In the wake of last week’s protests and resignations at Claremont McKenna College (CMC), “safe spaces” for students of marginalized identities are popping up all over the campuses of the Claremont Colleges. After protestors called for action, CMC President Hiram Chodosh stated his commitment to providing a permanent safe space for students of color in the near future. Until then, the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC) have dedicated part of their office as a safe space for these students.

Safe spaces for minority students have appeared on the campuses of other Claremont Colleges as well. Last week, the Motley Coffeehouse at Scripps College issued a statement on its official Facebook page, “The Motley sitting room will be open tonight from 6-10 only for people of color and allies that they invite. Please feel free to come and use the space for whatever you need – decompress, discuss, grieve, plan, support each other, etc. In solidarity.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.35.58 PM

The 5C Students of Color Alliance also held an event at Pomona College to provide a safe space for “healing” and “self-preservation” for students of color. “Come by to chat, work, vent, organize, express, and do anything else that will help sustain you with other students of color,” they write in a Facebook post. “As this is a space for students of color, please respect the space as such. I truly hope that organizations centering around different marginalized identities continue (or begin) offering spaces for intentional healing and preservation!”


Additionally, a “Hurting and Healing” event, described as “a *for POC, by POC* art show,” is scheduled to take place at Pomona College on December 5. “This show’s intent is to create a space that is pro-POC, pro-black, and anti-white supremacist,” states the event’s website. “While you may want to invite a white friend or ally, to make this a safe and comfortable space for other POC, we ask that you do not.”

Further, the editorial board of The Student Life, an official, student government-funded newspaper, expressed solidarity with the recent movement and issued a statement explaining that the publication will create a space in its next issue for students of color who wish to write about their personal experiences. “We are tired of going to protests, seeing White allies snap and clap and shout only to move on the next day like nothing happened,” the editors write.

“So for those who don’t feel all the messages of solidarity are enough, or who feel that mainstream media is misguided in representing people of color, or who feel compelled to speak and be heard, we would like to repurpose its influence by providing a space in next week’s issue for students of color to voice their experiences,” the editors continue. “We will proofread, but we will not edit your voice or content.”

In response to the abundance of racially segregated safe spaces on campus, two CMC students issued a statement of concern. “We are in support of every person’s right to associate, or not associate, with whomever they choose,” the students write. “However, we object in the strongest fashion to institution-sanctioned physical safe spaces whose purpose is to discriminate based on racial or sexual identities, and which physically bar certain students from their premises.”

They point out, “CMC guidelines forbid organizations associated with the college to deny membership based on sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, sexual orientation or physical, mental, emotional or learning disability, as they ought to.”


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  • Robert

    Its never about equality. Its about getting back and getting even, and finally doing some oppression and segregation of their own. No one wants to end an old, bitter feud with trying to shake hands, understand one another and move on. Humans want a little vengeance, to inflict on others the pain they felt, before they are capable of moving on. Its probably worth giving up a lounge for a night or being locked out of a subpar art show so ‘poc’s can get the desire to discriminate against others out of their system so they can be better adults.

    Turning the other cheek is a lie told by people who want to pretend they are better than they are. The real world has always run on an eye for an eye, discrimination for discrimination.

    • Grace

      Actually, that’s the exact opposite of what we want. Safe spaces aren’t segregation, please fact check CI.

      • Robert

        How is a safe space not segregation is members of certain races are explicitly told not to attend? Words have meanings. If you allow some people in but not others, you have segregated that population. Its what the word means. Maybe you need better words?

      • Hannah Oh


        1. the act or practice of segregating; a setting apart or separation of people or things from others or from the main body or group.
        2. the institutional separation of an ethnic, racial, religious, or other minority group from the dominant majority.
        3. the state or condition of being segregated, set apart, separated, or restricted to one group.

        • Robert

          I know you intended definition 2 there, but how does definition 1 not apply? This whole ‘minorities can’t be racist’ thing doesn’t mean anything on an individual level. People are not institutions.

          • CRasch

            The idea of minorities as a group cannot be racist is bullshit. It’s high level of cognitive dissonance. We seen this in all walks of life. A perfect example of this is war in the middle east. Where minorities killing a majority because of the little differences they believe in a imaginary friend. Anyone who believe that no group cannot be racist or biggitod are racist and bigoted themselves. Thier moral high horse because they are a minority is a perfect example of bigotry.

        • JWAE

          This is a time when the meaning of words is parsed. When the former president said, “it all depends on what the word is is” it was heralded as brilliantly nuanced. The systematic abuse of the English language in education and society allows for obfuscation that foments valid discussion. Thank you for your efforts at this publication.

          • JWAE

            meant for Hannah.

        • Bob Driskol

          For anyone wanting to use this definition.

          Definition 1: in regard to “main body or group”

          In the context of Claremont if you put people into White and Non-White Classes then the whites are the minority. According to the colleges own stats for 2015 whites make up 42% of the undergrad population. Making non-whites the majority or “main body or group” with 58%.

        • Casey

          Hannah, nice! Humorously, I say let the entitled have there safe-space utopias while the rest of us normal people go to the Library.

      • Annie Oakley


        You guys are so misguided, you are providing the rest of us with much entertainment.

        Segregation ended fifty years ago.

        Please tell your grandparents how you want segregation back.

        • TS

          You seem to be doing a good job of that on your own with the new wave of racism

          • Captain Obvious

            No, YOU seem tobe doing a good job with YOUR new wave of racism!

            In all seriousness, though; grow up.

        • Navin

          Next thing you know, they’ll want their own water fountains.

        • WiserWords 2

          LEGAL segregation ended 50 years ago. The effects of centuries of legal segregation and the mentality that fueled it can not be wiped away with the stroke of a pen.

          • Dennis E. Markham

            “LEGAL segregation ended 50 years ago. The effects of centuries of legal segregation and the mentality that fueled it can not be wiped away with the stroke of a pen.”

            Please repalce “legal segregation” with “Tutsi rule of Rwanda.”

      • Dereck

        My wife is not allowed some places because she’s white UNLESS I PERMIT HER TO BE THERE AS HER COLORED HUSBAND! That is segregation and is DISGUSTINGLY RACIST YOU BIGGOT!

      • Tom

        Segregation is exactly what this is all about. Obama has set race relations in this country back decades. You do not want equality.

        • AT

          Not saying your first sentence is wrong.
          But, you may want to do a little checking before out-right blaming Obama for this.

          • WiserWords 2

            Isn’t it interesting that some want to blame our Black president for our racist culture created by the white presidents that created and perpetuated it?

        • AT

      • Ferd Berfel

        It’s exactly what you libs want. Please fact check Grace.

      • Denver

        By definition, segregation

      • Emil

        The net result of. Safe spaces IS Segregation, whether or not Its what you want.

      • david neff

        How can you have anything like this and call it progress. It clearly is racism. Maybe you guys should go back to the times of black only water fountains and designated bus seating. This is a step backwards for the black community. I don’t know how such educated people at this school could be tricked into thinking this will further their cause. It is a mistake and I will pray for everyone.

      • Todd

        If they’re not for segregation then why are white people uninvited from the beginning. How would me simply showing up be a threat to anyone. It’s obvious that you don’t want whites to support you. You don’t want support. You want exclusivity.

      • John Smith

        You should look up the definition of segregation

      • Debi

        Why do people need a safe place? Is the campus dangerous? If so by all means call the police, no one should be in danger…

      • Erectus

        Safe spaces are for pussies!!!! Piss off Grace!!!

      • blah blah blah

        Grace… Maybe you should consider moving to West Africa to be around others that look like you.. The pictures of monrovia liberia are quite breath taking!!! Or some other areas with majority black populations like Detroit, Newark, or Gary. Oh that will never happen will it, because even blacks dont want to live in majority black areas.

      • How would “a safe place for white people to go and no colored people allowed” go over?

        • julie

          Are white only “safe” spaces also being offered? If not, then a suit should be filed immediately because that is the definition of racism. Shame on you Claremont.

      • CLF

        Actually, it IS segregation. In fact, it is no different from the KKK demanding safe space for their demographic…. and it is just as wrong.

      • B

        I’m white and I love black people. If I show up to your “safe spaces” with black friends of mine and you turn me away just because I’m white, then guess what. Yes, you are a racist.

        The only reason I can think of for you not wanting white people around, so you can “feel comfortable” complaining, is because you’re in there saying a bunch of racist stuff.

      • Wearl

        “Facts” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      • John

        That’s exactly what they are if you ban someone

    • Joe

      You must donate a lot

    • Colin

      Except the kids making these safe spaces never actually felt the pain of oppression, and are likely more privileged than most of America (by virtue of being at an expensive university). The same way the people they are looking to “protect” themselves from aren’t actually oppressors.

      “only for colored people and their invited allies” — implication that without some kind of “he’s cool” pass, everybody’s a racist bigot and the campus is a mess of hate and oppression. These people are delusional, and MLK would be thoroughly disappointed in this childish behavior. Universities are turning into big schoolyards, complete with cliques, cry-bullies and super-special-friends-only-clubs. Honestly, it’s pathetic.

      • TS

        they are just the same whiny rich kids who feel oppressed and are latching on to the one boogeyman they can so they can feel like they are accomplishing something. The real world will chew them up and spit them out.

      • mark

        If the blacks want their own safe space in college, then why don’t they go a negro college? If they want a safe space in this country, then why don’t go back to their country of origin and they can have all the safe space they want? btw, the whites and non blacks are the ones that need the safe spaces to stay away from these animals.

        • Josh

          Mark I have too make a jab at you for the fact you said go back to Thier country of origin because the only people who originated here are native American so unless you are native that means whites will go back to various countries of Europe and blacks back to various countries of Africa and Asians to Asia

          • Scott Smith

            Have to take a jab back. New fossil evidence suggests “Native Americans” actually originated elsewhere on the globe and migrated.

          • Wearl

            Actually they are a minority so if they feel so threatened that they need “safe spaces” why don’t they go to the country specifically set aside for them.

            Oh wait the ones that did go there immediately began to enslave the locals.

      • WiserWords 2

        These kids have certainly experienced the effects of oppression especially if they are decedents of those African Americans who have been here for generations.

        I suggest you actually read MLK’s I Had a Dream speech. It consisted of more than 4 lines. He wouldn’t think the student’s behavior is childish at all.

        • Beowulf

          It’s segregation by any other name, and the embattled PONOMs (People of No Melanin, AKA Whites) should face reality and look upon this as a silver lining and demand their own “safe spaces” for their own self-preservation and very survival or face extinction within a generation, by 2045 or so. After all, PONOM undergrads already constitute a 42% minority and the POCs a majority in the college.

        • Beowulf

          Hey WiserWords 2, watch your spelling, as in descendants vice decendents.

          BTW, you lost me with the meaning of your second paragraph. In truth, MLK would cringe at today’s POCs’ segregationist demands. He went to great length to emphasize the importance of character and NOT the color of your skin as a way of eliminating de de jure and facto segregation of his time.

        • Scott Smith

          MLK would fight for separate racial places within schools?

          Next you’ll tell me MLK wanted black/white only schools and a separate black only DNC delegation as well.

          What a joke.

    • Mike Radant

      Check for yourself, anywhere where niggers are in the majority, is NOT a safe space. MLK St, Blvd, Ave, etc… means ghetto!

      Instant ghetto, just add niggers!

      • Josh

        Your definitely a bigot being by your choice of words

        Hmm I’m half Mexican half white do us beaners need to go back to Mexican ghettos

        Uhhh people like you kill me

      • Scott Smith

        First of all, please stop using tired old Chris Rock jokes about how bad MLK Blvd. truly is.

        Second, in a debate, communicate with facts. Controlling for population size, a white man is way more likely to be attacked by a black man than vice versa. How many blacks rape whites vs whites rape blacks?

        ^these are facts and questions. I’m tired of you stupid people not using these when it comes to race. Lose your feels and find some facts.

    • Denver

      The paid their great great grand parents felt . . .

    • Karen Kyffin

      What happens when they discover the safe spaces don’t solve their “problem”. I would venture to say, the ones demanding this are not going to be content with just safe spaces. When will it ever be enough? Just what will be enough? Tell us. Ridiculous and shame on the school. Not one of these kids experienced slavery. I, never owed a slave…but I am expected to pay for those who did. No one in my family was even on this continent until the 1890s. I doubt they even have the slightest clue of what their grandparents went through during the 50s and 60s. I am sorry someone feels “marginalized” but maybe they need to just grow up. Nobody in the real world is going to give them a safe space.

    • brett

      I don’t know how old you are but that’s about as well put as humanly possible? Thanks for restoring my faith in the future!

    • clara

      The black community is the most racist and violent community everywhere in the world. The lowest achieving also. Maybe it’s time they indeed stay by themselves instead of hurting everyone around them.

    • Jack Walters

      Actually, most people who identify as PoC are never discriminated against, unless you count subjective micro-aggressions :’D
      Identifying with other people who were oppressed who happened to be of the same “identity” and hence calling themselves oppressed is fallacious.

    • Gregory

      And now witness as Martin Luther King Junior cries at these events, now knowing full well he died for absolutely nothing as his culture was corroded by our idiotic political ideals that demand we revert to problems we faced ever since slavery was still around, and now have come to an opposing problem.

      Oops. Sue me.

  • Helen

    This does look like segregation and is very concerning. Where have these students come from that they need so much healing? How did they study and get into college with so much pain and adversity to overcome? As a CMC alum of color, from a low-income household, I can attest that you don’t make it into a good school like CMC without having some advantages, as well as strength of mind and character to overcome the disadvantages. It’s a pity that, once at CMC, these students have chosen to fall back into painting themselves as broken victims in need of healing, help, and isolation from the rest of the community. Instead of practicing the practical thick-skinned professionalism that will benefit them for the rest of their careers. Perhaps the “safe space” these students require can be better found at Monsour. (If that is still the name of the counseling center).

    • MAC

      Helen—-outstanding post! It is a privilege to go to an institution like CMC, however it comes responsibility too. If change is needed, then great find practical ways to implement change. But as u say–“fall back into painting themselves as broken victims in need of healing, help, and isolation from the rest of the community”, is embarrassing to themselves, as well as their parents and sponsors and CMC. The social unrest of the 60’s was about a war and four kids at Kent State—this is a far, far cry from that.

  • Shondale

    When I was going to CMC we had the Office of Black Student Affairs to go and vent about some crazy racist thing that happened to us. That was our “safe place,” and by no means we’re people of other races excluded. BUT, I can say that if something really deep was on our minds and there was a person present whom we knew would not be able to relate because of their race, it was no longer a safe place to openly discuss what was on our minds. Anyways, there needs to be a balance, AND there needs to be acknowledgement from non-POCs that racism DOES EXIST, both overtly and covertly. That’s when true healing can begin

    • Ben

      It’s taught in psychology 101 that all people are racist, whether they admit to it or not. That was taught at a white university to a majority of white students at Stony Brook University based on psychological studies that were done. Expecting lay people to understand subliminal racism is asking a lot though. All you can really ask is that the government not discriminate. Otherwise you are going down the road of thought police.

    • MJ

      Yes, racism exist. Yes, institutional structural racism against Blacks also exists. However, this “safe space” is ALSO racism.

      “I can say that if something really deep was on our minds and there was a person present whom we knew would not be able to relate because of their race, it was no longer a safe place to openly discuss what was on our minds.”

      First of all, it’s quite insulting that you would automatically assume that a person would not be able to sympathize with whatever you are discussion because of that person’s race. Granted, a white person might not be able to fully put themselves in a person of color’s shoes regarding something like stop-and-frisk. However, if you find people being offended at the presumption that their being white makes them *incapable* of understanding racial issues, the offense they feel is very similar to the offense you feel when people make those presumptions about YOU, so you have more in common with them than you realize.

      Secondly, you do not have a “right” for people to not be offended by your speech. If you are in a public place and you make a comment like, “white people are incapable of understanding racism,” you do not have a right for that view to be challenged, period.

      The appropriate place for you to gather, if you want to include or exclude others based on their race or ethnicity, is your house. Private property is your “safe space,” not a college campus.

    • Casey

      Shondal, racism does exist both overtly and covertly. It exist all over the world both by people of color and non-people of color. A good example of that right now is the Middle East. It has existed since the dawn of man, it will be here after you and I are gone. You don’t “need” acknowledgment of that fact from ‘non-POCs’ for healing to begin. When I experience racism, I ignore it. I choose to be proactive and I don’t give it any meaning. It only has meaning if you give it meaning.

      • Tricia

        Casey, please do not call me a “non-people of color” as I am a person. Please do not call me a “people of non-color” as white is a color. Call me what I am — white, Caucasian, European descent. But do not call me non-POC. Thank you.

        • Casey

          Tricia, Yes ma’am, I stand corrected. White is a color too, I just thought everyone forgot that. My color is red, white and blue.

        • elle

          white isn’t a color at all lmao it’s the lack of all color

          • derptard

            maybe in CMY, but in RGB it’s all the colors

          • Jack Walters

            In physics, white is literally a combination of most or all colors on the visible spectrum. One could use this fact to argue that white is the most “colored”.

      • Veronica

        Casey, I think you’re so right. When my family came to the US in the early 1970’s, we lived in a small town where we were likely one of the few Hispanic families in that town. As I became a teenager, I did notice some racism but only from a few people, some black – some white. I ignored it. We don’t have to let this define us – I didn’t. The best revenge is doing well and having a great attitude. People around you respond well to a positive outlook.

        • Casey

          Veronica, you are so right. Great attitude!

    • Tricia

      Oh, I absolutely agree there is racism…no more so than right here on campus in the safe spaces designated for “people of color” only.

    • August

      I’d say, in this day and age, POC need to be the ones admitting that racism still exists. These segregated ‘safe spaces’ are a case in point.
      Btw, I bet CMC doesn’t have an ‘Office of White Student Affairs’ for whites to vent about the racist things that happen to them. Shouldn’t there be a balance?

    • neoritter

      @Shondale For this, ” AND there needs to be acknowledgement from non-POCs that racism DOES EXIST, both overtly and covertly,” to happen; then PoCs need to admit that they’re just as racist. both overtly and covertly.

    • Ryan

      “BUT, I can say that if something really deep was on our minds and there was a person present whom we knew would not be able to relate because of their race, it was no longer a safe place to openly discuss what was on our minds.”

      Kind of like how Neo Nazis feel uncomfortable sharing what’s on their mind unless they’re surrounded by others of the same life experience and view point.

  • Flabbergasted

    The manner in which the segregation of the safe spaces has been accomplished sounds as though the CMC protesters are attempting to follow a famous decision from over 100 years ago — Plessy V. Ferguson. This was outlawed and deemed unconstitutional many years later. Are they really trying to create a separate but equal space? If so, please explain who this can pass constitutional muster.

    • Annie Oakley

      This is emotion based–there is no room for facts here.

    • Sean Renaud

      This has nothing to do with Plessy v Fergusson. If you’re going to attempt to bring the Constutition (which is almost exclusively an argument made by idiots who have no solid argument) and Supreme Court rulings (which outside of a law class are pretty damn useless) try not to get in over your head.

      Plessy v Ferguson which was overturned by Brown v Topeka Board of Education established separate but equal. It was overturned not because racism was wrong but because it was proven that separate was inherently unequal. When you look at who lives where in this country and funding for schools one could make a strong argument it accomplished a lot less than people attempt to make the claim.

      However a safe place from discrimination, in a private establishment, for four hours is a far cry from government enforced segregation to begin with.

      Safe Place=/=Segregation. It simply isn’t.

      Now if you want to say minorities should suck it up because it’s just terrible being a human being and they’re lives are no different from whites in any measurable way just say it.

      • CM

        Actually, these “safe spaces” fit the definition of segregation as laid out in Plessy perfectly. Ironically for those who support racial “safe spaces,” it was the defenders of racial segregation and “separate but equal” who first argued that blacks would be better off in their own “safe space” than in integrated facilities. According to them, because the color of your skin marked definitely marked out certain personal characteristics, different races could never live together in harmony. Thus, the only way to ensure the peace was to be “separate but equal” so that whites could live they way they wanted live and blacks could live the way they wanted to live. This doesn’t sound much different than the argument that black people now require “safe spaces” because, by virtue of the color of skin, they cannot be themselves around people different from them.

        Since you seem to think you’re so much smarter than anyone who would refer to the Constitution, I’d also point out that the above discussion applies just as much to “private establishments” as to public institutions ever since the passage of the Civil Rights Act. If you disagree based on the idea that people ought to have the right to free association in “private establishments,” you put yourself in the awkward position of agreeing with libertarian “idiots who have no solid argument,” and which you probably usually dismiss by calling them “racist.”

  • mikea.

    Can we organize a sit-in to protest this institutionally sanctioned segregation?

    • mikea.

      I assume, but would recommend further research, that the Motley is a public accommodation and therefore prohibited from race based discrimination under Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

      Who wants to sue Scripps and the Motley for a Civil Rights violation?

      • Chris Bray

        You may just be right about this — thanks for pointing it out.

      • Chris Bray

        Possibly also a violation of state law:

      • Annie Oakley

        I’m in!

        We can throw a whites only party with the proceeds.

        • james

          Top kek, this thread is as good as any 4chan one

        • Frank

          I say bring back Jim Crow and Sundown laws. Negros would not be out looting and shooting all night. For god sake could “Negros in Negroland” be part of the teaching at this libtarted college? Haha how is that for a micro-aggression you left wing sissys????

        • Beowulf

          Right on Annie! Get your gun! LOL Cf. my comment re “silver lining.”

          Kudos for CM for setting straight Sean Renaud’s confused mind, who is likely suffering from pathological altruism (and I’m being charitable).

    • Rhonda

      The first thing students should do is to attempt to ‘violate’ the safe space– as part of a group, with someone recording. When you are stopped, you have grounds for suing. Singing “We Shall Overcome” is optional…

  • Robert

    Advocating for safety and security through separating races doesn’t put you in very good company

    • MJ

      Separate but Equal!

  • Chris Bray

    Can we go back for a moment to the old academic discussions about “marked” and “unmarked” categories? If TSL is going to have a “People of Color” section, does that imply that rest of the paper is the “Not People of Color” section? You’re going to have the POC section and the…normal section?

    What an interesting idea.

    • Tricia

      Please, let’s stop with the politically correct “people of color” and…let’s see, I’ve seen “non-people of color” (non-people??) and “people of non-color” (um, white is a color)…instead, let’s just call it what it is:
      People of Color=No Whiteys

  • Santoshi Kamasutra

    As a transblack wrongskinned individual trapped in a white body, like Sean King and Rachel Dolezai, I applaud this effort by my African American brothers and sisters to create a space safe from the oppression the white man has visited on us for 400 years.

    • Casey

      Santoshi kamasutra, get well! I hope you recover quickly from your crappy personilty. People with your views and attitude are one of the major reasons I homeschool my children (to protect their innocence) instead of letting them go to public school.

      • Robin Baskin

        And that is why your children will end up maladjusted and unprepaired for the world when they reach adulthood. Just make them nice comfortable space in the basement, they’re going to be with you for a while…

  • Annie Oakley

    Does this mean that everywhere else is not safe???

    Oh my God!

    We are under attack!

    How can I move from safe space to safe space and avoid all of the unsafe places?



  • Frosty

    Since we’re going the racist route, but since half the murders in the us are commited by black men I think segregating themselves would have the added benefit of making white people feel safer as well.

    What, did someone find that offensive? Good. That’s the point.

  • Richard

    You did it, America! you finally became a full blown satire country.

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  • Chris

    So, can I nail a a huge 30’s style ‘COLOUREDS ONLY’ sign to the front of the door? Or is that too on the nose?

    • Dereck

      Do it. Right on that coffee shop

    • Ryan

      Please do this.

    • Tricia

      Chris, it’s “People of Color,” please. Or “No Whiteys.”

  • IrateNate

    So when do they install the “Coloreds Only” drinking fountains? Gosh, I’m so happy Obama could bring the country together like he has…

  • Mich

    Lets call it what it really is: a segregated space.

  • Ryan

    *Sits back and watches how ignorance thinks that segregation is effective*

    Since you want to institute segregation, I would appreciate it if you would stop eating at restaurants I eat at and stop using the same water fountains that I use. It is all for the better because our skin color dictates how important we are.

    • Tricia

      And I feel unsafe when I’m around people who don’t look like me. I need to be with my fellow Caucasians to fellowship, eat, grieve, bitch about being called a racist, compare our white privilege benefits….and I can’t do that with People of Color around. So yeah, Safe Spaces for all! (sarcasm for anyone hellbent on social justice warmongering)

  • Ryan

    This is an objective violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  • Michael

    MLK and Rosa Parks aren’t even turning in their graves right now, they are permanently spinning.

  • Joe Lomo

    A couple years ago there is no way you could not convince me that this article was not satire. Unfortunately, I know it’s not. It is incredibly racist though. Good work.

  • rachel


    “Whereas, it is essential to just government we recognize the equality of all men before the law, and hold that it is the duty of government in its dealings with the people to mete out equal and exact justice to all, of whatever nativity, race, color, or persuasion, religious or political; and it being the appropriate object of legislation to enact great fundamental principles into law: Therefore,

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of American in Congress assembled, That all persons within the jurisdiction of the United States shall be entitled to the full and equal and enjoyment of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges of inns, public conveyances on land or water, theaters, and other places of public amusement; subject only to the conditions and limitations established by law, and applicable alike to citizens of every race and color, regardless of any previous condition of servitude. ”

  • Tom

    Will there be separate but equal safe spaces and art shows for the white students?

  • Cuthbert

    Let me get this straight… they are seriously creating a “no whites allowed” zone at the college? How is this even remotely acceptable to anyone? If the racists in the college don’t want to be around white people, let them go start their own racist club. But to reserve a part of the college specifically for racism? Seriously?

  • Serious

    All of you are cunts

  • McThiefington

    some of these comments are from people who never want to go anywhere until they’re told they aren’t invited

  • Matt

    “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”
    – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Apparently that day has come and gone in Claremont, California.

  • ogunsiron

    At this point, I think there is a serious possibility that quasi-de jure racial segregation will be back during my lifetime. Black students think they can engineer a return to segregation strictly on their terms. They will soon find out that it will come back, but not on black and POC terms exclusively. Too bad. This whole living together thing was kinda cool while it lasted, but I guess it wasn’t meant to last.

  • Ether

    Greetings from a German university student, who’s watching the PC cult that infests America from far away!

    This stuff actually, legitimately blows my mind. Stuff like this would be utterly unthinkable over here. If a group of students, no matter race/color/sexuality/whatever came up to the administration here and asked for segregation on the university campus, they would stare at them for a few minutes, laugh until their eyes bleed and kick them out of the office. Jesus, America, get your act together.

    • Casey

      Ether, so true! It is sad that the race baiters come to view all authority figures at CMC as abusive bigots and serial harassers. Now this warped world-view has moved on to slandering teachers, school administrators and school secrurity. I take a broader look at the disrespect in the classroom, locating it first and most disturbingly in students actions, not adult reaction.

    • JS

      Well said. We are starting to lose it over here in America; we are growing (and educating) a whole generation of thin-skinned, overly-emotional troglodytes. Go, Germany!

    • olivia

      If the races are segregated, how can they ever harm each other? They cannot. There is no need for mixing. No need. It does not work. Segregation works.

    • CLF

      Ah, but YOUR people are doing the exact same thing for muslim immigrants!!!

  • Casey

    For decades, the classroom became a place of agitprop and ideology, creating students high on outrage and short on critical thinking. Far from being the exception, CMC is but one of a long list of campuses ceding control to poorly educated and highly politicized students. Examples from these comments by ‘poc’ underscore the cost to genuine education of turning classrooms into petri dishes for the incubation of social justice warriors.

  • Dave

    Institution? Check
    Systematic? Declared standard.
    Racist? Open

    Installing feature institutional systematic racism “Safe Space” complete.

  • JS

    This is flat out ridiculous! If a college/university is someplace that you deem “unsafe” because someone made you think about something that is not aligned with your previously established way of thinking (that is to say, someone challenged your thinking), then stay the hell home and cling to your closed-minded bedroom full of bunnies and ignorance. People fought for us to be integrated as a society, and now, those that perceive some emotional (let me repeat that: emotional) “harm,” want to once again return to segregation because they don’t have the wherewithal to handle thinking, words, and other ideologies. Ignorance is what that is; ignorance and weakness.

    • Carol Anderson

      I support your views.

  • BDJ

    I wonder how my dad would feel about this. As an Irishman living in England in the 60s, he saw his fair share of “No Irish” signs. Maybe we could visit this college together and he could get a nice helping of nostalgic bigotry?

    Oh, silly me! I forgot that no white person has ever experienced prejudice against them. He must have misremembered his time there.

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  • Ether

    A friend of mine had the brilliant idea of nailing an oldschool sign “Coloreds only” on the door. Heh.

  • Jennifer

    What room and hours will be provided as a safe space for people not of color to support each other?

    • olivia

      White people are colored people.
      White people have blonde hair, brown, black, auburn and red. White`s skin tone range from the pale Nordics to the olive tones of the Mediterranean. White people eyes of blue, brown, hazel, green and some Whites even have golden and purple colored eyes!
      There is NO other race that has the amazing and varied color combinations as does the White race.
      White people are the true people of color on earth.

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  • Roman

    Looks like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are not the only terrorists we have to worry about in our country. Now it is also the Fascist trained students efforts to destroy the First Amendment based largely on Fabricated Scandals and the millennials pre-pubescent immaturity fostered by over indulgent and incompetent parenting and socialist school administrators and professors.

  • olivia

    Isn`t it interesting? Blacks always complain about how evil and racist and oppressive whites are, but wherever Whites go, blacks follow. Blacks move into White neighborhoods, towns, attend school with Whites and migrate from black African countries to White countries. If Whites are so horrible, why do we keep getting followed? I wonder?

  • Brenda

    Redlining neighborhoods to keep minorities was and is considered racists. Whites were arguing that they wanted to keep their neighborhoods safe.

    Call it what you want. It’s racial segregation when you say certain races are not welcome.

    So what will come out of this? Will this foster better communication between students of color and whites? Will this help bring down the barriers that can make POC feel disconnected from the college?

    More likely, it will further drive a wedge between students.

    I have no issue with affinity groups. But the political statement of saying whites are not welcome is just as offensive as the allegations about a Yale fraternity member saying only white girls were welcome at a party.

    The justification that oppressed groups cannot be racist since they have no power is disingenuous. We’ve seen college Dean’s and presidents resigning following demands by minority students. There are speech codes at schools designed to punish hate speech, but only when the speaker targets people of color.

    We’ve seen an attempt to silence an Asian woman for sharing how a black man told he she was not welcome in America. The lack of introspection by those who tried to stop her are expressions of power.

    And this recent demand to exclude people from a public exhibition based on the color of their skin is another expression of power.

    So now that people of color have some power, look how they are expressing it.

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  • HMC Alum

    As an HMC alum, I’m glad to see that whatever might be the case, at least Mudd is not in the news for all of this nonsense. And as for spaces restricted to use for “People of Color”… haven’t you seen all of those DISGUSTING signs from the 50s, 60s, and before that read “Coloreds Only”? And now you WANT to have such spaces AGAIN? Who brain-washed you into THAT? Separation by color is nothing but wrong. We’re all the same people, we sing the same song. If you understand that, some harmony can ensue.

    • Andrew M. Kaye

      I was at HMC during the Civil Rights movement and the Viet Nam war, and we had many intense discussions about both, but we did not, by and large, permit difference of opinion to divide us. Caving in to the new segregationists is both antisocial and unprincipled (I would have used words like “deplorable” or “irredeemable,” but that might be misinterpreted). Today’s racists are those who would separate us along ethnic or cultural or gender or … lines (read Lenin’s “rules for revolution”). But ask yourself, if you (or they) were in need of a blood transfusion to save your life, would you (or they) ask the color of the donor, and refuse the life-saving gift if it was “the wrong color”?

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  • Elle

    In my middle school, there was a “safe-space” for 6th graders, and no “upperclassmen” of sorts were allowed, no ‘buts’ allowed, either. Nobody complained, because for someone who just left elmentary school, it’s definitely scary to be around those who are almost in high school. I just don’t understand it at all. Segregation by definition is harmful. This is not segregation. Black people didn’t have “safe-spaces,” no, they were forced into different areas of the world than white people, because most white people felt they were worth more and deserved better than black people. So now that black people finally have the ability, to do something completely non-harmful that revolves around the safety and healing for eachother, white people want to complain? It’s like using the word nigga. Either nobody should say it because you can’t, or everybody should say it because you want to. I’m both black and white, and many other things that would deem me a minority. It’s not a POC vs. Non-POC debate. It’s an oppressed vs. non-oppressed debate. YES allies can have sympathy, but it’s about having to deal with the same things and relating to eachother. If as an ally, you’re whining about how you want to be let in to a safe-space for those you “support,” you aren’t a very good ally.

    • CM

      In this comment, you compare black people to 6th graders who “just left elementary school” and white people to “scary” people who are “almost in high school.” Do you not see how wrongheaded it is to apply that kind of analogy to race? As if one could make the kinds of blanket assumptions based on skin color that one can make of children at different developmental stages? When you declare that black people (or “people of color,” or whatever) need “safe spaces” free from people of other races in order to be free from discrimination, you assume both that all black people are subject to, and that they react to, discrimination in the same way and that all people of other races (or, just white people) are liable to be oppressive and unsympathetic by virtue of their skin color. This is racism, even if it’s mostly about racial solidarity in “safety and healing.”

      If this were really about racial healing and safety, then couldn’t someone organize a get together for other black people (and POC) at their home (rather than potentially breaking the law by holding these “safe spaces” at public venues), and simply not invite people whose support is questionable (ie. perhaps, in their view, anybody who’s white)? This wouldn’t be legally questionable, even if the premise that you can make assumptions about a person based on their skin color is morally questionable.

  • NeoNazy

    This is almost as wonderful as a potential attack on amerikwan universities by ISIS! It’s “Triumph of the Will” in reverse!
    It’s a beautiful thing to watch leftist Marxists tear each other apart. 1488

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  • Mitchell Pierohy

    Wah wah wah….. put your big boy and girl pants on and grow up already…… unbelievable……

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  • david

    Your all of bunch of cry babies. Move out of the country if you don’t like it.

  • Miriam LeGare, Ph.D.

    To You Who Demand Safe Spaces: Spaces to grieve? Spaces to decompress? Spaces to share your horror stories about your trials being alive? How about getting your sensitive selves to the library for studying? How about learning something useful for your futures instead of playing the game of “Power of the Pathetic?”

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  • Michelle

    Isn’t this the same thing that started the civil rights marches back in the 50’s? I’m all for equal rights but preferential is not the same as equal. Blacks didn’t like that whole “separate but equal” bit back then and I don’t know what makes it okay now.

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  • Josh

    Uhhh this whole rasicim and bigotry has got us sent back 10 years os of late its 2015

    Im half white half mexican as of ethnicity and american born nationality

    I have experinced racism from all races

    Im am brown i look mexican and do not speak spanish

    I have been ridiculed by the latino comunity for being too white washed and shuned for it

    Also have the stereo typical white on mexican prejudice trested as if i dont speak english or because im brown they assume im from Mexico or that i do yardwork lol

    Blacks and Asians racial comments and slurs

    Rascism and prejudices are not owned by any one race
    In order to move forward with progress

    Whites need to be aware anything can be miss interpreted for a racial slur im sorry for this its jusy sensitive people
    You need not to try and over sympathize with other races to try and relate just go on about your life and treat people with respect and youll be ok

    Need to relize your in america speak english no one needs to accomadate you by speaking Spanish
    To the immigrants america doesnt owe you shit they do need to send you back so you can apply for a visa legaly
    I am a iraq veteran and have too wait 9 months for an MRI but we can send illegals to a state college for free for 17 grand a year but
    The VA has not money for wounded veterans

    Slavery is over
    White people o you nothing
    White privilege is not the white adolescent fault they do not need to publicize this
    Blacks do not own the rights to slavery every race through out history has been enslaved at one point and every race had been physicaly been socialy discriminated against at one point in time its fact

    Amy ethnicity i missed be respectfull and follow suit from topic above and youll be ok

    As a nation as a human race move past this





  • Jason

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. If you want a “safe space” to vent all your racial frustrations, do so… *in the privacy of your own home(!!)* over some beers with your friends!! This *official* club is segregation.

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  • Brad

    Segregation. Jim Crow. Hate. Intolerance. Exclusion. The same old bullshit couched in high minded ideals, adolescents attempting to make a statement about 500 years of moral ambiguity. Honest to God, if I’d known 50 years ago what I know now, I’d have not gotten my gourd smacked in back water Alabama and would have let them stay in the back of the bus. This folks, is not a safe spot for anyone. It’s racism and bigotry gussied up in 21ST Century dress.

  • Alizar

    This is a great development. Blacks and Whites should live separately and are incompatible with a societal context. Before the so called “civil rights” era when Blacks were forced to integrate into White sectors by communist Jews with an agenda to destroy all things having to do with European western civilization in the 1960’s, essentially using Blacks as a battering ram in the ultimate takeover of the former US.
    If the commies hadn’t already been in strategic positions to force integration, legislatively as well as militarily (white schools were integrated at gun point) Black Nationalism would have had a better chance to move Blacks toward a national homeland of their own and it could have been done peacefully through some form of agreements, treaties, etc.
    Cultural Marxist Jews precluded any of this and denied Blacks that possibility and succeeded to create the ensuing racial havoc.
    Even during the times of segregation, Blacks had their own movie theatres, schools, bowling alleys, churches and the family unit was relatively intact.
    So, yeah, this is a welcome development. Multiculturalism is a methodical failure that only benefits zionist oligarchs and such by keeping a society in perpetual chaos, anarchy and lawlessness. A nation is a race, a bloodline of ancestry that goes back thousands of generations and lives on in it’s progeny. Multiculturalism destroys this natural development of evolution and cries racism at every turn to demonize those who would prefer to live with those of their own natural DNA heritage. Race is not and never will be a “social construct.”

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  • John Schiesser

    You youngsters better get over you’re safe spaces, because when you get out into the “real world” and find a “real job” you will have to coexist with many different races. Some of you’re bosses will be a different race and you will have to get along even if you disagree with them, you can’t go to a safe space, you can state you’re concerns and move ahead as you should be doing now.

  • The Neanderthal

    forget all this – where can I get those black and white cookies in Claremont? !!

  • The Neanderthal

    Every one needs to be treated as they treat others.

    Be a mirror and you will see who you really are.

    You cannot be successful in the world if you see race and act on it. Everyone sees race, but you treat someone else based on the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

    Sadly, thats not where the culture has gone. These aren’t earthquakes in the south and midwest, they’re our civil rights leaders spinning in the graves after the race hustlers took over and destroyed their true legacy.

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  • Harry

    So we now have seperate but equal spaces again?

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  • Haidrich

    Damn monkeys! Americacwas built by white people for white people! Go back to Africa and stop wasting the precious resources of this country! You are no better than snimals, stupid, incapable of achieving any results in the fields of science and culture and prone to random violence!

  • Haidrich

    Damn monkeys! America was built by white people for white people! Go back to Africa and stop wasting the precious resources of this country! You are no better than animals, stupid, incapable of achieving any results in the fields of science and culture and prone to random violence!

  • Rickyticki

    I went to a snotty (white) high school and a college that was half black. I was a white girl who was in the black student union but no one ever called me privileged or pointed out my pasty complexion because this was the 90’s and they were all about the concept of unity. I never would have gone to those meetings if people who didn’t know me from a Sarajevo refugee were waving their fingers at me like Mother Superior. They wanted honkie members. Just like I had liked my friends who were not Irish coming to the Irish fest with me my black friends liked sharing their culture with anyone who could appreciate it.

    I happened to frequently feel embarrassed around my POC friends because I was relatively poor! They didn’t have jobs and would make naive “micro aggressions” like “omg why do you have to go home for the weekend to work ewwww”. The BSU was accepting where the modern safe space is accepting only if you are the right kind of person. It’s not really about genetic backgrounds it’s about strictly adhering to a very narrow viewpoint. It’s about latching onto every catchphrase like a teacher’s Stan and villainizing anyone who dares question these slogans. That kind of severe,restrictive black and white thinking was what made my homogenous high school hell for all of the kids who were different for a million kinds of reasons. The safe spacers are the definition of mean girls!

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  • Andrew M. Kaye

    One additional thought ~ I have seen a t-shirt that says, “I’m in shape! Round is a shape.” And I would offer this parallel thought: I am a person of color. White is a color. In fact, spectrally speaking, white is all of the colors combined! But perhaps my 47 years of professional experience in an environment that was blind to most social divisions ~ one in which one’s ability was the dominant discriminant ~ has simply left me too used to equal treatment for me to be able to relate the ever-so-much-wiser divisive undergraduates.

  • The Neantherhal

    politics is great and all – but where did you get the black and white cookies?

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  • ChillyDogg

    I’m pretty sure a coffeehouse discriminating on account of skin color is illegal.

  • Flash

    I am buying a gun. The fucking fascists have taken hold.

  • My Goodness.

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