Over the past couple weeks, students at colleges across the country have retreated into their safe spaces to protest the “hate speech” that is Donald Trump’s name. Never to be left out of a big PC trend, the Claremont Colleges have seen plenty of oversensitivity to Trump as well. Students and administrators at both Scripps College and  Pitzer College have referred to the phrases “#Trump2016” and “Make America” as “harassment,” “intimidation,” and “racism,” among other things. What these students seem to be missing is that their outrage is exactly what has made Trump’s candidacy so successful.

Political correctness has reached a point where it is essentially impossible to have an honest, open conversation about sensitive issues. Trump’s rise is nothing more than a direct response to the growing trend of language policing, and nowhere has this pattern of offense-taking victim culture been more evident than right here in Claremont.

At Pomona College, students protested an America-themed party because they felt that it supported “imperialism, violence, and racist power structures.” A mad scientist-themed party was opposed because the student government felt that the party’s name—“Mudd Goes Madd”—“trivializes mental health and disability issues.”

At Pitzer College, the Student Senate rejected a proposed Yacht Club because they thought that the word “yacht” was offensive to low-income students. Just weeks later, that same Student Senate did not approve a student’s request to start a campus branch of the national DreamCatcher Foundation—an organization that helps to give happy experiences to terminally ill hospice patients—because, even though the Student Senators believed that it “seems like a worthy organization in their goals and mission,” they were concerned that the word “DreamCatcher” was a form of cultural appropriation. This despite the fact that the CEO of the national organization is Native American herself.

The administration at Scripps College rescinded its invitation to George Will to speak at the Malott Public Affairs Program, a conservative speaker series intended to provide students with an opportunity to hear viewpoints they disagree with, because they didn’t agree with the conservative views Will expressed in a column he had written for the Washington Post. A cupcake-decorating event at Scripps was criticized for being a “garbage, cis, white event” and  “incredibly violent to trans women,” and students who defended the event were called “racist.” Just a few weeks later, the same on-campus coffee shop that hosted the cupcake event allowed only “people of color and allies that they invite” inside. Minority-only “safe spaces” appeared at Pomona College as well, where students were told that the presence of white students would prevent their nonwhite peers from feeling “safe” and “comfortable.”

The political correctness movement is losing traction because students are growing tired of being told what lecturers they can listen to, what parties they can go to, what clubs they can start, what charities they can support, and how they can decorate their cupcakes.

This same principle applies to most Americans on national political issues. Any opposition to illegal immigration and any efforts to call out radical Islam have been deemed unacceptable by the PC police. Much of Trump’s appeal comes from his brash, unapologetic demeanor and ongoing crudity in the face of public resentment. He maintains his strong views on immigration despite frequently being called a racist by progressives. He is willing to speak out against radical Islamic terror even when his critics try to call him an Islamophobe. He’s the only presidential candidate in American history who can talk about the size of his penis without committing political suicide. The fact that Trump is willing to confront societal taboos and revel in other people’s shock and distaste hits home with those who are tired of rampant PC culture dictating what they can and cannot do with their lives.

Overwhelmingly, Trump is supported by those Americans that feel constantly derided by elites in academia, the media, and Washington, DC. It only confirms Trump’s narrative when students and administrators at some of the most elite, exclusive, and expensive colleges in the country describe the act of writing Trump slogans on campus as “hate crimes” and acts of “violence.” These sorts of reactions communicate to the American working class what Trump has been peddling throughout his campaign: the upper echelons of society find your very presence offensive and they will seek to exclude, or even—in their ideal world—oppress you. How do you imagine that looks to Trump supporters? Every time a social justice warrior tries to call out Donald Trump over supposed bigotry, he, she, they, or ze adds more fuel to the Trump fire. Ah, the irony.



Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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  • Independent

    Excellent article. Well said.

    • Zeke Watts

      I agree, lets talk more about our dicks!!

      • Jeff Bridges

        Really mature comment.

        • Olivia

          Shut up, you elitist speech policer.

      • Daaave

        Okay. Let’s talk about you.

  • Anonymous

    I read the title and thought that social justice warriors made love and out popped Donald Trump.

  • alex

    lololol this doesn’t event make sense hahaha wow, you think people are pissed off at the elite and that’s why trump happened? nahhh dude that’s a pathetic argument, your logic skills ain’t that great sorry to break it to ya, who do you think supports trump? not opening minded, caring and compassionate liberals…….good luck salvaging your wreck of a party, the claremont independent is a shit show…in my humble opinion. you aren’t even ADDRESSING anything beyond the scope of the elite…that’s sign of a bad reporter/writer. good luck next time…not. 🙂

    • alex

      i should clarify, *beyond the scope of the elite and political correctness. you aren’t talking about any other viewpoints, so of course with a tunnel visioned argument you can use confirmation bias but turns out that’s bs

    • Bruce Hodge

      And you, sir, are a poorly educated idiot. It is not possible to follow, much less understand, your incomprehensible blabbering: words in search of a thought. Hit the books, not “the “elite”!

  • James

    So true. You forgot to mention that those students of color who are offended are trying to speak for all students of color. Just speak for yourself, you complain that you are asked to represent all students of color, but you jump at the opportunity.

  • K

    Spot on. The hipster-PC-intellectual trend is plaguing the world now, not just the United States. Removing something from the scope of public discourse doesn’t mean that issue no longer bothers people; it just means that the nuances of those issue are never explored in the public domain. Every now and then, someone like Trump can come and blow the steam off. You keep throwing around terms like sexist, bigot, transphobe, etc (even when s/he/they – person at whom these slurs are directed – isn’t/aren’t one)… next thing: no one gives a shit about about being called a bigot, and that’s when people start embracing or even celebrating bigotry.

  • Joey

    I have no comment about most of the article. The opinions you hold are different than mine. You are clearly expressing a valid single opinion given your gender, background, interests, and so on. I also get the feeling that when you hold an opinion it might be difficult for you to truly understand where others are coming from on an emotional or personal level rather than just people’s visible actions. That’s probably why you hold such strong opinions. No one who understands how complex the world is holds such strong opinions about such complex issues. Lastly, you said that trump is willing to shock people? Talking about your penis isn’t shocking people in a good way, I can tell yah that… it’s kinda distasteful and childish. I mean if he was telling everyone that he has an std on his penis would you think that’s dope? It sounds like it’s not about the fact that he’s willing to talk about genitalia that excites you, it’s more that he’s willing to talk about his penis in a jokingly manner using language that increases his image of power because he’s willing to “go there”. So the whole penis thing doesn’t make him cool, it kinda comes off as a dick move to me.

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