Scripps Students, Faculty: Protest Madeleine Albright Because She is a ‘White Feminist’

Recently, the Office of the President at Scripps College sent out an email informing the student body that former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will be the commencement speaker this spring. “We proudly welcome Dr. Albright to Scripps College and eagerly anticipate a glimpse of the person ‘behind the position’ in her history-making role as America’s first female Secretary of State.”

Several students were upset by the decision to invite Dr. Albright to speak at graduation. An article in The Student Life (TSL) described Albright as a “white feminist and repeated genocide enabler” because she removed UN peacekeepers and U.S. troops from Rwanda and supported military intervention in the Balkans.

Many other students were concerned by the fact that Albright is white, and expressed their sentiments on social media. “2012 and like 2008 appeared to be people of color. but also SO MANY white women,” a student stated.

“*Just out of curiosity* does anyone know how many POC we’ve had as guest commencement speakers at Scripps? 2…3?” asked another student. “real question. real problem,” responded a student who previously stated that she was “fulfilling life dreams” when she saw white feminist Nancy Pelosi speak at Scripps in February.

One student even called for a protest of the event. “With Madeline [sic] Albright being our commencement speaker (and a war criminal and a white feminist) I know some of our professors are refusing to be on stage. I was wondering if any of the students were planning a protest or perhaps some sort of show of disagreement with Albright and what she stands for?”

Not all students were angry that Albright was invited to give the commencement speech. “Having the opportunity to listen to Madeleine Albright speak during commencement is something graduating students, and Scripps students in general, should be appreciative of,” Olivia Wu (SC ’19) told the Claremont Independent. “Seeing negative reactions about her visit just because of her race is honestly ridiculous when considering her achievements.”

Scripps students did not appear to protest when Angela Davis, a leader of the Communist Party USA and member of the Black Panther Party—who was on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list for murder and kidnapping—spoke on campus earlier this year. The event, titled “Radical Acts: A Conversation with Angela Davis” described Davis as “a one-time Communist party candidate and champion for prison reform” who is “an outspoken advocate for the oppressed and exploited, writing on black liberation, prison abolition, the intersections of race, gender, and class, and international solidarity with Palestine.”

Scripps’ commencement will take place at the Elm Tree Lawn on Saturday, May 14.

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76 thoughts on “Scripps Students, Faculty: Protest Madeleine Albright Because She is a ‘White Feminist’”

  1. I really wish you all would make a **** point. I haphazardly generate more exposure for you, spread your fan base to people who can interpret your Cousin Tom-foolery, and am unfortunately loyal. Im glad you can quote college girls contradicting themselves….thats like Hilary’s bread&butter…but youre wasting digital space with these flat fluff pieces   Especially when you leave out the context surrounding the FBI’s practices during the civil rights movements and that whole COINTELPRO stunt they pulled. Thanks for keeping the machine going, enjoy the weekend.

    1. The FBI–truly the most unbiased apolitical intelligence organization there has ever been towards black liberation groups and activists. They’d never, say, try to convince a national hero to kill himself through blackmail just a few years before Angela Davis made their wanted list Davis is for sure comparable to the lady who said the deaths of 500,000 innocent children were “worth it.”

      Also, sick job noting (from your own link) that Davis was acquitted on all charges and was never even accused of actually murdering anyone. How anyone could protest Albright and not Davis is just a confounding mystery. It must be due to a double standard about race. A+ Journalism guys!! You really presented this topic fairly and considered your sources with a lot of thought.

      1. As an alumna of Scripps College, who reads your articles with interest when I am alerted to particular topics, I want to congratulate you on your coverage of the absurd student reaction to Madeline Albright because she is white! Really?! How incredibly close minded, hostile and and immature these students appear on a campus that prides itself on its commitment to diversity and inclusion. I guess those values only apply if you’re a woman of color; certainly not to white (synonymous with privileged) women in general, even those with incredible credentials and achievements. Why would a young woman choose a liberal arts college like Scripps if they aren’t willing to open their minds to diverse opinions and perspectives from the past and present. That’s precisely how one develops critical thinking skills, which used to be the product of a Scripps education. Now it appears that the “thought police,” made up of a core group of ultra left-wing faculty and students at Scripps want to teach students what to think— not how to think. What else can one take away from this ridiculous situation when someone like Angela Davis, a Black Panther with rather questionable ethics, can come to campus and be embraced with open arms? Do we really believe that all Scripps students welcomed her visit? Very doubtful, but those students have been silenced because their views are not welcome in the current hostile campus climate at Scripps.

        Clearly no one in any of the leadership positions at Scripps cares, but the number of alumnae who are totally turned off by the radicalization of Scripps grows exponentially with each ridiculous student issue and demand that is made and immediately responded to. Alums may have been marginalized at Scripps but they have not been silenced, and the end result does not bode well for an institution that needs and depends on alumnae support.

    2. Yes, she was acquitted. Yes, she is guilty as **** just like OJ. Good lawyers got her off.

      Your protest against having the former United States Secretary of State speak at your college and your silence about a murderer speak only shows your immaturity and hypocrisy.

    1. So its ok to have a black violent radical speak, but not a former Secretary of State who is white speak? Seems like the “students” at CMC need a dose of reality.

    2. that’s what democrats do, they control the black race with the i’m a victim mantra, a lack of intelligence in the black community is spreading like wildfire

  2. She’s white = she’s privileged and has nothing of value to say. It’s not that complicated.

    Instead they should have Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud speak. As a POC, he knows what it means to suffer under the yolk of western colonialist oppression.

    1. You are privileged to speak your mind, castigate people of all colors and genders. You are privileged to go to an expensive school, that privilege paid for by privileged individuals. So many privileges that you take advantage of every day.

      What you don’t have, aside from a functioning brain, is gratitude. It’s all about you and your feelings, right? No gratitude for anyone that did the work to get you what you have. Sounds like you have all the tools to become an excellent government employee, wasting resources and not actually doing any real work.

    2. Melissa, come now. You aren’t that complicated with that simplistic viewpoint. Is that not a very compassionate response from someone who values the diversity that is only you? Pure balderdash! Maybe you should speak due to the fact you would only approve of your own balderdash? Go back to your minimal existence in your non-colonial depressed other world. The only yolk you suffer from is the one hanging around your waste labeled myopia! Jealousy smells of old fish and you wear it like body spray! Adbdul Al Saud Shazaam Raul Fazouk is not available, he died January 23, 2015….

    3. The Saudis are the worst oppressors of women and gays on the entire planet. Gays are routinely executed in Saudi Arabia and women are treated like DIRT.

    4. Melissa- it is **** scary knowing there are such violent racist people like you in our country. Please examine your thoughts and practices. Stop hating others because of their skin color and socio-economic status.

  3. This article is great! The left needs to calm down. They have a giant problem with everything and would better spend their time doing homework than protesting A because B then B because A. Scripps could have tried to get Condoleeza Rice to speak as she was the first black, female secretary of state…but something tells me students would have had an issue with that too #Republican. Protesting seniors sound like, “After four years spent expanding my horizons and challenging my point of view, I will only be comfortable listening to someone who has the exact same point of view as me. Also, I have to like the way she looks and the color of her skin matters. ” Learned a lot after four years for sure. As a Scripps student, I am ashamed of my class.

  4. Madeline Albright was Yassir Arafat’s lapdog when she chased him down and begged him to return to a meeting.

  5. Judging people on the basis of the color of their skin is a working definition of racism. I suggest that the protesting students demonstrate a true commitment to their cause by returning all scholarship money they have ever received and by rejecting all future scholarships, that have been given by the generous and caring white donors.

    1. Amen! However, I am sure they will sell out to the highest bidder as this young generation neither understands the value of things, of silence, and losing weight…Hold on world, they are supposed to be so enlightened and open minded about their thinking and acceptance of all people and races….Pu-leeeease!

  6. White people are descended from European people (Slavic, Germanic, Celtic, Iberian, etc) Jews ARE NOT White people. Jews are the descendant of MONGEL-TURKS who converted to Judaism and they are SEMITES. White people ARE NOT Semites.

    To you uneducated losers with your worthless college degrees: Stop blaming WHITE PEOPLE for JEWISH BEHAVIOR and JEWISH PRIVILEGE.

  7. As an Arab-American I must admit that all this “white privilege” garbage is perpetrated by black racist groups like Black LIES Matter. Divider-in-Chief Obama has helped to create this toxic climate as well, along with his racist soulmate Al Sharpton.

  8. Perhaps the college can grow a pair, cancel commencement, and mail the diplomas to this class of graduates. Forget the speech…they are not interested in anything but being coddled.

    1. The accompanying letter should read something like this, “Here is your diploma, for what it’s worth. The fact that you attempted to no-platform Sec. Albright shows that somewhere along the way we failed to educate you.”

  9. Who cares if she is white? Isn’t it about the message she brings? What difference does it make that she is “white”?
    Sounds like a bunch of the privileged little brats that attend Claremont are more racist than the most extreme right wing conservatives ever thought of being. This sort of racism must make all you far left Cloward-Piven/Alinsky-ites swell with self-indignant pride.
    Shameful and embarrassing are the two adjectives that immediately come to mind….the parents of such morons as these must be extremely proud.

  10. I am no fan of Madaleine Albright. Personally, you could have brought in a more intelligent speaker if you invited a brass doorknob to speak. But just because she is too white?


    1. People like you who derogatorily call out a people just because they are Jewish are the reason why Jews are victims. Jews are not professional at making it up that people are anti-Semetic. People like you are just not intelligent enough to realize that you actually are anti-Semetic. Attacking someone you disagree with not on the basis of disagreeing with them but on the basis of their skin color, religion, etc is racist. So please sit down.

  11. Really!! Little spoiled rotten children who know nothing except how to put people in little boxes to fit their racist anti white agenda is exactly what we have here. Grow up and get real. I really don’t understand why Madeline Albright would even bother with you all. I don’t agree with her on everything but she has lived a life and accomplished much. You all on the other hand are on the government dole or living off Mommy and Daddy. If you worked for your education – you would not be wasting your time on such stupidity.

  12. Wow, the stupidity is painful. Protesting a speaker because of skin color: if that’s not racist, what is? I’ll tell you why there aren’t more speakers of color too: guess what? They find some reason to protests them too! Remember when Condoleeza Rice had to cancel a college speech because of protests? College students need to take a big breath and calm tf down!

  13. In the 1980’s I had the joy of teaching an amazing group of exceptional, motivated, mature, tolerant, open, and inspiring women at Scripps College…When I left Scripps to take an appointment as a professor at USC my only regret was that I would miss them…I hope that voices raised in opposition to our former Secretary of State Madelaine Albright are actually those of a small minority of Scripps students…and that those wiser minds of yesteryear I recall still represent the vast majority of Scripps’ women graduating there today…

  14. As it is the case in point, with Universities speakers getting exorbitant amounts of monies, when there is people that cannot even afford books for college because the federal goverment is cutting out financial aid more and more everyday. Nonetheless, there is a pay to play system that will enable corporate puppets like Hollywood people and used out politicians all in order to laudry monies from federal funded universities into the private bank accounts. However, my pep peeve is that prosecuters’ look the other way and allow these type of crimes to go uncheck. Moreover, if that person comminting the crime was a small company then they will get prosecuted. Forethemostpart, crimes commited by the universities administration should get attention because paying some corporate associate 100,000 thousand dollars for thirty minutes it is a scam and nobody cannot deny that because it is in our faces do to the fact that not one person in the world is worth to hear for 30 minutes for such a sum of money.

    1. In the other hand, there is people that can write a condesandant letter but what they do not realize is that morals and ethics are teach in colleges and universities and just because we are all North American it does not mean that our goverment is an ethical example. Moreover, the United States goverment is the most unethical goverment in the world and if you do not believed then ask the native American people. So lets analyze Madam Madelyn Albright just a bit and just bring up her position as secretary of state when she aprooved all the maladies of the CIA and not President Clinton because there is an undergoverment that rules all the branches of it and that is our millitary pals that blew a hole in the Pentagon and got a way with it but lets digress and focus in Mrs. Albright the corporate officer that never said no and in fact was metally condition to obey without questioning anything even when she knew that it was murdering inocent people but because she was a woman she had something to prove to the headmasters. In fact if they would it ask to nuke the Kosovo after the fact they, meaning the corporate cabal would it make an excuse to justify her crimes. In all and all, everything done by the corporate elites has been approved by the “United Nations” which is a strawman fallacy created in order to commit more crimes against humanity and do you want evidence just ask the Palestians, Lybians, Iraquis, and the Rowandans genocide which is Albright baby and others crimes against humanity that has been cover up like the Armenians genicide. Nonetheless, politicians belive that it does not matter how many people die but how many more would be born because they come with a number on their forehead.

  15. It is not Mrs. Albright just the only person to blame for those crimes in her tenure as secretary of state, but also us the American people because we are co-conspirators and also have equal respinsability for whaever our government do abroad and inland. However, it is inmoral to have such of person coming to speak about ethical etiquetes when there is an audience judging you for your past actions. Moreover, if Mrs. Albright would gone to jail serve her time for her trangressions and to society then her redemption is acceptable. Nonetheless, neither **** Cheney, George Bush jr. or the impeached William Clinton have paid for their trangressions and they are thinking that they will never pay but that is self-illusion that would be fulfill some day in the near future because they are mortals and would taste the bitter death double time. In fact people that have done such of horrendous crimes will be back in this earth just to sufer in their own skin.

  16. Thank you students! You know what you talking about. Her hands are very ****** and young people have nothing positive to hear from her.

  17. Dear God! How the conversation above diminished into absence, vacuity. Lynn Miller, I grieve with you.

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