In an open letter to outgoing Pomona College President David Oxtoby, a group of students from the Claremont Colleges assail the president for affirming Pomona’s commitment to free speech and demand that all five colleges “take action” against the conservative journalists on the staff of the Claremont Independent.

The letter, written by three self-identified Black students at Pomona College, is a response to an April 7 email from President Oxtoby in which he reiterated the college’s commitment to “the exercise of free speech and academic freedom” in the aftermath of protests that shut down a scheduled appearance by an invited speaker, scholar and Black Lives Matter critic Heather Mac Donald, on April 6.

“Protest has a legitimate and celebrated place on college campuses,” Oxtoby wrote. “What we cannot support is the act of preventing others from engaging with an invited speaker. Our mission is founded upon the discovery of truth, the collaborative development of knowledge and the betterment of society.”

In their open letter, the students sharply disagree.

“Free speech, a right many freedom movements have fought for, has recently become a tool appropriated by hegemonic institutions. It has not just empowered students from marginalized backgrounds to voice their qualms and criticize aspects of the institution, but it has given those who seek to perpetuate systems of domination a platform to project their bigotry,” they write.

“Thus, if ‘our mission is founded upon the discovery of truth,’” the students continue, citing Oxtoby’s letter, “how does free speech uphold that value?”

The students also characterize truth as a “myth” and a white supremacist concept.

“Historically, white supremacy has venerated the idea of objectivity, and wielded a dichotomy of ‘subjectivity vs. objectivity’ as a means of silencing oppressed peoples,” they explain. “The idea that there is a single truth–‘the Truth’–is a construct of the Euro-West that is deeply rooted in the Enlightenment, which was a movement that also described Black and Brown people as both subhuman and impervious to pain. This construction is a myth and white supremacy, imperialism, colonization, capitalism, and the United States of America are all of its progeny. The idea that the truth is an entity for which we must search, in matters that endanger our abilities to exist in open spaces, is an attempt to silence oppressed peoples.”

In reference to the protests of Mac Donald, the open letter explains that engaging with Mac Donald’s speech would have amounted to a debate not “on mere difference of opinion, but [on] the right of Black people to exist.”

“Heather Mac Donald is a fascist, a white supremacist, a warhawk, a transphobe, a queerphobe, a classist, and ignorant of interlocking systems of domination that produce the lethal conditions under which oppressed peoples are forced to live,” the letter claims. “Why are you [President Oxtoby], and other persons in positions of power at these institutions, protecting a fascist and her hate speech and not students that are directly affected by her presence?”

The open letter concludes by insisting that Oxtoby apologize for his April 7 email and issue a new message that the college “does not tolerate hate speech and speech that projects violence onto the bodies of its marginalized students and oppressed peoples.”

The students also demand that the Claremont Colleges “take action” against the staff of the Claremont Independent for their “continual perpetuation of hate speech, anti-Blackness, and intimidation toward students of marginalized backgrounds.” Taking a step further, they call for “disciplinary action” against conservative journalists from the Claremont Colleges.

“We also demand that Pomona College and the Claremont University Consortium entities take action against the Claremont Independent editorial staff for its continual perpetuation of hate speech, anti-Blackness, and intimidation toward students of marginalized backgrounds,” they write. “Provided that the Claremont Independent releases the identity of students involved with this letter and such students begin to receive threats and hate mail, we demand that this institution and its constituents take legal action against members of the Claremont Independent involved with the editing and publication process as well as disciplinary action, such as expulsion on the grounds of endangering the wellbeing of others.”

The letter’s signatories, of whom there are more than 20 at the time of publication, request a response by the afternoon of April 18.

The authors of the letter did not immediately respond to the Independent’s requests for comment.

Update: A link to President Oxtoby’s original email has been added to this article.

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  • How about, “We’ll see you in hell first” for a reply?

    • NavymanBill

      Good comment.

      • Based on all the stories like the current one that keep appearing, one might safely assume that SJWs are winning. That’s bolstered by the fact that there are few anti-SJW successes (note: something that just helps a showman like Milo isn’t a success).

        Based on that, one might assume that the loudest opposition to SJWs is doing things wrong. SJWs hold untenable positions, yet their loudest opposition – including those who have lots of financial backing like Milo – can’t get definitive victories against them. The smart thing to do would be to evaluate how SJWs are opposed, starting with comments like yours. Because – obviously – it doesn’t work.

        The response I expect is for fans of how things are current done to help illustrate my point by doing things that won’t undercut SJWs, such as calling me names, lying and smearing, demonstrating delusional behavior, or promising that things will get better Real Soon Now. SJWs have untenable positions and they only succeed because their loudest opposition keeps helping them.

        • Fisht

          What a retarded non argument. Indoctrinated leftwits are created by, owned and operated by Public Sector Union Employees, not me.

        • Azathoth

          “The response I expect”.

          You seem to want a response that undercuts SJWs rather than responding to you, rather than dissecting what you say.


          Why must we, your readers, simply accept that Milo’s anti-SJW efforts are not successes on your say so?

          Why must we accept anything you put forward when you appear hell bent of denying that any of our successes are real?

          In fact, I would suggest that our successes are hard to see because they have to get past a biased mainstream media as well as a gauntlet of possible concern trolls before anyone gets to hear about them on any but the most immediate types of fora.

          If you have an alternate course, lay it out, don’t snipe at those who are acting without having an action to undertake.

          • Francis Gerham Jr

            There is no intellectual argument against Freedom of Speech in the Contitution of the USA. If you don’t like it , go find a country that treats you better or that gives you a better opportunity of success

        • Greg Kells

          SJWs are beaten routinely, both physically when they instigate violence (i.e. Berkley, Huntington Beach) and intellectually on virtually every platform that permits open discussions.

        • Asian Reactionary

          Impossible to engage with them given that their premises are entirely self-serving. The only alternative is to try to starve them of funds, which is not possible due to significant financial backers they have.

          What is being done is probably the best strategy, even if it doesn’t seem ideal.

          • Bill

            Hey Sunshine, you can invent and break down as many oppressors as you want, at the end there is only one oppressor: REALITY. Ain’t no getting around that one. Trust us, we’ve been trying.

      • Shi Qiang

        I’ll raise you one. The illiberal open letter was authored by:
        Dray Denson PO ’20
        Avery Jonas PO ’20
        Shanaya Stephenson PO ’19

        Co-signing the proudly ignorant diatribe were:
        Victor Bene PZ ’19
        Bemnet Gebrechirstos SC ’19
        Jordan Howard-Jennings HMC ’19
        Gabby Snowden SC ’19
        Eliamani Ismail SC ’20
        Katarina Figueroa
        Karé Ureña PZ ’18
        Leandra Vargas PZ ’18
        Malaika Ogukwe PO ’19
        Journey Simmons PO ’20
        Mazvita Nyamuzuwe SC ’20
        Noemi Delgado PZ ’19
        Sherlan Lord PZ ’19
        Leya Solomon PO ’19
        Vanessa Akinnibosun SC ’19
        Zemia Edmondson PO ‘20
        Neyissa Desir PO ’19
        Sega Birhane HMC ’20
        Ramonda Giddings HMC ’17
        Matt Simon HMC ’18
        Jillian Cardamon HMC ’20
        Jasmine David PO ’19
        Justis Allen HMC ’17
        Donely Gunn HMC ’18

        Given their whimpering and howling when a relatively mainstream speaker came to their campus, I wait with baited breath to see how they fare in the workplace. Methinks that Starbucks will have some surly, self-righteous applicants, and heavily indebted applicants for barista openings in the near future.

        • Your comments speak precisely to the racism they are decrying. I support their sentiments 100%. No Hate Speech ought to be allowed on any college campuses.
          It is time to stop promoting by tacit consent the lies and oppression of eugenics. That speaker can be a critic of Black Lives Matter OFF campus.
          Calling them names n snyde remarks does not lessen the validity and concise position they expressed in their letter. I for one am proud of them and would love to interview them on my radio show The Age of Fission. I am a student at the University of Oregon and would ask they send their letter to every college and university in the country, as a proctive measure.

          • PenaltyBox

            The problem is with the definition of hate speech. Their (and probably your) definition is ridiculously absurd. All speech must be protected, even the most offensive. Especially the most offensive.

          • Perry Williams

            There was nothing racist in their comments. They were simply stating that with their current attitude of demanding this and demanding that, nobody will want to hire them. That’s not racist, it’s FACT!

            The only name calling being done here in in the demand letter from the petitioners, to include “Bigot, fascist, a white supremacist, warhawk, transphobe, queerphobe, and classist” to name a few.

            Those wanting to live in glass houses should not throw stones.

          • Fisht

            eff you Liberal. Youre the enemy of America.

          • Jack Tors

            It’s clear from your comment that you know nothing about eugenics or Heather MacDonald’s work. I suggest that you make better house of Oregon taxpayer dollars and get educated.

          • Scottie

            I find your comments to be hate speech. You should just shut up and go lay down. Nothing you’ve said is true (in my world), and therefore, I shouldn’t have to listen to it.

          • Jimpithecus

            Since when has any speaker that has been invited advocated eugenics??? Have you even read what Heather MacDonald has written? And why is is okay to invite people that are critical of one group but not people that are critical of another? That is not free speech. That is suppression. Is that really what you support?

          • Stephen W. Houghton

            Lonnie, Let me tell you why you are wrong. By decrying objectivity and embracing subjectivity, they are helping, one hopes unconsciously the forces of oppression.

            Subjectivism is the idea that all views are equally valid. In practice that would mean that those who want to kill black people are not to be judged worse than those who want to stop the killing.

            Once one has embraced the idea that there is no right and wrong or no true and false, then violence is the only way of resolving disputes. So though they may not like it the authors of this letter are fascists.

          • Charles in Tx.

            Have compassion, they miss the dopehead Kenyan.

          • Chris

            What exactly is a “proctive measure”? It sounds painful.

          • keith hagarman

            Eugenics? Margaret Sanger could not be reached for comment.

          • MnemonicMike

            Why is despising stupid people “racist”?

          • Jack Klompus

            Thank you for revealing that you’re a colossal idiot.

          • Jaybird

            It is not a fact that no one would hire these youngsters, but Starbucks. That is an opinion based on a narrow mind. The fact is, the letter is a well constructed opening statement.
            Arguments, such as, “retarded,” in response are the thoughts of an Ignorant person who wouldn’t measure up as a Starbucks Barista.
            These young men and women aren’t calling names. They’re stating documented fact, whereas, the ones offended are hurling ignorant opinion that is in line with their grievance

          • D. Macdonald

            A “proctive measure”? As in proctology?

          • Maximus300

            Since when do public colleges and universities get a pass from the 1st Amendment. Who elected you (or any other person) the arbiter of what constitutes hate speech. Your pronouncements are nothing more than a platform for a fascist dictatorship that decides what we can hear or not hear. Your just a pic bigot. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • RonF

            “No Hate Speech ought to be allowed on any college campuses.”

            And who gets to decide what’s “hate speech”? Who are the people who are the unquestionable moral arbiters that get to decide that and enforce it?

            What you call “hate speech” others call “truth” or “common sense”. Neither you nor anyone else has the right to establish any moral line and decide what speech crosses it and what doesn’t. The desirable endpoint of getting an education is so that people can listen to people presenting a point of view and decide FOR THEMSELVES what is right and wrong. And the only way to do that is to get an education in logic, reason, etc. and then listen to people make the case for various points of view and engage them in debate.

            You have every right to decide for yourself what manner of speech is good and what is evil. You have NO RIGHT to decide that for someone else.

          • Chim Richels

            I would contend that their letter is hate speech and thus, these supposedly “marginalized” students, by your own admission, should be silenced.

          • Josh Cohen

            You’re an idiot.

          • Asian Reactionary

            Silly. The entire point of campus is to be an open space for debate. You can engage in freedom of association and safe spaces outside of campus.

          • Lazlo Toth

            Hate speech absolutely should be allowed on campuses, and everywhere. Colleges actually should invite white supremacists to speak so that students can see them and listen to their ideas and be able to counter them. And colleges should invite extreme leftists so that college students can see that they are no better and no less thuggish than white supremacists.

            Hate speech is expressly constitutionally protected in the US – Jerry Falwell couldn’t sue Hustler magazine successfully, the Westboro Baptist Church was protected, Brandenburg v. Ohio and a long line of indirect assassination threat cases make this clear. I’m grateful for that. Do YOU want the Trump administration to define prohibited “hate speech”? I don’t, and I don’t want the Obama adminstration, or you, or me, to do it either.

          • Common sense

            If you get to define language that opposes your views as “hate speech” then the other side gets to do the same. Then all hate speech is banned. Whats left? Silence.

          • Bob

            What a crock of utter stupidity. The speaker can be a critic of BLM wherever he wants, because this is the United States of America. You’re a student at the University of Oregon and you can’t grasp this very basic American right? Seriously? Oregon actually accepts applicants this clueless? And are your reading comprehension skills so utterly woeful that you completely missed out on who was doing the name calling?

            Here’s one lesson about “name calling” for you: The easiest way to avoid being called a moron is simply to choose to not be a moron.

          • Jack Cav

            Just because you can’t deal with reality and you want to live in a totally corrupt socialist Stalinist utopia, it does not make things you can not handle “hate speech”. To give you my intellect is repugnent to me on many levels but I feel I must talk down to you as a you are obviously a simpleton.

          • Nick

            Yes, I get it. I went to college once as well. I remember naively thinking that I had the world “figured out”.
            Luckily for you, you will grow out of it.

            After all, you haven’t gotten the world figured out. Ff you support the sentiments of this letter you have an appallingly bad grasp at history, as if you skimmed over the Cliff Notes for Howard Zinn in a sleep deprived state. That’s why free speech is so valuable. You are not going to stop “hateful white supremacists” by ignoring them. Pretending they don’t exist only leads to your ignorance, the same ignorance that causes you to reflexively think anyone who opposes something you support must be a ‘fascist’ or ‘white supremacist’ or a supporter of eugenics. This ignorance of yours is no better than that of people who think all Muslims must be terrorists or misogynists.

          • Drew

            Truth Seeking, Democracy, and Freedom of Thought and Expression – A Statement by Robert P. George and Cornel West. Find it. Read it.

          • Desdecardo

            This lady doesn’t preach hate speech. Saying that someone doesn’t agree with the BLM platform does not make her a rascist. She has never spoken out or written anything against the LGBT community. She talks on issues of the economy and how welfare is not a right.

            Their opinion is baseless and fed off of lies. So if you support them and their uninformed hatred towards the dissemination of thought different than your own, please don’t waste your professors time.

          • Flash

            Hope you don’t kill yourself after graduation and discover that the views and “skills” you learned at U of O serve you for nothing.

          • SamIowa

            Well, then you are just stupid as hell. Free speech means just that with damn near zero exceptions. The only one i can think of is yelling fire in a crowded theater and that’s about it.

            You have no idea how uneducated and stupid you sound.
            If you don’t treasure free speech, go find a country you like.

          • Chris Bray

            Lonnie Clark,

            I agree that all hate speech should be banned. My one condition is that I get to decide what constitutes hate speech. Let’s start with your comment — I order your thoughts to be banned at once. It’s only fair, because hate speech isn’t allowed.

          • Black Cultural Marxists like these moonbats believe the historical failures of their own people are everyone elses fault. They wish to bring down a historically White country as a just retribution for their peoples own historical failures. Anyone who sides with them is slowly attaining and richly deserves the bleak future they are working towards.

          • Bill Wilde

            Hate Speech definition: anything you disagree with.

            Stupid Speech definition: everything you say.

        • Dr. Sharleen Maldonado

          Very good! We will withdraw our Chicana funding in the future. As founders of the MexAmer Wmn’s Nat Assoc in 1975, during the real peak of Civil Rights Mvmnt, we are insulted at fake claims & wimpy rhetoric of poor me. CM is conservative; there is always UCB or Vermont.

        • Dale Samples

          Imagine 17 to 20 year olds subscribing to ridiculous diatribes and truly bigoted hate speech against anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. Growing up is hard.

        • Sage man

          Bravo. They’re certainly not employable except in academia or in government. They will live on the public dime.

          • alan

            or option three, fabricate hate crimes and swindle money from gullible self-loathing academics

        • RonF

          “I wait with baited breath to see how they fare in the workplace. ”

          This is something that people just haven’t caught on to yet. You mock them with being unable to keep a job in the corporate/business workplace. You fail to understand that they have no intention of supporting themselves in that way. Their intention is to get a job in government, academia or some manner of not-for-profit (most likely subsisting at least in part on government grants). That way they get to get the rest of us to comply with their ideas through indoctrination or imposition.

          • Danny

            … and ultimately collecting a pension that the average American find inaccessible.

        • Sage man

          Now here come the (entirely fabricated) threats.

          Someone has to take a very hard look at the Pomona admissions office. They’re destroying the school.

          • Flash

            This is ABSOLUTELY true. Write letter’s to that spineless fool Oxtoby and flood admissions with criticism of this insanity.

          • Danny

            Same goes for Scripps, Pitzer, Harvey Mudd and Claremont McKenna. Perhaps one of the requirements should be a basic test on Constitutional law.

        • Jean Narrache


          Names will be verified online, and an SJW Do-Not-Hire database will be kept for 10 years.

          Acme Inc.
          HR Department

        • R. Handel

          I hope head-hunting companies are keeping tabs on these idiots (signatories), for future reference if they attempt to get a job that requires intellectual reasoning and objectivity (anything that makes money, besides the entertainment business….). Their worth has nothing to do with their race…it’s all about their lack of intellectual maturity.

          Usually in College you learn about reality to prepare you for the world, but I guess those days are gone.

        • Flash

          Thank you for posting these names Shi. I will ensure that this list lives on far beyond these would-be killers graduation dates so prospective employers can learn the depth of their stupidity and hatred of basic tenets of society.

        • Grace

          I don’t care what your opinion is doxxing students and publishing their names is fucked up. A number of students at the 5Cs have routinely received death threats and other threats of physical violence from the CIs veiwership. As much as people disagree, even as much as I may even disagree with conservatives on campus, disagree with the writers of the CI, I would never post their names on a public platform without their consent. Seriously take the names down. Like I don’t give a fuck about where you stand on the issue, you can make an argument without putting students in danger.

          • Chris Bray


            They signed an open letter that they posted on the Internet.

        • Chris Bray

          This is a remarkably funny list of names to google. Avery Jonas suffered his early oppression at Phillips Academy Andover, for example. Poor kid.

        • KATHY J HIX

          “bated,” as in “held in abatement.” Not “baited,” as in “I have a worm on my tongue.”

        • Carson

          “Who defines what is hate speech?”

          People who have been traditionally marginalized will define what hate speech is – this is a needed step in ending the silence of their voices that are drowned out by the “truths” of the majority. And this needs to happen not only on college campuses but world wide. If that makes me an “fascist” then so be it. I will proudly call myself a fascist if that is what we call those seeking racial justice.

    • .

      Works for me.

    • Gary Johnson

      It seems that the signatories are no better than those they are freely speaking out against. Why won’t person is positions of power protect me from this kind of hate?
      I was watching the OJ movies and documentaries. I think that Johnnie Cochran offers a pretty good retort to these students in his response to Darden’s claims that the jurors just couldn’t handle a certain word.

    • Chuck Hardin

      I would say: “Why do you say this to me, when you know I will kill you for it?”

    • jrw

      from a slef identified white man, I concur

    • Bill Wilde

      Black Snowflakes Matter!

      What drivel, even for a snowflake.
      Can’t stand contrasting viewpoints?
      Move to North Korea.

    • DrCruel

      From the President of Pomona Collage to the leadership of the Pomona College Left Fascist Student Collective:


  • notthisagain

    You’re free to go to school elsewhere. That is all.

    • NavymanBill

      Another good comment.

    • .

      I like “You’re expelled” better.

      • Red flag

        Not nearly harsh enough. Should push come to shove with these useless eaters it will be a lot worse than expulsion from their tax payer protected safe space. I, for one, will have zero sympathy when it happens. I’m that sick of their bullshit and I’m a life long vegetarian, animal rescue/rights activist who’s never owned a gun. Try to imagine what all of those NRA members are thinking. They’re aren’t going to fuck around when that time comes.

        SJWs are worthless to everyone except their cultural Marxist handlers. They’re too dumb to realize what they’re being used for but their red pilled enemies are not. Should TSHTF, as they say, there are millions who say, “Bring it” and will not hesitate to take out the trash.

        SJWs are brainwashed by cultural Marxists who answer to the globalist oligarchy and Financial International. These are the people who start wars and that includes civil wars. This is what the SJWs are being used to provoke and it needs to be taken seriously. Either they get put down hard and soon or George Soros will get the war he’s been fomenting and I don’t think anyone wants to see that.

        • Dr. Necessitor

          Good reply. Spot on.

  • Gary Schnitzer

    Thank Ponoma College’s faculty. These students were educated effectively and for a specific purpose, which is to provide a systematic philosophical rationalization for their racism, paranoia, desire for the unearned, and a lust to control or destroy other human beings. This is the real issue. The faculty, and now many of their students, are at war with the reality of other human beings as individual entities, which includes a free society of constitutional laws. All federal grants, loans, subsidies, etc. to these institutional re-education camps posing as colleges should be ended.

    • Joyce Matthews

      Well put Mr. Schnitzer. I agree 100%. These students are being molded by angry, jealous and envious faculty that would never make it in any environment outside of academia. Don’t ruin the lives and minds of your students just because you failed.

    • NavymanBill

      Well said.

    • Flash

      Totally. I’m an alum and I agree.

    • Danny

      It did not start with Pomona. It starts at home and reinforced in high school. Its manifestation at Pomona is only due to the free speech forum afforded them. The exercise of free speech to ban free speech is an indicia of sickness. Kim Jong Un has the same sickness.

  • Thank God for the kids who stand up to this Maoist and Stalinist nonsense. We need to applaud and support them; not just castigate the low grade and yes, racist (hating whites racist too), anti-truth morons.

    • Joyce Matthews

      When is this nonsense going to stop? If they don’t acknowledge the first amendment, let them emigrate.

  • Captain Obvious

    This is what happens when identity politics are allowed to run amok. Anybody that is not a straight white male is categorized as a protected group that is allowed to make broad generalizations and demands in order to villainize straight white males… and anybody that questions these tactics is labeled a white supremacist or a nazi and it is demanded that they be silenced immediately. This is the real face of fascism and it is operating out in the open with no fear of consequences.

    • NavymanBill


  • Kevin Sawyer ’97

    “Provided that the Claremont Independent releases the identity of students involved with this letter and such students begin to receive threats and hate mail, we demand that this institution and its constituents take legal action against members of the Claremont Independent”

    Isn’t this an open letter? Do they really think you can pursue legal action against whomever you choose simply because they link to that which you posted publicly? Do they wish that were the case?

    Good for Oxtoby, though. I’d become a torchbearer level giver if he simply took out a full page ad in TSL giving these imbeciles the double birds.

  • Peter Stevens

    Did anyone actually READ this letter? It is so full of errors and ungrammatical phrases, it would not pass in an 8th grade English class. If one is claiming to speak for fellow students at an elite institution of higher-ed, they better drop by tutoring center for some remedial writing help.

    • zhombre

      Grammar be racist.

      • Great, great comment!

        • Desdecardo

          I laughed. It was pretty funny.

  • Willem Janssen

    Just in case you haven’t watched it:
    And if you have watched it, you should watch it again.

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  • Peter Stevens

    BTW, Kerri Dunn — the infamous [and white] CMC race hustler who was convicted of vandalizing her own car and claiming it to be the work of a hate criminal — is back in the teaching biz.

    This time she is an adjunct prof at, of all places, New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice. This is the school that teaches cops how to better protect us from the bad guys.

    I guess you can say: “It takes one to know one.”

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  • A-aron

    Rousseau talked about an implied social contract – where, as a citizen, you receive certain social benefits and rights, but are also then obliged to contribute taxes, duties, etc. I’d actually like to see an explicit social contract that young adults sign at age 18.

    In it, you would explicitly agree to the Constitution. If you don’t agree, you don’t get the benefits of a citizen.

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  • Maximus300

    Obviously I’ll-informed and closed-minded bigots wrote that letter. Appears they arn’t going to get an education until they enter the real world beyond college. This of course assumes they don’t head straight back into academia to “teach”.

  • TJP77

    Buy guns. Learn how to use them. The time is fast approaching when that will be the only way to stop these totalitarians.

    • Flash

      Sadly it has come to this.

  • Killer Marmot

    Provided that the Claremont Independent releases the identity of students involved with this letter and such students begin to receive threats and hate mail, we demand that this institution and its constituents take legal action against members of the Claremont Independent involved with the editing and publication process as well as disciplinary action, such as expulsion on the grounds of endangering the wellbeing of others.

    Bluff called. Well done.

  • Killer Marmot

    leave us to protect and organize for our communities without the impositions of your patronization, without your binary respectability politics, and without your monolithic perceptions of protest and organizing.

    Translation? Anyone?

    • Tim

      “Respectability politics” refers to the fact that lots of adults confuse conformity with virtue. Conformity and virtue correlate, but not reliably enough to make important decisions. Lots of activists have tattoos and lots of criminals where suits. “Binary” feels tacked on as a ten-cent word.

      “Monolithic perceptions of protest” and the rest of the rhetoric are accusing successful liberals of unfairly limiting the scope of activism. The letter writers believe that conservatives are evil, and so must be resisted with violence. The students think that liberalism is motivated by fear of losing middle-class privileges, not any political or ethical logic. They think liberals value free speech due to self-interest.

      The demands to be left alone and not patronized read like children rebelling against their parents. The students are free to leave the colleges, but they wouldn’t know what to do with their lives. The irony of the situation is that the students claim the mantle of anarchism while giving years of their lives and ungodly amounts of money to the privileged academic establishment. If these kids had any guts they would drop out and hustle on the black market or move to another country.

      • Tim

        Wear, not where suits.

  • Man with the Axe

    This truly is a remarkably insane and ignorant diatribe. These people clearly know nothing about Heather MacDonald’s work or beliefs. They know nothing of history, political science, or philosophy.

    The signatories, having made themselves the laughing stock of the (adult) world, should be dismissed from the college for trying to engage in extortion with their absurd demands.

    • Jimpithecus

      Of course they don’t. That would actually involve some, you know, scholarship and effort.

  • Fed Up

    Demand? If I read one more DEMAND by another group of entitled imbeciles at the Claremont Schools I am going to stop
    paying tuition and rescind my donations. I am going to DEMAND a discount because this stupidity is taking over my child’s college experience. So kids, shut the fuck up and quit crying, whining, being offended, and making demands. Grow some balls, get the education you are paying (or receiving financial aid) for and go out in the world and do something productive with your life. This kind of crap does not hold up in the workplace.

    • Sage man

      This is about power and control. It’s an attempted coup. Don’t be fooled.

    • Danny

      I totally agree but wait a minute, I have a daughter in one of the 5Cs. I hope she doesn’t grow any balls. So I don’t totally agree.

  • George Hetzel

    Being progressive means not being able to say no to black people.

  • Dr. Necessitor

    Wow! What an amazing mish-mash of indecipherable and meaningless Marxist rhetoric. Like so many current students at Pomona, the authors won a golden ticket to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory, but rather than claiming the true prize like Charlie, they can’t help but to petulantly reject their good fortune like Violet Beauregarde.

  • TK

    Let me get this straight; they put their names to the letter, but if the CI does so, it should be held strictly liable? I think the signatories should demand a refund from the college; it’s clear they haven’t learned a darned thing.

    • Careless

      Well, there’s only one senior and three juniors, so the good news, such as it is, is that this is heavily concentrated in the underclassmen

  • Jake McGrew Pomona ’98

    If you think this is bad (and I find it 100% Orwellian) you should see the shitstorm on the Pomona Alumni page. I am very heartened to hear from parents and fellow alums that are as astounded as I am (and obviously pissed too). Since when do students get to shove ultimatums on the president of the college?

  • Clinton Wilcox

    I have news for them. Objective truth goes back way farther than the Enlightenment, at least as far back as the ancient Greeks, and it’s not a concept that’s going anywhere. They better hope it doesn’t, because their rejection of objective truth, if I held to their absurd beliefs, would allow me to reject their ideas and arguments without an argument of my own.

  • Shi Qiang

    The illiberal open letter was authored by:
    Dray Denson PO ’20
    Avery Jonas PO ’20
    Shanaya Stephenson PO ’19

    Co-signing the proudly ignorant diatribe were:
    Victor Bene PZ ’19
    Bemnet Gebrechirstos SC ’19
    Jordan Howard-Jennings HMC ’19
    Gabby Snowden SC ’19
    Eliamani Ismail SC ’20
    Katarina Figueroa
    Karé Ureña PZ ’18
    Leandra Vargas PZ ’18
    Malaika Ogukwe PO ’19
    Journey Simmons PO ’20
    Mazvita Nyamuzuwe SC ’20
    Noemi Delgado PZ ’19
    Sherlan Lord PZ ’19
    Leya Solomon PO ’19
    Vanessa Akinnibosun SC ’19
    Zemia Edmondson PO ‘20
    Neyissa Desir PO ’19
    Sega Birhane HMC ’20
    Ramonda Giddings HMC ’17
    Matt Simon HMC ’18
    Jillian Cardamon HMC ’20
    Jasmine David PO ’19
    Justis Allen HMC ’17
    Donely Gunn HMC ’18

    • Careless

      Hate crime!

  • frankie

    when whites and asians wake up see if Pomona can exist off the 15% of the population,of course doesn’t factor that the majority of the 15% cant write their own name

  • Elvis

    Thought police bastards.

  • Tyler

    Can we do regime change in California instead of the Middle East?

  • Johan

    The kids aren’t the problem, the administration and professors are. The feds need to intervene. Talk about “systemic problems”, that’s exactly what’s going on in Marxist academia. The kids have to go along with it to get good grades, get along with their professors, and graduate. Then after that hopefully snap out of the indoctrination, many can’t though.

  • FreedomOfSpeech#1

    Thoughts and speech should not be suppressed whether you agree with the point of view or not. Here’s a bit of advice, if the person speaking does not share your point of view… Do not listen. Or better yet, come up with an idea that counters theirs. Use these thoughts and ideas to debate the counter point of view. But to shut down free speech is a horrible idea for all concerned. Even for you(those of you whom wrote the letter)

    • Danny

      Agree. You don’t exercise free speech to oppress free speech. But everybody does have the right to criticize the content in the way they deem best because, after all, that is free speech.

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  • Karl

    My God, what an intensely stupid letter.

    Seriously, if the idea is that human evolution was driven by natural selection using intelligence as the advantageous mutation, the authors of this letter are a walking endorsement of creationism.

    • Robert

      Evolutionism is occult nonsense always leading to death.
      Creation makes perfectly good sense and is the truth, and leads to life.

  • “The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”
    ― William Shakespeare, As You Like It

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  • Deserttrek

    rather than have my words deleted , better to say the people who wrote the letter belong either in an asylum for the insane or a special needs yard in prison. they are obviously incapable of functioning in modern society

  • Deep Deep Thinker

    “…this institution … has a liability to protect the students that it serves.”

    Thank you for linking to the letter. These deep thinkers have mastered the art of being both pedantic and spectacularly ignorant at the same time. Maybe they should ask for a tuition refund but does anyone really believe they’re paying their way?

  • Pingback: LUDICROUS: Leftists Now Say THIS Is a Tool of White Supremacy... | The Federalist Papers()

  • amy jordan

    Aren’t students supposed to know what country they’re in when they fill out their college application??

  • Ken

    Dear Dray Denson, Avery Jonas, and Shanaya Stephenson,

    if “our mission is founded upon the discovery of truth,” how does free speech uphold that value?

    This is an excellent question and it has a good answer. That these college students don’t know the answer indicts you for a basic ignorance of intellectual inquiry, as well as the college’s failure to address this foundational principle upon which our culture is based.

    non-Black individuals do not have the right to prescribe how Black people respond to anti-Blackness.

    False. Non-black individuals have the right to impose the same standards of civilization to black people that are imposed on non-blacks. This argument requires the re-imposition of Jim Crow laws, where there is one set of rules that applies to blacks and another than applies to non-blacks. Either, you insist on a color blind society in which all are subject to the same rules or you commit treason against the Civil Rights warriors by insisting that each race be treated according to different sets of rules.

    The idea that the search for this truth involves entertaining Heather Mac Donald’s hate speech is illogical.

    According to whom? If “The Truth” doesn’t exist, then uniform standards of logic, independent of race, gender identity, class, age, etc,. don’t either, since that would constitute a form of “The Truth”. If your position is that non-blacks have no right to enforce codes of conduct or patterns of thought on blacks, the converse is also true. Or does your “logic” depend on race, so that blacks can impose how non-blacks respond to blacks, while non-blacks are forbidden from imposing how blacks response to non-blacks?

    In short, your entire letter is devoid of meaning. You insist there is no “The Truth” by which all humans must discover and abide, but insist that non-blacks recognize “The Truth” insisted upon by blacks. Either you believe in an objective “The Truth” by which we all must abide or there isn’t, so non-blacks are under no obligation to consider “a truth” put forth by blacks.

    Ken MacDonald

    • Raul


      Thanks for saying what I was thinking. You saved me a lot of typing.

      Just an aside… when I was at university, even though I was pursuing science degrees, I was still required to study philosophy, logic, and even theology. It’s a shame those subject appear to no longer be taught.

    • Sheeba Kitty

      People are treated according to their behavior. And when they want to act like animals n thugs they dont get to blame their treatment on others…n cry racism ….instead take responsibility!! Or get out.

      If one cannot behave in a civilized manner ….. WHAT CIVIL RIGHTS???

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  • KPDub

    The authors appear to be well-educated, bright, thoughtful, and respectful students. For that, President Oxtoby, and very possibly only that, you are to be commended. I do not know the college well, so I cannot comment on the accuracy of the students’ concerns specific to the campus (or campuses) involved. However, as a hetero white male, and higher ed administrator, I can say these students are spot on in their analysis of free speech as tool of the oppressors, and of the approach to “truth” vs. “non-truth” as an inappropriate dichotomy. As any educator can tell you, from even the most inflexible of labs, the truth is fluid, it’s gray, and it’s evasive. You should be ashamed of yourself for not acknowledging these “truths”.

    What the students may need to reconsider, and this is easy for me to say given I am not experiencing the personal pain and nightmare of daily aggressions from the white world around me, is that even white supremacists are entitled to their opinions, and should have the right to express themselves. Their opinions need not be honored, nor held up as a ” truth”, nor even given any more than a moment. And they should always, always, be challenged by the administrators who have been entrusted to nurture, honor, and support ALL students in their care.

    My advice, President Oxtoby, is to throw accolades at the students, your students, who clearly understand the issues of race, racism, and oppression better than you. Thank them for educating you. Give them the degrees they have earned, and then give them jobs in the hopes they will make your college(s) better.

    • alan

      it must be tough going through life hating yourself so much

    • John w

      Truth is never gray, fluid, or evasive. Truth is either real or it is unreal, and there’s nothing gray about that. The truth of gravity existing is not gray or fluid, or evasive. Gravity works, always, – it’s not fluid. The so-called dichotomy here is a false perception of the contest between worldviews, – between those who want to do as they please because truth is subject to them, and those who see objective truth as a standard and moral guideline higher than themselves and choose to rise higher in their thoughts and actions. What some see as oppression is seen by others to be discipline.

      • amy jordan

        John W.—Please let me know if you are ever in St. Louis, we should totally break bread 🙂

    • Sheeba Kitty

      You arent white. You are an idiot. I doubt you are an administrator.

      You are an obfuscator. An obvious one. Prob one of Lenins worshippers.

      Micro aggressions? What a joke.

      Black on white murder n rape is rampant WORLDWIDE!!!

    • Sheeba Kitty

      All students but white students you sick lying hyena.

  • Dave

    I’d like a response along the lines of…

    “To the German commander:


    That’s about as much as any fascist deserves.

  • alan

    what a bunch of bloodthirsty bolshevik harpies

  • Arthur J. Middleton III Jr. Esq.

    To the snowflakes who say objective truth is a myth: Do you realize that statement can’t be true? If there is no objective truth, then no declaration of any kind can be true, and therefore the statement that objective truth is a myth is false.

    I think you need to get out of college and go back to elementary school.

  • old Lori

    What a bizarro world these “social justice warriors” must live in to pursue such avenues of thought. If our academic institutions cannot withstand an attack on the concepts of truth and on free speech, they deserve to be abandoned to these howling hyenas. An alumnus.

  • Mickey Logan

    “appropriated by hegemonic institutions… those who seek to perpetuate systems of domination …white supremacy has venerated the idea of objectivity, and wielded a dichotomy of ‘subjectivity vs. objectivity’ as a means of silencing oppressed peoples,a platform to project their bigotry,”

    Why are these idiots always so impressed with themselves for learning (though not mastering) a few words (always the same words) and stringing them together incoherently? I challenge anyone to find any daylight between this grammatically-challenged screed and Mrs. Obama’s illiterate college thesis.

    “if ‘our mission is founded upon the discovery of truth,’… “how does free speech uphold that value?”

    Really? Oh my good God. Perhaps these children should be quiet and study Socrates for half a second.
    Oh, but of course, he’s a dead white-ish male, so God forbid we should follow the trailblazer of truth-finding when we want to know how to discover the truth. Surely “the truth” is just something every unschooled boy can pull from his head fully formed, like Venus from the head of Zeus.

    I know: “Who??”

    • alan

      It really is impressive how many vacuous academic buzzwords they string together to make a basic (albeit ludicrous) point. Considering these banshees no doubt are the kind of jokers that find traditional grammatical constructs of English to be racist (yes, that’s a thing), they sure love showing off their ability to thumb through a Thesaurus.

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  • Gary Graves

    Dad always said when you point your finger there are three pointing back at you.

    • Sheeba Kitty

      Uh ok, Forest. Forest Gump.
      And what of it?

  • Armando

    I eagerly await the zombie apocalypse to thin the herd

  • J

    “The idea that there is a single truth–‘the Truth’–is a construct of the Euro-West…. This construction is a myth”

    Okay, so of there’s no objective truth, then your statement can be dismissed by anyone who sees differently. Will do!

  • John w

    To the students who wrote this letter, – if you want to discover truth, please examine the sources of where your views came from. Clearly, you have been influenced and your thought dominated by the likes of Aldous Huxley. The points of view stated in your letter reveals your indoctrination in existentialism, – which you may or may not know is a philosophical theory that emphasizes your existence as an individual person as a free and responsible agent who can determine their own development through acts of the will. This means you can simply will yourself with whatever thoughts and actions you choose to have and take without any moral and objective standard to judge by. In short, you are using your own individual self as the standard to do anything and accomplish anything. So, everything is free game and open season without consequences. And the result is that objective truth simply does not exist because truth is whatever your discover in your own head. If objective truth did exsit, you’d have a standard and moral set of principles to live by greater than yourself. Mr. Huxley turned to LSD type drugs to escape this reality and find his so-called truth.

  • Robert Duenckel

    The only PROVEN real and final absolute Truth arrived on Earth
    as unfalsifyably predicted; lived a perfectly righteous life; gave his life for all those given to him before He created the universe; self rose from death; ascended to His eternal throne and NOW rules the universe, and all that it comprises, which He created for His own purpose and good pleasure. Soon He will judge mankind by His absolute Truth as written in His Book. As written, He will separate the sheep from the goats; with the sheep on His right hand, and the goats on the left. ( Read all about the results of that…..and tremble (Matthew chapter 25).
    His Truth alone provides true freedom.

    Hoorah: Shi Qiang
    Boo: Karl

  • JR

    Truth is not an entity; it is a mental process by which facts are objectively derived. For example, if one reads a rant by someone thinking that truth is an oppressive white entity, one has established a fact, thereby extracting the knowledge that its author is terminally stupid.

    • Robert

      JR, regardless of your skin’s actual color, and the size of your brain, we are praying for you that the only true and living eternal GOD will open your blind eyes to see His eternally unchanging, absolute and wonderful life changingTruth; a Who was manifest in the flesh, and makes Himself known to those to whom He
      has granted eternal life.
      Your thinking is temporal, which makes it limited to your blindness, resulting in wrong conclusions.

  • Jean Mathieu

    If they insist there is no objective truth, then I would challenge by supposing to agree with them, and insist that we cannot accept their position as true (how do we know non-truth is true?). And if, in their world view, it is plausible to have both realities at the same time – truth and non-truth – it follows to ask, what right do they have to impose their non-truth on us? FInally, I would argue that these invidiuals, who advocate a world of no objective reality, would probably change their mind if just for a moment, to jump off the tracks if they were facing an oncoming speeding and objectively real train.

  • amy jordan

    By the way, are the students who protested criticism of BLM now going to protest the racist rampage killing that just took place by BLM advocate, Kori Ali Muhammad?

  • MisterReality

    The Battle of Berkeley ended this stupidity. All down hill from here for the snowflake generation.

  • ssgtnelson

    The first thing to die under totalitarians like these snowflake Liberals is the truth.

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  • Pingback: Students Claim Objective ‘Truth’ Is a ‘White Supremacist’ Myth | Raw Street Journal()

  • Chiller

    Blacks hate whites, not really for the “bad” things they say whites did, but out of jealousy. How they treat people now, and the barbaric treatment black Africans subjected the slaves to while taking them to Goree Island, blacks have proven they would have been happy to have done the same “bad” things whites did, but on a harsher scale. The only thing that kept blacks from doing what whites did, such as colonialism, is their inability to circumnavigate the global.
    When freed slaves/Freedmen were sent to Liberia, a country started in Africa for former slaves, one of the first things the former slaves did was take the native Africans as slaves. Blacks cry over slavery, not noticing the slave masters living within themselves. With every opportunity, blacks vote to enslave their fellow Americans. More Welfare, free college tuition, “Pigford” payouts… it’s all a form of enslaving others.
    Personally I am sick of the snowflake BS, grow up and get some personal responsibility.

    • Jakester

      Or after the mutineers under Cinque in the slave ship Amistad were freed in a US court, they sailed back to Africa to grab more slaves to sell in the New World. No wonder why all the high crime most blighted places in the USA are the black ones. They literally have no civilized concept of right vs wrong or cause leads to effect

  • Pingback: Students Claim Objective ‘Truth’ Is a ‘White Supremacist’ Myth – Pesky Truth()

  • Azathoth

    The letter contains a startling stance–

    They say that Truth is oppression, that Freedom is oppression.

    Where do you go when you’ve reached that point?

    Where do you go when you are advocating your own suppression? When you are demanding tyranny?

  • No such thing as objective truth?

    OK put you money where your mouth is and go skydiving with a parachute designed by someone who subjectively knows how to make one, and refuse to use the one made by the person who thinks things like gravity, mass, acceleration, and wind resistance are all objective facts

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  • Jakester

    WTG you black power leftist cretins, Your fascist amorality coupled with your paranoid psychosis and low IQs has just reinforced the verified stereotype that black people don’t seem to be able to think. You just proved that what you call racism is merely realism. You disgust me and I recommend all people who have any scruples and decency avoid your breed like the plague

  • David F Mayer

    “Hate Speech” is a devious invention to silence those who disagree with the whining idiots who promote that vacuous concept..

    “Free Speech” means all speech, ESPECIALLY disagreeable speech.

  • Dave, From Oz

    Is the notion that objective truth is a myth objectively true? If not, then in what sense is it true?

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  • Elinor Swanson

    College students, this is how to handle an event that features a speaker with ideas you find offensive:

    If you want to picket the talk, do it. If you want to attend the talk and ask hard questions during the Q&A period, great. If you want to write poison-pen editorials about how racist/‌sexist/‌homophobic/‌sinful students were to even invite the speaker, cool. (Although someone might write something of their own mocking your offensensitivity.)

    But you may not disrupt the event, which goes beyond merely exercising your own freedom of speech. No heckling. No pulling fire alarms. No throwing smoke bombs. No loud drums or chanting. You may not violate ethical and academic codes of conduct by preventing others from exercising their freedom to peacefully exchange ideas.

    During the talk, the speaker is the steward of the room, and the voice of authority within. Disrupting students should be promptly asked to leave the area, and if they fail to do so, they should be forcibly removed and face academic consequences. It is the duty of school administrators is to ensure everyone on campus treat all speakers with respect, and to protect every student’s right to hear all speakers.

    You can ask the administration to punish offensive speech, so long as it stops at verbal advocacy. That said, I find it extremely disturbing that any CMC students would explicitly seek censorship. Neo-Puritan students should not be trying to penalize peacefully-expressed, subjectively offensive/taboo thoughts. I seriously question the quality of these students’ education – and the quality of their character.

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  • Amy Archie

    Last time I checked, concepts like there being one truth were talked about by Jesus who was a middle eastern Jew. The idea of one truth was not invented by Western Europe.

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  • Sheeba Kitty

    I guess these students are too stupid to understand that this is their own version of the truth….this nonsense of truth being a western/white concept.

    It makes one wonder why these people, who seem to hate so many people of this nation, choose to stay here. Im sure there are many other 3rd world nations steeped in the type of nonsense and oppression
    They appear to want to impose on us in our homeland that would love to have them.

    Are these people too stupid to go somewhere theyd be happy instead of going to other peoples homelands demanding an entire nations society change to suit their particular preferences?

    How rude! Is anyone else noticing that non whites arent pushing their way into japan or china or africa and calling them racist bigots for constructing their own societies the way they see fit. NOr are they demonizing asians and africans for not opening their borders to all other races in the world nor offering them free education housing medical etc etc etc…