagination with these people.

  • Greg

    I, a graduate of Pomona College and active financial supporter of the college, hereby declare a cessation of all support of an institution that has lost its way.

  • Casey

    Let’s not be political correct here (facts are stubburn things), Let’s call it what they are: illegal immigrants not “undocumented students”.

  • Tom Saltzman (CMC ’64)

    Those demands are ridiculous except for the increase in mental health resources – the need is obviously critical for the “protesters.”

    CMC’s earliest classes were predominately WW II and Korea vets on the GI bill; we who closely followed them were right out of high school, in ROTC, and many of us fought, and a few died, in Viet Nam. Pomona had a very similar student mix through those decades. About 60% of my troops were black, and Hispanics and Haoles were each about 20%. All my top NCO’s were black WW II and Korea vets who taught me well. We came home to anti-war marches, our car was egged as we left Travis AFB, and I was attacked twice in Davis, CA by the enlightened little shits hiding at UC Davis. You think you’re disillusioned? Try risking your life for three years doing your duty at the request of your county (just as had your father and uncles), only to be screwed over by our politicians, see your erstwhile allies betrayed and killed, and the media lead the mobs of idiot children physically attacking the grunts because the PC types hate the national policy. You simply cannot imagine the disdain we have for tantrum throwing, unproductive, cowardly little idiots like these bullies. The only ones worse are the spineless ivory tower drones who should know better than to cave in to them. Some advice: never talk about “micro aggressions around an old guy; you might find out what a “macro aggression” feels like just before you’re hauled off to the hospital. Our decades of silently suffering the betrayals of our service by the worthless drug addled slackers running the government and the media are over, and they sure will trump your phony perpetually aggrieved narcissistic posturing for attention and dollars.

    How did the 5Cs go from the well led, rigorously competent schools they once were, to the overpriced day care centers they have become? Too much input from the big Eastern schools? Alumni too busy out making money (and funding the schools) to pay attention to the infiltration by the PC incompetents? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • adam

      I’ll be watching to see if contributions begin to decline. Hopefully, actions will have consequences.

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  • Carol Anderson

    If I had a child at any of these colleges, and was paying his/her tuition or supporting him/her, I would yank that child out of the college as soon as possible.
    And another thing, if anyone ever said to me, “I demand”, or “We demand”, there had better be a very strong armed person around to restrain me before I slugged the “We demand” person. Those words are belittling, insulting, degrading, and based on ignorance of how colleges and universities have to operate. Somebody does have to keep the places going, you know. If I were a college official, and “caved in” like these people are doing, I would be ashamed to show my face to another living human being.

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