Claremont Students Plan to Protest ‘Anti-Black Fascist’ Heather Mac Donald

Students at the Claremont Colleges plan to protest and “shut down” a speech by prominent political commentator Heather Mac Donald tonight. Mac Donald, a member of the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal, is scheduled to give a speech at Claremont McKenna College’s Marian Miner Cook Athenaeum.

A photo of the students’ call to protest.

According to the event’s description on the Athenaeum’s website, “The Black Lives Matter movement holds that the U.S. is experiencing an epidemic of racially-driven police shootings, and that policing is shot through with systemic bias. Contending that the central Black Lives Matter narrative is not just false but dangerous, Heather Mac Donald will explore the data on policing, crime, and race and argue that policing today is driven by crime, not race, and that the movement has caused officers to back off of proactive policing in high crime areas, leading to the largest spike in nearly 50 years, disproportionately affecting blacks.”

Student protestors plan to “shut down” the event. “Anti-Black ‘scholar’ Heather Mac Donald has been invited to speak at Claremont McKenna College,” states the protest’s Facebook page. “Join the action with students of color at the Claremont Colleges to shut her down!!”

A Facebook event titled, “Shut Down Anti-Black Fascist Heather Mac Donald” and hosted by “ShutDown Anti-BlackFascists” encourages students to protest the event because Mac Donald “condemns [the] Black Lives Matter movement,” “supports racist police officers,” and “supports increasing fascist ‘law and order.’”

“Heather Mac Donald has been vocally against the Black Lives Matter movement and pro-police, both of which show her fascist ideologies and blatant anti-Blackness and white supremacy,” the Facebook page adds. “Let’s show CMC that having this speaker is an attack on marginalized communities both on campus and off. Together, we can hold CMC accountable and prevent Mac Donald from spewing her racist, anti-Black, capitalist, imperialist, fascist agenda.”

The protest organizers do not state specifically how they plan to “shut down” Mac Donald’s lecture, though they do urge students who attend to carry posters, wear black, and “Bring your comrades, because we’re shutting this down.”

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44 thoughts on “Claremont Students Plan to Protest ‘Anti-Black Fascist’ Heather Mac Donald”

  1. They never stop to consider she may be right, and BLM may be wrong, so they will blow a golden opportunity to test her assertions during the Q&A. An entire generation has been infantilized and brainwashed into bigoted Marxist bratty robots.

    1. Part of being open-minded is entertaining other viewpoints. Heather MacDonald is entitled to her opinion, as are these students protesting her presence at CMC. As the above commenter stated, the opportunity to test her on her beliefs in the post-talk Q&A could have been great. However, I think that her coming in on the heels of the racial controversy that CMC had to endure last year, plus the recent un-solicited release of the Wabash Report at HMC have a lot to do with the intolerance shown for last night’s event.

      1. The one thing I would add to this is that Ms. MacDonald’s remarks would not be mere “opinions”. She is a researcher and she would be teaching the audience something about the facts surrounding policing and police shootings. Many of the infants she would address would be armed with very strident unsupported opinions.

  2. Just as I find it troubling that so may unarmed colored people are being shot by police, I am equally alarmed and disgusted by the rampant black-on-black crime.

    I notice that the Claremont “Independent” did not interview Ms. Mac Donald to counter the rest of their ultimately one sided piece. This is where journalistic integrity has been shot to ****. It starts in the colleges and spreads like a cancer.

    Illiberal snowflakes that cant take a counter argument should go home and contemplate the term Free Speech and Free Press. “You have no right to speak” is what the Nazis enforced.

    1. “So many”? Could you quantify, approximately, about how many that might be?

      From the numbers I’ve seen, the number is miniscule. All other data I’ve seen shows that blacks (both armed and unarmed) are shot by police at a rate that closely correlates with their rate of committing violent crime. Not drug arrests, not traffic stops. Their violent crime rate.

      However, I’m open to new information. Thanks.

  3. These pathetic excuses for thinking individuals are to worthwhile human beings as Forrest Gump is to Albert Einstein…..since they are too old to spank let them spend a little time in stocks or pillories. Also, it makes one wonder about the ability of their parents to have taught them proper behavior… class whatsoever. Free speech is what is a stake here and not some trumped up claim about ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’. Sounds as if they would benefit from a little time in Nigeria evading Boko Haram hordes.

  4. There is no “epidemic of racially-driven police shootings.” There is zero evidence of that. Why is it that Hillary voters hate the police so much?

  5. The fascists are the ones trying to stifle free speech. These left-wing fascists call everyone they disagree with a “fascist” as an excuse to commit violence. They must be and will be stopped.

  6. This college has no idea what the sociology is outside of their little village. Don’t start in with this BS CMC, you‘re on our turf. I‘d say don’t forget that but you are, with putrid gusto. Patriot residents in Montclair, Claremont, Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Redlands, et al., are in no mood to see or even hear this. You are guests in our community. F*** our Police? We will level the village keeping only Walters standing. You brought your racist snowflake BS to the wrong town kids. Go ahead try us again……

  7. These idiots display their sheer stupidity, ignorance and immaturity more frequently than most of us have bowel movements. What a pathetic lot of fools roaming our campuses these days. The real world awaits them, should be fun to watch.

  8. Yet another confirmation that BLM is little more than a racist, anti-law enforcement movement based on a false narrative and comprised of godless, leftist loons. A pathetic organization that deserves every ounce of ridicule it draws.

  9. BLM is an evil Soros-funded collectivist agitator organization committed to exploiting black lives to advance their agenda of collectivizing all of us – the exact opposite of Heather MacDonald, who actually cares about black and blue lives. The 21st century brown shirts of BLM have no qualms about shutting down free speech at a university to advance their evil collectivization agenda.

  10. Idiots, shutting her down IS fascism! What is wrong with people?! They’re so brainwashed that they can’t see they’ve become all of the horrible things they claim to hate. Just sad.

  11. What if MacDonald is correct on the facts; and black communities need public safety too? These things together would mean that the protesters are siding with capitalism’s need for dysregulation and primitive accumulation (via violence). The Ford Foundation has given Black Lives Matter groups $1million for a reason.

  12. The America of freedom is disappearing before our eyes. In world war one and world war two the Germans used their colleges, universities and schools to feed propaganda into the minds of their students. It was more fascist before ww2. The student thugs beat up Jews, and called anyone who disagreed with them communists. They beat up ordinary German citizens doing nothing wrong except disagreeing with them. There is little difference between these facist left wing brainwashed thugs on our campuses today. The same scenario is being played out and the press is afraid to speak out against them because they are afraid. Like the Nazis before them these left wing extremists are making up a lie to justify their behavior, much the same as the Nazis did to the Jews. And sleepy Americans, mothers and fathers, churches, and our gov are too afraid to stand up to them. Make no mistake, hate and evil are not fought with violence, they ARE violence. Shame on America for allowing Godlessness to rampage in our country.

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  14. This is the result of Jewish influence. Jews hate free speech for Gentiles and freedom of any kind for Gentiles. Jewish supremacism is the biggest enemy of free speech. Note its fear of rational discussion of the holocaust industry’s untenable claims and criminalization of applying science and reason. Jewish Bolsheviks Jews were 6 % of the Russian population, yet 70% of the Bolshevik leadership that killed more Christians than German Socialists killed Jews. The Jewish over-representation in subversive destructive parasitism had been a repeatable across the ages in every civilization unfortunate enough to host it.

      1. Why is it forbidden to call this one group out? There is nothing wrong with pointing to reality. Doesn’t mean one has to support camps and a second Holocaust.

  15. It seems touch day that young people have no intentions of going to college to learn and become better and smarter people.
    Today they take pride in showing how ignorant they actually are! And the sad part, they are proud of that stupidity! These are sad days for America.

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