Scripps College resident assistants (RAs) recently hung two types of signs titled “Emotional Labor 101” across campus. One of the signs, printed on a white background, is titled, “Quick Guide For White Students.” The other poster, printed on black paper, is titled, “Quick Guide For People Of Color And Marginalized Backgrounds.”

Both signs, which are marked with the Scripps College administration’s stamp of approval, define “emotional labor” as “the exertion of energy for the purpose of addressing people’s feelings, educating, making people comfortable, or living up to social ‘expectations.’”  The sign addressing non-white students notes, “Victims of emotional labor can be cornered in the classrooms, on social media, or in social events. If you are constantly having to explain or defend this could be you.” The poster then asks, “What can I do about it?” and states, “First and Foremost: Take care of yourself. Decide if it’s worth your time. The burden does not rest on your shoulders! Remove yourself if possible/necessary. You don’t owe anyone anything at the expense of your mental health. / Second: If you do decide to engage, practice some of these tips to avoid overexertion for the sake of educating: Refer to a friendly Google search of the concept in question; Call in professors and white peers to help educate their peer(s); Charge for your services. If you’ve decided you’re going to do it, at least get paid; Visit your designated [dean of students on campus] to talk about ways to address the mental toll.”

The guide addressed to white students, rather than discussing the ways one can undergo “emotional labor,” asks “How do I know I’m causing someone emotional labor? Ask yourself these questions: Could I have Googled the answer but I chose not to? Do I find myself in a situation where people of color or people from a marginalized group are educating me? What power dynamics are at play? Do I find myself getting defensive? Are people telling me I’m causing them emotional labor?” The message to white students ends by listing options for “What can I do about [causing others emotional labor]?” The poster states that white students should “Be mindful of your place and position. Google it! Seek community of white people who are educating themselves/thinking about social justice issues. Compensate the labor you caused. Educate yourself, take advantage of ethnic studies courses, the internet, and SCORE [Scripps Communities of Resources and Empowerment] . Take ownership for the harm you caused. Do better next time!”

Neither the Scripps College nor the RAs whose email addresses are listed on the posters responded to requests for comment.


Image: Olivia Wu

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  • Samuel Breslow

    Saying that “both signs…are marked with the Scripps College administration’s stamp of approval” is highly misleading, and yet another example of the CI’s low journalistic standards. The stamp on the flyers indicates merely that the abide by Scripps’ regulations for flyers (e.g. includes name of sponsoring organization), not that they carry any sort of ideological endorsement from the college. I encourage the CI to issue a correction, and I will be impressed if they actually do so.

    • Jacob Johnson

      Is what they reported false? No. Is it intended to deceive? No. Everything about the statement is both true and necessary. While it can be misinterpreted, that is at the fault of the reader.

      Stop nitpicking and get over yourself.

      • “Get over yourself”, indeed! Being constantly forced to defend yourself is called “harassment”, and it’s a clearly defined crime. “Emotional labor”, according to this bunch, is “the exertion of energy for the purpose of addressing people’s feelings”, and they think it’s enough work to be paid for. Well, in that case, people who wag their feelings around and demand that their feelings be addressed are *extorting labor* from other people. That’s extortion! Arrest the bums! Heheheheheh. Pricing one’s Pwecious Feewings is a two-edged sword.

    • Elliott Hamilton

      No, it is not misleading. They were given the stamp of approval from the administration through the Office of Student Affairs and the stamp is visible on the bottom-right corners of the flyers. If the administration did not endorse what was written on them, then they would never have stamped it.

      I know mental gymnastics are a thing to justify insanity, but please stop trying to project a lack of journalistic standards on the CI when your newspaper, The Student Life, does not even know the definition of the term.

      • Angry

        how’s this for journalistic standards, Hamilton. Posting private contact information without consent violates CUC’s standards for protected speech. Technically, it’s covered under the harassment policies of the colleges as cyberstalking. You may not recognize the names in the email addresses left uncensored here, but the Scripps community does. Shame on Elliot Dordick, and shame on the Claremont Independent. RIP TZ.

        • El scorcho

          This is the real world, you coddled little whiner. Nobody cares about your harassment policies. This is a newsworthy subject that was posted openly. The 1st A. protections in this fine country supercede you little policy. Your lack of understanding and logic are astounding.

        • Annie Carroll

          Thank you. You’re right. My only hope is that Elliot and the “journalists” of the claremont independent realize that their words have serious, possibly even devastating consequences and that anti harassment policies exist for a reason. Ultimately, I just hope they learn to have some compassion and humanity, and to put the safety of their fellow students – even the ones who they disagree with or are irrationally racist towards – above personal ambition and desire for post grad jobs with Brietbart. To be fair, some of them have. I have heard that a lot of the CI staff quit over articles like this one. But the ones who remain on the staff worry me. They are unlikely to understand the implications of their writing. I doubt any of them will ever truly understand the pain they’ve caused.

  • Jonas Pell

    This is why I despise SJWs and their black pets. They should pay us for enduring their rude, retarded ghetto behavior
    Screw them all

    • Angela

      “black pets” you screw yourself for your lack of humanity. You are not enduring anything in comparison of what students need to endure on the daily basis. You are missing an opportunity here to listen to them and be a better person…if that´s your goal.

  • Francisco O’Brien

    A previously respectable mid-rank college makes a laughingstock of itself. Future employers take note.

  • USukk

    Hey PoCs, how about you thank white students because without their civilization you wouldn’t have your precious computers, cards, telephones, medicine and longer life spans? Ungrateful primitives….

    • Angry

      Well, without the resources and bodies stolen from PoC communities, white people wouldn’t have their civilization, sooooo…

      • JoeyJoJoShabadooJr

        “Well, without the resources and bodies stolen from PoC communities, white people wouldn’t have their civilization, sooooo…” You are a moron.

    • calder75

      wow. You’re not even trying to hide your racism, are you? Let’s hope you never procreate.

      • JoeyJoJoShabadooJr

        yawn. no one cares.

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  • Ralff Meoff

    And THIS is a center of higher education? Will never hire anyone this retarded

  • Ralff Meoff

    Just saw that Gabby Giffords is an alumni. Sure does explain a lot

  • John

    Another reason why graduates are leaving school without the emotional maturity nor the academic aptitude to succeed in life and are reduced to spending time in tents protesting the Rohnert Park Chick-Fil-A because of something the founder said decades ago.

  • Marilyn Treuil

    This has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ve read about in a long time.

  • Maximus300

    To be compensated for services rendered there must be demand for the service and value must delivered. This idea misses on both counts. Somebody actually spent time thing this up.

  • Jim

    What a bunch of HORSESHIT

    • John

      I agree with Jim. I would never hire one of these supersillious fools. I don’t think that they will survive once they leave the womb of ignorance and increasing irrelevance.

  • Tonto

    At the basis of this type of thinking is just pure self-hatred.

  • SukieTawdry

    Who are they planning to send to collect??

  • Annie Carroll

    I will not dignify this article, nor it’s racist readership, with a response to the outrageously misleading content. I will merely say that, particularly in light of this weekend’s tragic events (and – although most of the people reading this comment do not know- the authors of this article know EXACTLY what I am referring to, and if they do not, they are even farther isolated from the claremont community than I previously thought possible), the claremont independent should immediately delete this article, publicly apologize to the family and community of the individuals targeted, and begin to think about the consequences of their words on their fellow students.

    • Danny L

      Wow. I do not even go to this college, however upon reading this article and your ridiculous comment, I felt inspired to respond. What you are saying lacks complete understanding of the situation and only furthers the disgust I feel to have a member of my family actually attending your communist school. The article was well written, lacked bias and simply stated the facts of what occurred. This is true journalism and did not cross any kind of line of integrity.

      The events that transpired afterwards are very sad. However, that has nothing to do with this article or the authors of it. If someone chose to take their life over viewpoint which did not agree with theirs, then they were obviously quite unstable to begin with. I send my condolences to the family of the bereaved but there will be no apology. This article did not cause harm to anyone. There were no individuals targeted. You can continue to wait for a concession but it will not come. The only apology should come from Scripps college and their branch of executives who continue to purport this toxic notion of “White Privilege”. These are the people responsible for the true harm of this situation.

      If that student was not constantly told that she was marginalized, that she was owed something by this world due to the color of her skin and that white people were responsible, maybe she would still be alive today! By constantly instilling this notion within students they will begin to develop a “victim” complex. How dare you try to blame this on the authors of this article. You should be taking a deeper look inside yourself, your values and ask; “If my colleagues at Scripps College and I hadn’t posted such blasphemous, repugnant slander, would my friend still be alive?”
      Being white is not a crime. It does mean you are a racist. Stop spewing this false rhetoric before there is more blood on your own hands. Just remember, the author of this article did not post those signs. He simply pointed out their lunacy.

      • Angry

        “I do not even go to this college… what you are saying lacks complete understanding of the situation”
        Hey shitbox, check the image accompanying the article. Along the bottom, that’s her private email address on an image taken on a private campus. Posting private contact info without consent isn’t covered under the protected speech policies of CUC, and is technically defined as cyberstalking and harassment. Want to know why? Because the racist trolls who follow cumstains like Fox News, InfoWars, and Elliot Hamilton will see this article retweeted, then start sending hundreds of threatening messages to her PRIVATE EMAIL ADDRESS. This is doxxing. UNDER THE VERY LETTER of the consortium’s policies, The Claremont Independent, and Elliot Dordick, SHOULD NOT HAVE A PLACE AT THESE COLLEGES. Report what you want, but don’t hand out private information to mobs of pointy-hooded halfwits! How would you like it if I got my commie-thug buddies to show up at your house and shout threats at you? Same thing dingbat.

        • Danny L

          “Hey Shitbox” -Retarded SJW above me, 2017.

          You should really try to get the most out of your education and learn to properly read and write before tackling politics. So what if it’s her private email? If she did not want it seen that maybe she should not have posted it in a public place. Ding. Brilliant! She has absolutely no grounds to be upset. She has done this to herself. I completely support the re-tweeting and spamming of her contact info. I will send the picture to my friends at Breitbart and The Rebel Media.

          There is a very simple reason why I will do this. What this disgusting little girl has laid out in these posters is 100% racism. Which is simply defined as; “Discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race.” Read those signs that this ignorant person posted. Read the definition of racism. Go back to the posters. Read the definition of racism again. After that please tell me how that is not clean and cut racism towards white people?
          Yes that can exist. Try to wrap that around your thick social justice warrior skulls.

          Elliot Dordick is the absolute only thing Claremont has to be proud of. It has turned into a sickening breeding ground for hate speech against whites, Jews and conservatives. The executives and administration simply turn a blind eye to this. If I were Elliot I would isolate myself as far from you liberal cucks as possible. The rest of the country is changing as well. No one is buying what you have to sell. People are finally realizing that false victim hood is not a good look in 2017! There is a new sheriff in town. Straighten up.

          • Scripps College

            You are a literal piece of shit Danny L. You make me sick. Someone is gone and you have no fucking sympathy for her or her family. Fuck you

          • Angela

            “Discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race.” Danny L…that is exactly what you are doing when talking about this “little girl”. She was an RA…she created this poster for students in dorms. For their use and you are saying that is her fault to make it public? This poster was not made to get public in media. The girl has passed away! Your lack of compassion is disturbing and despicable.

  • Scripps College

    This is your fault

  • Scripps College

    Delete this is you have a shred of sympathy

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  • C

    Claremont Independent: I would just like to draw your attention to the type of people commenting here in favor of your articles. Even if you claim not to be racist (lol ok) you CANNOT deny that those endorsing your articles are.

  • Stop This

    Elliot. A girl is dead. you published her email on a site where you know racist trolls would harass her. Do you not feel any guilt? Do you not realize the harm your carelessness has done? Shame on you.

    • Danny L

      Please name me one thing that Elliot has said in this article that is racist. Or please point out a single instance in this comment section that his “Trolls” have said anything racist. You claim that we are, so please put your money where your mouth is. Show me this instance of racism and you have my word in front of anyone who reads this comment, that I will transfer you $1,000 from my personal bank account. This should be quite easy money since we are such a racist bunch, who constantly issue slurs.

      Long gone are the days of crying “Racism!” when someone disagrees with your view. The only racism I see here comes from the RA’s telling white people how they should act. Could you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot? There would be three weeks of riots and a national holiday to help the “marginalized victims” cope with their trauma. Get over yourselves. Get on with your lives. Stop playing the victim card. Enough.

      • Pay up

        “Hey PoCs, how about you thank white students because without their civilization you wouldn’t have your precious computers, cards, telephones, medicine and longer life spans? Ungrateful primitives….”

        How do we complete this transaction? I’m a little primitive so please explain how to receive my funds….

        • Angela

          Danny L. pay this person! Have some integrity!

          • Pay Up

            “You have my word….”

            So does that mean we can now discount your word? Please I will except that as payment as well.

  • C.A.

    Shame on you for publishing student´s email. You did not cover it from the poster. You are responsible for the harassment this student suffered and, for the intolerance that you have spread through your publications and that have affected people of color.

  • Disappointed and sick

    The student whose email is posted here just committed suicide. Whoever didn’t redact her email, forever who opened her up to this kind of harassment, I hope you feel sick. She was so young.

    You really showed those college students, didn’t you.


  • Sharon Rosen Leib

    As a journalist and the parent of a Scripps student, I’m horrified by the lack of compassion demonstrated in some of these comments. A young woman (may her memory be a blessing) took her own life. She may have written this poster as a cry for help. Instead, her email was published in a public forum and she was besieged by hateful trolls. As for the “new sheriff in town,” he has emboldened haters of all stripes. If one of you defending this piece was my child (G-d forbid), I’d stop paying your exorbitant tuition, haul you home and take all of your electronics away before you could push send on your next hateful screed.

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  • CDMjettyfoamers

    How was any know she committed suicide till someone posted it on this site, sorry for her family, but does not take away how wrong she was.

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