2 thoughts on “Heather Mac Donald Protest”

  1. so much for free speech & tolerance.
    a great way to be indoctrinated with one ideology… go to an american college

  2. It’s funny how the Progressive Left screamed about freedom of speech during the 1960’s but now do everything humanly possible to expunge opposing points of view. Their own behavior, i.e., claiming the moral high ground but refusing to listen to opposing views and engage in productive dialog, automatically removes them from the sphere of intelligent discourse. But that is the hallmark of the Left, a crippling inability to see themselves through other eyes. The moralistic hate directed at Heather Macdonald shows a deep fear of the truth of her message. To be honest, there is a great similarity between the Communist Thugs of the early 20th century, and many of the modern Leftist movements. Whatever happened to the great Liberal tradition of our country?

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